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Dylan is still looking at Raven with his Lusty thoughts of what he might do to her at his party this Friday.

Dylan! - Raven Says.

What happened to Eddie? Didn't he make it? - Raven says sounding like she talked to him like he's one of her friends.

Knowing that Raven loves him a lot, and wants to be his girlfriend. (Dylan that is)

Rae. If I can call you that? - Dylan says, while rubbing her right shoulder softly under her shirt thats connected to her dress she made.

Raven gets a little uncomfortable and moves back a bit.

"Raven and Dylan has a conversation":

Dylan, I wanted to talk to you about how great of a guy eddie is. You should let him join the group! - Raven

Well, Rae. It's not that easy at all you know? We have to go through a group discussion and see if he meets our needs to be in this group.

But Dylan! - Dylan puts his pointy finger on Raven lips and he feels them. Shhh. He says.

Don't say a word. I'll let Eddie in the club only if you do this one thing for me. It's not much I promise!

Raven don't know what to say or do. She's kind of afraid to find out.

Suddenly, she has a vision.

Raven sees someone laying in a bed waking up from being passed out.

The girl looks up and says, where am I? She goes to the window and see

Motel on a sign and no one is there...

Vision Over.

Raven gets freaked out and runs away.

She bumps into eddie. Eddie looks up into and see tears rolling down her eyes.

He tries to asks Raven what's wrong, but she runs away and go cry in the bath room.

Raven talks to herself and says. What if that girl was me laying the bed? What If something bad happened to me when I go to the party?

Chelsea comes out of the stalls to only hear her best friend cry to herself. She tries to comfort her with saying "Everything is going to be okay rae!"

There's nothing to worry about!

Raven calms down and says what if, What eddie was telling me today was about Dylan trying to do something to me?

How can I be so stupid? She screams and breaks down into tears. Chelsea is there helping raven.

The late bell rings as they get too class. Chelsea signal raven to come with her to their class.

Raven and Dylan are both in the same classe which makes raven even more nervous to come in. Everey since Raven talked to Dylan she notices how he looks at her with an Evil grin almost.

When everyone is inside of the classroom the teacher shuts the door.

But raven is still on the outside. She is crying her eyes out and she can't pull herself back together this time.

So she runs away again. As the teacher calls roll call. She sees that raven isn't in her seat. She asks the class, "Has anyone seen raven today?" and Eddie and Chelsea looks back at

Dylan a makes a grin on his face that creeps them out.

The teacher goes and search for Raven leaving one her most trusted student in Charge.

She finds Raven crying in one of the girls stalls. But she can't get Raven out no matter what she says or does to try and confront her to make her feel better.

So she calls Raven's Dad to come and pick her up and bring her home.

To Be continued...