Mana Khemia: Alchemist of Al-Revis

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Naruto harem



*Insert Mana Khemia OST – Dreams of the Black cat*


"Who are you?"

"Do you mean my name?
It's Sulpher."

Are you alone too?"

"Yes…Just like you."

"I see…
Can I stay with you?"

That's not a bad idea"

"Thank you
Um I'm…"

That's what he called you"

"Vayne… is my name."

Suddenly the sky start to flash rapidly and make people temporally blind as the ground start to rumble make Vayne fell to his butt on the dirt as for Sulpher he started to be cautious, bird start flying off into the distance as the animal started to move away from the area then suddenly it stop. Then a few second later thunder and lightning started to clash each other making a purple light dancing around the heaven in the skies. the cloud was as black as a dark hole even though it suppose to be noon. then a dark twister touchdown not so far away from here, then they heard an explosion much like how a meteoroid hit the moon but instead the moon it was earth in the distance.

"Sulpher... what just happen, I mean what was that phenomena?

"Meow" ( I don't know Vayne but we better look into this) and with that the cat rush of part of the mountain.

" Ok right behind you Sulpher" as he started chasing the black cat with a white tip at the end of his tail.

When they got there part of the mountain was burnt off the surrounding area where tree were used to be is know a wasteland some of the less damage area where crook and some were destroy to pieces. In the middle of the wasteland were a large crater (AN: imagine like in dragon ball z where Vegeta and his partner landed on earth in his ball) there stood a young handsome long silver hair teen, with a wolf's ears top of his head and a long wolf's tail.

The silver teenager stood there for a good couple of seconds before he collapse to his knee and fainted to welcome to uncontinuous.

Vayne just stood there dumbfounded as he step closer he notice that there was a ton of blood underneath him. He panic (AN: He's was just born and he already see blood) the only thing he can do was...


The black cat ran to Vayne side and look at the boy and his wound was bleeding but he notice something else some of his wound started to steam slowly closing up his wound. His clothing were rip to shredded to pieces and his black cargo pant were rip but still manageable around his arms were batter black chain cover his whole arm in his hand was a dark whirlpool design and his sword's guard was angel's wing in the left and a demon's wing in the right and a bloody red hilt. On his left was what seems to be a pouch with some type of items in it. He had a huge scroll which lay a few feet away from him.

" Meow, meow, meow" (I know this area I will be back in a few with some healing herb, stay here till I get back) and with that Sulpher rush off through the woods to get the medical herb.

"Sulpher please hurry we can't let him die.. I wish for him to live!" he yelled

"... Is that your wish?" said the mysterious voice

"…My wish?" Not knowing if he should trust the voice.

"Do you or do you not want to save this boy…?" replied the mysterious voice

"Yes I want to save him" Vayne said determine to save one life.

"Then wish for it!" said the mysterious voice.

"I wish to save him" said Vayne

"As your command, your wish shall be granted!"

The silver teenager glow meaning the wish work.

*Chuckles*... Hmm will this is interesting, it seem even before I start healing him, he was already healing by himself, I just healed what wasn't healed already." said the mysterious voice.

"Who.. who.. are you?"

"in due time you will know, for know, who I am.. is not important right, right know you have to do is forget, until we meet again."

With that said Vayne felt his mind go blank for a few minute and then he came to. He look around confuse while he hold his head as something happen but he ignore it as something worry about he look at the uncontinous guy. The figure was highly dangerously wounded a sec ago now he was laying there completely healed minus his clothes. Before he could comprehend what just happen, there was a rustle of leaves, Vayne turn to the source ready himself with a stick he found close to him he was about to throw the stick when Sulpher came out with a mouthful of herbs

"meow" (Vayne I'm back with the.. What the heck he's already heal?)

"Sulpher I can't understand you if you have the herb in your mouth."

Sulfer came to Vayne feet and drop the herb then surprising Vayne, Sulpher jump to his shoulder bring his right paw in front of him suddenly claw appear in his paw and scratch across Vayne face and jump down as he watch him cry in pain satisfying what he done.

"meow, meow" ( don't get smarty on me, I want answer and I want it know)

" I don't know, I can't remember one second he was bleeding out and the next he completely healed, I think."

"..." Sulpher thinks to himself wondering it has to do with him before saying "meow, meow" ( anyway let get back to the house where it's safe." Vayne just nodded and tried to pick him up the teen but he was to heavy to carry so in the end he had to drag him back to the cabin and went back for the huge scroll.

A day later we found our silver hair friend started to awaken from his slumber he sit up straight and look around cautious from experience from childhood memories and the recent war, he found his stuff in the corner he heard footsteps coming from the front porch as he turn around and found a young boy standing there, the young boy blink twice because he was surprise that he awaken.

"Um... hi, how are you felling?"

"... I am doing fine thank you for asking." "I think I can trust this kid since he went all his way to heal me."

"what your name?"

"It's Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, nice to meet you..."


"meow, meow" (Aurelius, and my name is Sulpher)

"Vayne.. Aurelius"

Chapter I Al-Revis Academy

Time skip 3 years later

Two figures walks up to a building that must be the entrance to the academy.
"Here we are. This must be Al-Revis Academy" Vayne said as the morning sun shined on him showing his figure. Vayne a shy and light personality that gets him involved into trouble situations. A sixteen year old teen had white short hair and blue eyes that wore a long blue sleeve tunic that had a white stripped with a open neck and wide sleeves. His pants was grey slacks with white stripes on them.

"*whistles* Man this school is almost as big as Konoha!" The figure next him to him said.

"Do you always have to be so energetic when we go to new places?" Vayne signs.

"Hey, I don't see you go anywhere, the first time we met was in the woods and you don't go out much so why aren't you energetic, like an old friend told me once where's your power of youth? Oh I know because you are anti sociable with other except for Sulpher and me." The figure was the 15 years old teen that was severely injured when he was found by Vayne. Know he's 18 (AN" will actually he's 19 but you will know why it hidden later in the story), the the cerulean-slitted eye teen also wore the school uniform except with some modifications. He had the long blue tunic sleeve and a hood ( AN" like Assassin creed or Prototype) under his long sliver hair and dark orange stripes and the back has the leaf village sign. He still wore the same cargo pants but match the color with his uniform, he wore dark red fingerless glove and vlack stell boots, and his sword was strapped to his waist (AN: Like how star ocean till in the end of time, how Fayt Leingod straps his sword) and his huge scroll was sealed so he doesn't have to carry the luggage.

"It's because of that I don't want to get into troublesome situations Naruto." Vayne turns around and look back at the teen named Naruto.

" Well at least it's fun and for a ceond there you reminded me of my old friend Shikamaru." Naruto rubs his back sheepishly as the wind blows on his hair as the girl around them have blood coming out of their nose as they where walking towards school.

"Anyway where do we go from here Vayne and who said you can get a free ride on my head Sulpher. I not a horse you know" Naruto says as he looks up to see a black cat with a white fur tip on his tail. Sulpher just yawns and looks down at Naruto face and said "I was tired from the walk and decided to take a nap and your happens to be the best cushion in the area." Then jump down from his head.

"Fine, but the payment will be helping me to prank some people here in this school."

"meow!" (Deal)

Some where in the school lounge, the principle and the vice principle turn pale and all of the other teacher shiver and they all thought one thing "I feel the disturbance in the force."

Anyway back to the double silver hair.

"Luckily Sulpher is not bad as that dam demon tora!"

"we have to get to the opening ceremony Professor Zeppel told us 'bout." Vayne said nervously while looking around to make sure that people not looking at them.

" You talking about the old man who visted us?" Naruto repied

Flash back: A few months ago

The mountain forest was fill well luscious bush and trees. You can hear the sound of animals and birds throughout the forest. One lone man was walking through the forest passes by a waterfall with a river. Stops for a second and looks around as if he was looking for something or someone.

Its' got to be around here somewhere" he says to himself before continuing onward.

Deep in the quiet forest stood a house where two boys and a black cat lived. The boys had no relatives The cat and the other boy was his only friends and closest thing to family he had. The trio had lived quietly together.

In a clearing near-by, Vayne was sitting next to Sulpher petting his back while Naruto was in the tree listening to the forest while playing leaf flute. Ever since he came to this world, he been more relaxed and in tune with nature better than Konoha and it elements since he fuse jyuubi, when he do intense training himself he felf more calmer and less angry deep in his big hearts.

But their quiet life ended with a sudden bist from an outsider.

Both Naruto and Sulpher was aware of someone presence was nearby. Sure some of the creatures who lives in the forest are nearby but they knew better not to just waltz up to the house. Naruto grab a pine tree and grab a hand full of the pointy leaf and he grab the sharpest and throw three of them at the bush just when a man with blonde came out of the bushes wearing what look like a uniform of some kind.

" Oh, I finally fou... *stab* the man look down and saw a pine needle sticking out of his crotch, then he scream like a bitch when pain got to him. The scream could hear all the way to Al-Revis Academy, and subconsciousness all the male heard went and protect their jewel.

"Oh sorry about that I thought it was some neighborhood criminal." As Naruto rub his head with a grin in his face while Sulpher laugh as he roll around the ground, as for Vayne and the mystery man sweatdrop for his excuse.

Vayne stood up and went to stand with sulpher.

"Like I said, I finally found you. Can we talk for a minute?" the man ask with a squeakily voice from pain.

"Wh – Who are you?" Vayne ask being weary of the man in front of him.

Sulpher walks in front of Vayne ready if something was to happen while Naruto leaps from the tree and lands by the side of Vayne startling the stranger.

"Is this your Mana?" Looking from Sulpher to Naruto.

"Mana? Sulpher and Naruto are my friends" Vayne replied confused.

"Mana that what Jyuubi must've been talking 'bout."Naruto thought while putting a hand on his stomach subconsciously.

"My apologies… Please don't stare at me with those terrified eyes." the man said.

Sulpher stares at the man a little longer "…" then walks back to the side of Vayne and sits deeming the man not a threat. Naruto puts a hand on Vayne shoulder trying to give his brother-like friend some comfort. He then looks at the man and says "Oi, what you here for old man?"

The man look stunned "Old man! I'm only 30 I'm still young."

Naruto rolls his eyes "That's what you think."

The man shakes his head "Um… do you two…I mean you three live here alone?"

Vayne looks down "…When we go into town everyone is frightened" Naruto then says "Probably because of me and how I look"

The man nods "I would assume so. People around here probably have no knowledge of alchemy. Your powers may seem inexplicable to them"

Vayne looks confused "Al-che-my…?" Naruto look at the man and also says "Alchemy?"

"Oh you don't know 'bout alchemy either?" the man says

"This house you living in used to belong to a very famous alchemist…Not too long ago…"

"Really?" Vayne ask and looks back at the house behind them. Sulpher looks up to Vayne and said " meow, meow. (Yes. He locked himself away. No one really like him, either.)""I see."

"Do you know anything 'about this place?" the man ask.

"I can't remember much. Only vague images. I only remember when I met Sulpher and then met Naruto." Vayne replied while both Sulpher and Naruto nod their heads.

"Hmm, I see. No wonder finding you was so difficult." The figure says

Naruto and Sulpher narrowed their eyes and Sulpher meows "What is he doing here, anyway?" Naruto then says "That's what I like to know too." The man looks at Naruto confused at his comment. Vayne looks down at Sulpher then at Naruto and turns to the man saying "Um, why are you here?
…that's what Sulpher want to know."

The man nods at being enlightened for what the cat said. But wonders how the other boy knows what the cat said too. "Something is special 'about both of them" the man thought and the area was quiet except the noises from the forest. The man relies that he was asked a question. "Hmm? Oh my, excuse me. I completely forgot. My name is Zeppel Kriever. I'm an instructor at the Al-Revis Academy."

Both Vayne and Naruto says "Al-Revis…Academy?"

"Yes, it's a school from all over the world…You see…I came here today to invite you and your friend to the academy!" Zeppel say. "…Me & Naruto" Vayne said and then Naruto groan saying "Ugh please not school again. Kami why do you have to do this to me again why!" and with that Naruto falls onto his knee crying in anime tears with a dark cloud rain on top of him while sulpher sweat drops at his antics

End of flashback

"At least he was nice enough to give the school uniforms instead of paying for it." Naruto said cheerfully while they walk onto the campus.

"Yea but why did you have to modify it?' Vayne asked.

"Easy I like standing out from people." Naruto said as if it was the most easiest question in the world while walking with his head behind his head.

As Vayne keep walking forward, Naruto stood in front of the entrance arc of Al-revis academy. Looking around the area he couldn't help but let out a small chuckle, standing at the entrance of the arc was a senior student council member from what he could tell by the red arm band. Students from all age have and classes and races from human to beastman from what Zeppel told him.

'Watch out!"

Turning around quickly with a confused look on his face only to feel someone crash him forcing the both of them to the ground.

"Ouch" Naruto softly muttered" what crashed into me?" he asked himself as he slowly started to open his eyes hoping to see who had crashed, looking up he noticed blue fabric of clothing , spotting something out of the corner of his eye he looks over at it seeing a thick tan and white cat tail. Looking to the side he sees a pair of thin but powerful legs only to blush deeply as he looked up at crimson colored panties with black lace on them.

"Ouchy. What did I run in to?" the girl asks herself" it felt like a brick wall"

"Um, Excuse me" naruto called out from bellow her" can you please get off me"

"Meow?" he felt her shift a bit "EEEP!"

Jumping off of him faster then what she thought she could she couldn't help but blush at the thought of someone she just crashed into was able to see her panties, looking into his eyes after he stood up and dusted off" I'm so sorry" as she looked down in embarrassment while griping her skirt him tightly.

Smiling softly at her reaction he softly pats her shoulder lightly" it's ok I'm the one at fault here." he tells her with a blush still on his cheeks." I shouldn't have just been standing around day dreaming ha-ha"

Relaxing just a bit at his words she slowly looks him in the eyes" names Nikki and as you've seen I'm a member of the beastman race." She tells him as she waged her tail at him and chuckles

nodding his head" that would explain the tail and ears" he said causing her to blush agine at the mentioning of her tail "names Naruto uzumaki namikaze but just call me naruto."

"Wait you don't hate beastmen do you? Nikki asked him fearfully with her ears down and tail sagging

"No I don't Nikki, to be honest I didn't even know what a beastman was until a teacher from this school showed up and invited me and my friend here.


"Yes really." He tells her as he softly pets her behind her ear" and even if I did know of beastmen before I wouldn't hate them."

Blushing softly from his on her ear" Thank you." Purring softly from feeling his gentle rubbing." Oh right there" she tells him ask her tail starts wagging

Laughing lightly at her reaction" your just like a kitten right now isn't you ha-ha" he commented only to have to duck from one of her claws as she swiped at him

Glaring up at him as she calmed down a bit "Not funny! My ears and tail are really sensitive. "

"You two better hurry to the orientation or you will be late." the student council member called over to Nikki and naruto while watching other students run by them.

"Nikki go ahead I had to do something else before I go."

She look at him and blush slightly, but of course Naruto is obvious about love so he ignored it.

After she left he went to the woods and look around the surrounding area to make sure anyone is watching, he did his famous "Shadow Clone Jutsu" *Poof* there stood three Naruto and he order them to henshin so they won't be the original and order them to go to the library and read all they have by the end of tomorrow if they don't he threaten they won't get ramen for the whole month. There eye went like the dish plate and henshin one naruto clone henshin to a wind mana, the second naruto henshin to Naruko and finally the last clone henshin to one of the male he passed by, and left as their life depends on it.

After that Naruto left the woods and sniff the air and smile "

"Now shall I go to the cafeteria for ramen!" and with that said he runs off to the direction of food.

Vayne signs and wait for his blonde companion all of suddenly he saw Naruto running of somewhere and C yell while chasing Naruto 'Naruto we suppose to head to the ceremony!" while Sulpher chases after Vayne thinking " meow"(Its gonna be a long three years). Then a rat passed in front of him (ooh a rat) and he change direction.