Horror Night

*Summer Break, Somewhere*

"Ok so where am I again seriously I am lost" Said Naruto as he was looking around the graveyard since it was summer break he could train and fight as much as he want but the suck part is that they are all weak even the big dragon won't be put up a fight with my strongest jutsu, maybe I should create a new jutsu again.

Then suddenly a harpy came and try attack him again. "You know it flattering that you want me so badly but really you are getting annoying as his right arm is down and his left clutch his right Fuuton: Ketatamashii Aori (Piercing Gust) as his right hand cover in wind that form like a drill made of wind, as he rush off like Lee in his 2nd gate as he doge all of her attack and stab right in chest making it vaporize.

"Dang, that still hurt I need to still to fix that problems, maybe I should put a glove so it does less damage" as Naruto clutch his right arm because it is cover with slash mark from that jutsu.

Naruto start walking again when suddenly he felt like a shuriken coming towards him from the back so he quickly draw his blade and block it and flung it back towards the user which was Flay as he was grinning at him.

"So is there any reason you attack your own comrade, Flay?"

"Whahahaha, I was just testing you on the way of justice."

"Is that so will then excuse me but I have to go back to upgrade my blade since you see my blade is worn out and have a bunch of dent" As he finish the sentence he was about to walk again until Flay call him out.

"YOU do know that you can use Wings of Icarus to go back right?" Flay said with a big grin.

Naruto face drop, he look back with a nervous grin as scratch his neck, he then reach down to his pouch and use Wings of Icarus and flew off.

Flay stay there as he see Naruto flew off. "I see you are strong maybe stronger than me. Hmmm Hahahaha, this will be interesting and I don't think he even have a mana yet, so the only question is when will he get his mana right partner."

Suddenly a light appear and standing there was the Gold mana. "I agree but there is a foul energy surrounding him and very pleasant energy too, it is kinda confusing what kind of person is he."

"Hahaha, I don't know but I do know one thing that he's unpredictable guy." as Flay reach his pocket and pull out an orange book and giggle in perverted way. The golden mana sweatdrop at what he just witnessed and disappeared.

*Athanor Room*

Naruto was standing there looking towards all of blade that he could make even though he have all Seven Swordsmen of the Mist blade and finally after all the decade he finally re-created Bee fighting style as he have ask the Kumokage for the broken blade and fixed it and of course he seal it in his tattoo on his left shoulder. The blade he had will he bought it so know he going to melt his blade to get better blade after he created.

*2 hours later*

He finally completed. His blade is cover in black and bloody red in a wavy pattern, have no guard, and his hilt was cover in dawn and at the end was a short chain that is wrapt at the end in black cloth that touches the floor. And the blade called Muramasa.

*Days went by and Finally almost at the end of the summer is where we begin at the workshop*

Jess smile "Yay! All our homework's done!"

Vayne rub his Hair "Good job."

Nikki was biting her necklace "Ohhhh, I wanna play outside so bad.."

Naruto came behind her and hug her "It's ok we all want to get out, but at least we're all together, I mean most of us that lousy Flay is no where around."

Nikki blush that make Hinata's blush a shamed. Naruto notice this and came face to face close to kissing her.

"Are you okay, your face is red, are you sick?" Naruto ask as he tilted his head.

Vayne and Jess chuckle at Naruto for being dense for love.

"Not just yet" said Jess

"Huh" As Nikki forgotten all about the close contact "But, we're done with homework and have nothing else to do."

"We can make medicine! I want one that'll magnify cavity pain 10 times!"

Naruto look at her with a question mark on top of his head [Why do you want to do that? You know what I don't wanna know.]

"What the hell do you plan to do with that?" Nikki asked.

"You guys have too much free time on your hands." said Flay as he came through the door.

Everyone looks surprise of course Nikki broke the silence.

"Oh, Hey Flay. You came in through the door today. How rare..."

Jess notice that Flay have a smile "You look pretty happy, What's going on?"

"I'm here to save you all. I've prepared some entertainment for you."

Vayne looks at him with a question mark "Entertainment?"

"Indeed. You've heard about the recent ghost sightings around campus, right?"

Jess join in the conversation "Yeah. One of our classmates was talking about it."

Naruto looks at him "Oh, don't tell me you want us to go catch it.."

"Don't be silly. I've planned a horror night for you!"

Jess was happy " A horror night? Sounds like fun."

"There are scary stories about places on campus. You will go to each one."

"I've never done anything like this. Is it really that fun?" asked Vayne as Naruto also wonder if that is fun too?"

"I love scary stories." said Jess as she rub her hand evilly.

Nikki went back to normal even though Naruto is still hugging her "I guess it'll kill time. Though, Flay set it up, so who knows."

"It can't be that bad.." said Jess

"Here are the stories that go with each place. Read them as you walk around."

As the group left Flay was the only one at the workshop.

"Heh heh heh. The rest should go as planned..."

There first stop was outside of the academy so they follow the instruction and went to the old schoolhouse.

They were inside of the school close to where they fought lore beast.

Naruto look around "The Old schoolhouse..."

"Typical... but very scary story-ish." said Jess.

Nikki didn't bother much. "So, what kinda rumor do we have here? I bet it's a ghost."

"Hold on um..."

"Ah here it is, There are rotten planks here that collapse just from stepping on them.

"...That's not the kind of scary I was expecting." said Nikki with a disappointed voice.

"Oh, there's more to it. Once, a student fell through and got hurt."

Vayne joins in the conversation "Did he die and now his spirit haunts this place?"

"Nope. It was only a minor scrape."

Nikki was disappointed "This is stupid..."

"But one week later, the wound began to swell and his ankle puffed up."

Naruto join in the conversation "I'm not sure I like where this story's heading..."

"The nurse at the time saw it was bad, and cut open the wound. And then... A wave of termite larvae came spilling out!"

Naruto and Nikki shudder and huddle together afraid when it is going to happen.

Vayne just said "Ewww"

"They say the eggs probably got in through the wound and hatch inside. And ever since then, the Old Schoolhouse has been shut down..."

Vayne look at her "It's scary, but not the kind of scary story I was expecting."

"Yeah" Jess said as she was also disappointed.

Nikki broke out Naruto hugs much to disappointed from being separate from Nikki. "It's completely wrong! Let's just get out of here! I'm gonna be sick."

As she walk off. Naruto yell off to her "Oh, and be careful where you walk..."

Crash! "Gnyaaahh...!"

"... Nevermind."

As Naruto walk off to help her and went back to the academy and decided to check on the infirmary.

"It's so dark... The nurse must've gone home already." said Vayne.

"There's a rumor about this place?" said Nikki as she look around."

"Let's see... it says the story is called, "The Bloody Infirmary." " One night, a student walked in and found a pool of blood on the floor."

"Typical..." once again Nikki was disappointed.

"A made-up story, you think?" asked Vayne

"Of course it is. If it were true, It'd be a huge problem..."


"Eep!" As she jump and hold on to Naruto who was surprise from the action.

"What happen?" ask Naruto.

"It felt like... I just stepped in some sort of liquid..."

Jess join in "No way..." as she took a step ^Squash^ "Ahh!" as she jump towards Vayne and hold him in his neck.

"You too...?" asked Vayne

"S-someone just spilled water on the floor, right?" said Nikki as she was scared.

"Y-yeah. That's gotta be the trick!" said Jess

"W-well, I', gonna turn on the lights, okay?" said Vayne as he put her down.

"Is someone in here? said ?
Everyone scream except for Naruto since he is use to it from his experience.

As the door open there stood Melanie "Oh, It's you three..."

Nikki was shivering "Miss Melanie... Please don't scare us like that..."

"What are you doing here this time at night?"

Naruto looks at her "We were force to go to entertain ourselves by telling scary stories pick by Flay, so if you want to blame on someone it Flay."

"Scary stories? Ah, I see."

Nikki looks at Miss. Melanie "Oh but you should know, I think someone spilled water on the floor."

"Don't worry Miss. Melanie, we'll clean it up before we leave. I'll turn the lights on." said Vayne as he was stepping towards the light switch.



"Um..Before you turn on the lights, will you smell my perfume?"

"We can smell it later... eh,hr?" said Nikki as she was getting dizzy."

"Nikki? What's wrong... ^yawn^" said Naruto as he was scratching his eye.

"I'm so...Sleepy..." said Vayne as it was getting harder to stand.

"Night night." said Jess as she was instantly knockout.

"waky waky" said Melanie.

"...Huh?" said Vayne as he rub his eye.

Jess yawn as she strench her sore body.

"Ahh, my head's all spinny..." said Nikki as she was coming her hair with her nails.

"Rise and shine, Did you sleep well?" asked Melanie.

"Huh?...This..where are we again?" asked Naruto.

"The Infirmary. I found you three sleeping here. I was quite confused."

"Sleeping? Why would we..." asked Jess.

"We were having a horror night, and then, umm..." said Nikki as she scratch her head in confusion since she couldn't remember.

"You shouldn't wander around so late just because it's summer break."

"We're sorry..." said Naruto.

"If you go back now. I won't report you to your teachers. Okay?"

"Okay... Then, excuse us."

As the group left Melanie left to think [...How did anyone know about this? I need to be more careful from now on...]

*Music Room*

As the group enter the room.

"The musice room.." said Naruto with a calm voice.

"So do the instruments start playing on their own?" asked Nikki.

"Nope. It says, the eyes on the composer'sportrait on the wall start glowing." explain Jess.

"Oh that? I already know the trick."

"Huh?" said Vayne.

"See, I knew it. There's a tack stuck in each eye." said Nikki.

"Ohh, I get it now.."

"There're always pranksters who do this kinda suff." explain Nikki.

"It's kinda boring when we figure it out so quickly."

"But it better than being scared." said Vayne.

"Let's take them o.. Aaaahhh!" Nikki scream!"

"Ahhh! What?" Said Naruto.

"I took the tacks out and then... it cried tears of blood! Nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo!" said Nikki as she ran off.

"Tears of Blood...?" said Naruto

"She's right!" said Jess

"Wait... This isn't blood... It's just rusty water." explain Vayne.

"Oh I see A flsk was hidden back there and the tacks punctured it." said Jess

"Nikki it's alright... and she's gone." said Naruto.

"What should we do about this?" asked Jess.

"Let's just leave it like this. Let's keep it a secret from Nikki too." said Naruto.

"Good idea." said Jess and Vayne just nod his head.

*Resource Center*

"Hmmm, It's dark. I can't see much in here. What's the story with this place?" ask Nikki.

"Umm...the skeleton sings at night." said Jess

"That sucks!" said Naruto.

Jess scream for some reason.

"W-what?" ask Nikki.

"There's... A person, on the floor..."

As the group went closer in the center of the room.

"It's Roxis!" said Naruto.

"Hey, you better not be dead." said Nikki

"It looks like he just fainted... He's faming at the mouth."

"Why is he lying here?" ask Vayne."

"Maybe he saw a ghost and got scared!" said Nikki.

"Hahaha no way!" said Jess

"Let's just take him to the infirmary for now." said Vayne

"We could just leave him here." said Nikki.

"No we can't. He might get sick from sleeping here too long."

"^sigh^ You're too kind." said Naruto.

As the group left and drag Roxis away from the Resource center something or someone was there because behind the counter their standing there was a pink teddy bear with a red bow tie around its neck. As it start hover the ground and appear the ghost girl. she have a school uniform and have a red bow tie and her hair is light purple. "Heheheh" said ? as she start flow away."


"I think we're just about done with all of 'em." said Nikki

"Yep We went to all the places on Flay's memo." said Jess

"But it wasn't all that scary, and it eas okay for killing time too" said Naruto.

A scream echo through the plaza.

"Huh, what was that?" ask Vayne.

"Finally gotcha! I was getting tired of waiting. Huh?" said Flay.

"You! Uh... what are you doing here!" said Flay.

"Uhh, we just finished your list of scary stories.." said Vayne.

"More importantly, did you just hear that scream?" said Jess.

"Indeed. I just assumed it was one of you. What's going on?" said Flay.

"How the hell are we supposed to know? said Naruto.

"Let's go find out!" said Nikki.

As the group ran off. Leaving Flay there. "That's odd... Did she scare the wrong person?"

*Resource Center*

When the group got there they saw the girl so they ask her if she was the one who scream."

"We just heard a scream. Was it you?" said Vayne.

"Ahh... I don't know what to do... It came out of nowhere. and took him..." said Nemu

"Calm down. Tell us what happened... From the very beginning." Said Naruto.

"Um, okay... You see, I invited Riggs to come test his courage with me. So we were wandering around, looking for the ghost. But then, all of a sudden, a monster appeared and dragged riggs away..." said Nemu.

"Dragged hi-... And you just watched?" yell Nikki.

"Uh... yeah."

"What about riggs, where did it take him?" ask Jess.

About that time Flay came.

"Deep inside the Resource Center..."

"Well, I guess it is cruel to make a girl go after him alone." said Naruto.

"We'll go look for him." said Jess

"Okay, let's go." said Vayne as the group left through the door to go deeper of Recourse center.

Flay standing there watching as the last group left. "Most imexpected. At least it's more interesting this way."

Suddenly a girl with a bear in her hand came through the wall.

"Ahhhhh! Gh-ghost!" screamed Nemu.

"Ah, perfect timing. I was just about to go find you."

"I'm so tired of waiting I was so bored, I scared some boy in glassed." said the mysterious ghost.

"Sorry about that. Something unexpected came up. You see..." As Flay explain the ghost girl what happen.

"Oh my, Why does everything have to be so difficult?"

"If something happens [which won't because I have a feeling Naruto will protect them], we'll never hear the end of it. I need your help."

"But I'm sleepy from waiting so long... Can it wait till tomorrow?"

"Negative, This requires immediate action."

"Okay, then... You know, lack of sleep is bad for the skin..."

As those two left, Numa left to last thought [So there's really are...]

*As the group went further through the Recourse center underground and fought tons of Deing spirit and witches, etc. As they gather tons of items and experiences and finally they are at the last floor where we find the monster and the kid.

"There he is!" said Nikki

There laying at the ground was the student unconscious with a monster standing it beside it.

The monster "Bwaaaahhh!"

"What should we do? We can't leave him here." said Vayne.

"Oh my, what's all the commotion about?" said ?

"Hey, get back her! It's dange... Wait. What!" said Nikki

"She's, floating in thin air? Is she-" said Jess

"Hahaha" As Flay came through the group "Don't worry. She's not an enemy."

"But... she is a ghost, right?" said Naruto.

"Indeed. I asked her to help me to try to scare you guys but..."

"Naughty boy, you know this isn't allowed." said the ghost

"Bwahhh, Bwahhh..." said monster

"I know how you feel, but you can't go around kidnapping students."


"What are they talking about?" said Vayne

"Meow" (That monster seems to be in love with that ghost."

"Mmmeooww" (He hadn't seen her in a while, and became insanely jealous.)

"I see..."

"Welll, we're gonna take him home now okay?"


"Oh no. I can't let you do that."

"Hmm, How should we settle this? Flay, please teach him a lesson."

"Are you sure?"

"Mmhmm, He's being so selfish right now. Oh, and take this boy home."

"I don't really like carrying guys around..."

"I can't do it by myself."

"Hmm, then it can't be helped... Vayne. Take care of the monster!"

"What, but..."

As Flay rush to riggs side and drag him out of there.

"Bwaah! Bwwwwwwwaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"

"Ahh! Stop yelling at me!"

The monster looks at them. As the group did their fighting stance to fight.

The monster was kind of robotic being whit a pink armor and shield. have a big saw sword. and have a heart for it eye pink beard and an antenna for ears.

As Vayne start it battle as he use Analysis. Nikki then came and bash the Fallen lover in the head then in the stomach. Jess reach down in her bag and threw a vase that is highly explosive and a text book. But then the fallen lover attack by using Love hurricane as he toss the sword in the air and spins at top of the group making a pink tornado that was slicing them up. Then Naruto came in and use Tri-slash as he disappear and reappear behind the monster carving him with a the slash (AN: Like hack gu tri edge). Then Vayne appear from the top and have like a claw and touch the ground making it torn appear from the ground calling it Eluding thorn, as the torn retrace back to Vayne hand. Nikki then launch her ball of chain and spin it hitting him multiple times. And Jess then summon her mana iris and use Healing Echo a. As for Naruto he use Gale slash and a burst of wind hit it target as the fallen lover attack Nikki by love attack basically he slash her. Then Vayne struck his sword towards the ground and call out it name Blade Pillar as a bunch of blade struck towards the top and ending it as the fallen lover collapse.

"Bwah..." as it ran off.

"Good work. You guys were amazing! And so strong..."

"Of course they are. I expect much out of them." said Flay

"But was that really okay? Wasn't that monster your friend?" asked Vayne

"Oh, don't worry. Naughty boys need to be punished."


"Hahaha! Being popular is a tough job, isn't it?"

"That's not funny! Ughh!"

"Uh, Flay, care to introduce this lovely ghost lady here?" ask Naruto

"Oh, I completely forgot, it's kinda long, so let's go back to the workshop."


"So flay, this is your workshop? It's a lot cleaner than I expected." said ghost girl.

"Of course it is I haven't even used it once all year."

"Let me guess since you are in your second year meaning that you just stole tony project to make it yours didn't you?" said Naruto as Flay just whistle avoiding his looks.

"Flay, hurry up and introduce her." said Nikki.
"Oh right. This lady here is Pamela, a ghost who's lived here for years."

"Hehehe. Nice to meet you." said Pamela

"Years? We're been here for 6 months already. How come we-" said Jess but was interrupted by Flay.

"Pamela's like our summer feature. It's a tradition to hide her from the freshmen until summer. And then we scare the new kids during summer break.

"I just couldn't wait this year. I scared a few people early."

"Flay, won't you introduce these children to me, too?"

"The pink hair is Jess. The furry animal is Nikki. The blond guy is Naruto. and The guy is Vayne."

"Pink hair...?"

"Furry animal..?"

"Okay I am used to call being the blond guy."

"Ooh, Vayne, huh? ^stare^

"Y-yes, Miss Pamela...?"

"Oh dear, don't call me Miss. That's so formal. Just call me Pamela."
"Oh Okay."

"I've decided. I'm gonna join your workshop."

"Whaaa!" said Jess

*Distant memory*

"Oh, what a coincidence. I didn't expect to meet you here."

"Like hell this is a coincidence. I came out here to meet you. You never even sent a single letter."

"It would never reach you, even if I had. Those guys would just rip it up."

"That's true... Oh, is he yours?"

"He's my traveling companion. Being alone's not all fun and games.

"Is that so? You've changed."

"Care to join me?"

"Are you kidding? I have things to take care of..."

*End of Distant Memory*

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