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Author's Note: An AU fic for Dead Air.

We Didn't Want This

Abby smiled as she turned to Gibbs as he walked in. She knew it was Gibbs because whenever she was thinking of him he would come to labby. Her smile fell as she looked at him and she started to worry. Was it Tony, Ziva, or Timmy? What happened? She started to open her mouth, but Gibbs raised a finger.

"Not now. I need you in Autopsy right now. Ducky and Palmer are waiting for us."

She nodded and walked towards the elevator with Gibbs. A million things were going on in her head and didn't like any of them.

The autopsy doors swished as they both walked in.

"What is it Jethro?" Asked Ducky. The only that called him that name.

"You know how we had Tony go door to door to get voice matches for the audio?"


"He was doing just that. Ziva and McGee" Gibbs paused as he said those two names. He never wanted to hear those two names again. "were supposed to be backup just in case anything happened. They turned off the radio in the car, so they couldn't hear Tony's voice. At one of the houses he was shot and stabbed. He tried to call out for Ziva and McGee, but since they turned the radio off they didn't hear him. When they finally turned it on they didn't hear anything and so they went looking for him. They found him inside a house with lots of blood around him. They called the ambulance and then me. Tony died in the ER room."

"No, not Tony." Abby fell to the ground and started sobbing. Gibbs sat near Abby and hugged her trying to comfort her. "Why would they do that Gibbs? Why would they leave him without backup?" I don't understand it."

"They said that they were tired of Tony's voice, so they turned off the radio. They said that they wanted peace and quiet."

"Well they are going to have peace and quiet for now on because they will never hear Tony's voice again. I'm going to tear them limb from limb and nobody will find them ever again."

"No Abby. Vance is taking care of them."

"I thought Vance didn't like Anthony." Ducky interrupted them.

"He said that when he first got here he didn't like Tony at all, but that changed. He said he was a competent Agent and he will be missed."

"Of course he will be missed by his friends who are not Ziva and McGee."

"What about Anthony's father?"

"I'll call him." He turned back to Abby. "Come on Abs. Get up." He held onto her as she got up.

Gibbs made the funeral arrangements and had called Tony's Dad, but he couldn't make it since he was in the middle of a deal. Gibbs just shook his head and wondered why this man never cared for his son. When they told him that Shannon and Kelly were gone he was there for their funerals. How could a father not go to his own son's funeral?

Abby, Gibbs, Palmer, Ducky and other Agents and even Vance came to Tony's funeral. They all talked about how a great guy Tony was. One guy said he had helped him when he needed it on a case. One guy said that he had helped coach a couple of his son's basketball games.

Then they all went to the Cemetery where they put flowers on Tony's coffin like they did at Kate's funeral. When that was done they went to Gibbs's house for the reception. After the reception Abby and the rest of the team helped Gibbs clean up. After they cleaned up they sat down in the living room.

"I can't believe he's gone. He was my friend and he was like my big brother. We sometimes would watch movies together." Abby said as a tear slid down her eye.

"I can't believe it either. When Gibbs went to Mexico we became good friends." Palmer remembered about his friend.

"He was like a son to me and I never told him that. I remember him coming down to the basement to talk about whatever was on his mind."

"He was a good guy. Sometimes he would come down to Autopsy and listen to my stories."

"I still can't believe that Ziva and McGee were responsible for his death. I'm glad that they were arrested for what they did If they were there when they heard him he would still be alive, but they turned off the radio and it was too late by then. Because of them I lost my brother."

"At least they can't be responsible for another death." Replied Ducky.

They sat there for a while. Abby looked around. She knew that Gibbs had a DVD player in the house now and a new TV because of Tony. Sitting on top of the DVD player was Tony's favorite movie.

"Let's watch a movie in memory of Tony. This was his favorite movie." Abby said.

They all nodded and Abby jumped up and got the DVD and put it into the player. "Each one of them remembered Tony as they watched the movie and wished that he was still with them, but he wasn't.

The End

Author's Note: I'm not sure if McGee and Ziva would be put into jail for being responsible for Tony's death. They didn't kill him, but they sure didn't hear him when he asked for help. If they hadn't of turned it off they would of heard him and could of gotten help before it was too late.