Author's Note: I want to thank Breyer, my amazing idea buddy, and Shannon, my awesome editor, for helping me with this story so far. Thank you so much.

Jane scoffs as the blonde runs to the elevator. Someone's ego is bruised. She looks back up to Dr. Pike and sighs loudly enough for him to hear. His eyes, which were previously between the two women, shifts back to the raven.

"I'm working as meticulously as I can, detective." Her brows lower as she glares at him, that venom that was intended for Maura turning on him.

"Work faster, doctor," she growls under her breath. She storms off, heading straight for the elevator to get back to her desk. Her midnight locks sit on her shoulders, surprisingly. It's been a while since she's actually had her hair down at work. She presses the up button with her index finger, anger still running rampant through her veins. She has some nerve just showing back up like she did. After a year and a half of nothing, and she just expects things to be hunky-dory. The nerve. And running off because of a comment on her clothes? Come on! She kicks the wall of the elevator before the doors open, collecting herself as they do. She walks briskly to her desk and sits down. Jane gives no sign of fatigue, or rubbing of the eyes despite not having slept much in the past few months. She catches the eyes of her partners on her.

"What?" she asks vehemently. They exchange a look of uncertainty, and Korsak moves to speak.

"Did you see Dr. Isles?" he queries, voice soft. Her eyes narrow on him, before turning to Frost who has just opened to speak, but stops at the sight of her. She doesn't want to talk about this now; she doesn't want to discuss that woman at all.

"Yes. And she left." Both men's brows rise. The doctor was ominous in her return, and now maybe they understand why. Jane is enraged, to say the least. They can understand that, but they thought of all things to bring her back to normal, Dr. Isles would do the trick. Seems that isn't the case anymore. Frost is almost too scared to ask, but ventures forth regardless.

"What did you say?" He's not sure he wants to hear the answer, or if he'll even get one. Detective Rizzoli looks up from her computer and makes a mental note of his curious nature today.

"I made a comment on her clothes, and she ran away. Seems she hasn't changed in the slightest."

In the recent months, Jane had come to resent her old friend; the way she smiled, the way she avoided lies by truths, the very way she threw useless information at her. It turned Rizzoli off to the idea of her return. If Maura was coming back, she should have kept up with the phone calls.

Her eyes shift back to the present, staring at the information on her computer screen. The two have stopped talking about the doctor, a good idea for everyone. She rubs her temple as the information on the screen starts to all settle together. Her fingers hesitantly trace the outline of the gun in its holster before she jumps out of her seat. She struts right for the elevator.

"Where are you going?" Korsak asks, voice slightly raised.

"Suspect's home," she answers shortly as the elevator doors close before her. She's been doing that most times lately too; running off ahead of everyone. The sergeant jumps out of his seat, heading straight for the adjacent elevator. Frost exchanges a look with his superior. Jane didn't even feel the need to disclose what she had just put together to them.

"Do you think it's worse now that the doctor is back?" Frost stays in his seat, letting Korsak handle her this time. She is quite a handful now. The other man's finger is pressed to the down arrow, hoping the elevator will hurry itself before Rizzoli gets too much of a head start.

"It seems that way." Korsak isn't sure he can answer the detective in any other way. They see the change, every day at work. Her slow transformation from the caring and joking woman to the 'badass' detective everyone expects of her. The days without Doctor Isles have changed her tremendously, and he suspects that she wasn't ready for this new side of Jane. The inverse is true as well. Rizzoli hadn't been ready for a reunion. The elevator opens and Korsak heads after Jane.