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Notes: The title is a quote from Black Elk.

Dedication: For lycanandproud, who said, "I love you more than breathing, just so you know." Naturally, I had to write her an exposition on breathing. Er.


See, the thing is, breathing's kind of overrated. Stiles gets that. First, there's the whole breathing-through-a-kiss thing, which is easy to do since he's seen approximately one million instructional videos on YouTube about how to kiss someone deeply and not asphyxiate while doing it, so when Derek decides to get with the tongue action, Stiles is prepared. Totally. Totally -

- breathless. But prepared.

And then there's the naked part, or parts, plural. Boy, there are a lot of parts. Man-parts. Shoulders. Hips. Hands. Pectorals that feel more like warm, chiseled marble than anything real, like Stiles is touching a Greek statue, come to life. Not that Stiles says that, because Derek already has an ego the size of Mount Olympus, and Stiles is the one who could use some compliments, here. Not that he's sure he deserves any, but then, Derek calls him -

- beautiful -

- and hey, look, breathless again.

So, yeah. Breathing's overrated. This is a thing that Stiles is discovering, and he's more than okay with it.