***Chapter 10***


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***Meanwhile in Tsukano's place***

"Thank you Marko" Tsunako commented. Marko just nodded then left. It's done they are done all the preparation for the wedding. Everyone have their gowns and suits for tomorrow.

***End of Preview***


The fitting is done now Tsunako is going to Reborn's place for the meeting that the two of them will be having. Tsunako walked for almost two minutes before arriving to the meeting room when she opened it she saw Reborn drinking an espresso (Is that the coffee that Reborn's always drinking).

"I am here now Reborn" Tsunako started informing Reborn that she had arrived "What do you want to talk about?" she asked Reborn in a calm voice but everyone knows especially Reborn that she is nervous and scared of what will happened next.

"Good. Now sit down and we will start the meeting between you and me" Reborn ordered Tsunako who did it immediately as she was told without a protest because she of all people know that it's okay to have your mother angry at you than the number one hit man in the world.

"So what do you want to talk about?" Tsunako asked with a nervous voice and look.

"Did you confess to him?" Reborn asked is Italian making clear that he is serious.

What do you mean?" Tsunako asked again. She looked at Reborn who is just calmly drinking his espresso not until the cup broke into pieces.

"Is that why he agrees to marry you?" Once again he asked in Italian.

"Y-yes" Tsunako replied scared before she can even looked to Reborn a shot of gun can be heard in the meeting room that make her even more scared.

***Mean while in the airport of Italy (They came from Japan)***

"Are you sure Marco?" A person with white hair and mustache asked the person in front of him.

"Yes Vongola Nono. I am sure that he already know about HIS situation" Marco reassured the said Vongola Nono aka Timoteo. Timoteo just nod and then he called the six men in his both sides.

" Change of plan. Call Him" Timoteo ordered to his men who just bow and did as they were told.

***Somewhere in the Vongola Mansion***

"Are you sure of what you've heard? Chrome" A man with a two different eyes asked a woman with an eye patch in a serious tone.

"Yes Mukuro-Sama" Reassured the girl named Chrome. Mukuro smirked before speaking again, "My dear Chrome can you please call HIM" Mukuro asked Chrome who just nod and then got a cell phone and dialed HIS number. They waited for a few minutes before someone answered.

"Hello" Someone answered the phone cheerfully.

Hello Marshmallow. Did you know about Tsuna's condition?" Mukuro asked the person in the other line

"Of course I've heard it accidentally" The person on the other line replied with again a cheerful voice.

"Really, when?" Mukuro asked disappointed. The person on the other line just chuckled before answering, "When he is talking to Reborn"

"Same as Chrome. Well are you coming?"Mukuro asked.

"I am on my way" Was the reply and they both hung up at the same time.

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