Behind the Mask
Rated: T for language and violence
Disclaimer: Naruto characters (c) Masashi Kishimoto
Summary: We all wear masks. But that only makes it harder to tell the difference between truth and lies.

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014: 怀疑

Temari lowered her eyes as she graciously accepted a warm cup of tea. She sat near a charcoal brazier, its coals glowing red in the dark. Her brother Gaara sat beside her on a pile of cushions, a hand resting protectively and perhaps reassuringly on her shoulder. Temari adjusted the warm quilt that was wrapped around her before sipping her tea. They had moved into a small sitting room as other police officers swarmed around Temari's bedroom, looking for clues. Itachi had thought it would be better to question her away from the offending sight of the dead body whose identity was still a mystery.

Uchiha Itachi sat on his knees before Temari, his face ominous in the scant candlelight. Temari had never seen him informally before and as such, he was wearing a dark blue, knee length kimono with black pants and boots. A black tactical vest with the Uchiha crest adorned his chest. A black arm band with gold characters embossed on it encircled his upper arm, marking him a police officer. He had two swords which he had unclipped from his belt and were now laying at his feet.

"Can you recount what happened again for me please?"

Temari closed her eyes and set down her teacup with a subtle, annoyed sigh. "As I said before, I woke up because I suddenly felt a cold draft. I got up, shut and locked the windows which I had previously locked before I went to bed. When I looked down, I saw the body." She recalled before she looked up to stare Uchiha Itachi dead in his eyes. His cold unblinking stare didn't faze Temari.

Itachi pursed his lips. It seemed that Temari truly knew nothing and honestly, Itachi hadn't expected her to. A dead body had been thrown through the window of a well know politician's daughter. It could have been anyone, most likely a man with a vendetta of some kind against the Governor. Itachi would not have even taken the case personally had it been anyone other than his future sister-in-law.

"And you're positive you didn't know the victim?" Itachi asked again.

"Positive." Replied Temari.

"Do you have any idea of who might have wanted to do this to you?" Itachi asked.

Temari shrugged. "An enemy of my father's perhaps." The truth was, Temari had a very distinct guess on who could have done it.

"I believe my sister has reported everything she knows." Said Gaara finally, from his place beside Temari. "I appreciate you coming out to take charge of the case. My deepest apologies for disturbing you in the middle of the night." He said, bowing his head to Itachi.

"There is no need to thank me." Said Itachi standing up. "I am only doing my duty. I'll be sure to let you know if I find anything." Itachi bowed his head before walking toward the doorway. He paused awkwardly, lingering there for a moment.

"I've sent for my brother. I hope that he can give you comfort in such a dire time." And with that, Itachi left the room.

"You're sure that you told Uchiha-gong everything?" Gaara asked once Itachi was out of the room.

Temari glanced up at her brother wearily. Did he think she was lying? "Of course." She replied. "Do you think I can go back to my room now? I am still very tired."

Gaara sighed as he looked out the window. "You should go see baba first. He probably wants to talk to you."

Temari stood up. "I'm sure I have plenty of time to talk to baba. I really am very tired." And with that Temari glided out of the room.

Gong – Chinese honorific, equivalent of lord

Itachi worked his way out of Tsunade's estate, running his hand through his black hair. The air was still and the sky still dark. Lanterns had been hastily lit upon the arrival of the police but as it was, only the courtyard was illuminated in the early morning sky. Itachi spotted his subordinate talking to a servant who had dark bags under his dreary eyes near the doorway of the estate. "Umino-jueshi." Said Itachi, signaling to Iruka as he walked out into the courtyard.

Iruka quickly thanked the servant he had been questioning and dashed out to accompany Itachi.

"Yes, Uchiha-juzhang?" Asked Iruka, bowing his head.

"Autopsy?" Itachi asked as they continued to walk.

Iruka shook his head. "Tsunade-furen said she would take of it. She will check in with me when she finished."

Itachi nodded in response. "Has my brother been reached?"

Iruka shifted uneasily. "No one has been able to get a hold of him Uchiha-juzhang. He's not at home."

Itachi shook his head as he came to a stop. He couldn't help the sinking feeling of disappointment that he felt toward Sasuke. It was his duty as Temari's fiancee to at least be present to express his concern for her in a time like this. Itachi had hoped that in time, Sasuke would understand what this marriage would mean for the Uchiha Clan. Perhaps he had set his hopes too high.

"Stay here and wait for the results on the autopsy, Umino-junshi." Itachi ordered. "Once you find out, come and report to me. And let me know if my brother shows up or if someone finds him." Itachi moved to walk off when a thought suddenly struck him. "Umino-jueshi."

Iruka looked back at Itachi, his gaze questioning. "If the results of the autopsy are...peculiar, if the cause of death is old age, please be sure to find me right away."

Iruka nodded, wondering if Itachi had a theory about the strange kidnappings and murders and why he wasn't telling anyone.

Jueshi – Lieutenant
Juzhang – Chief
Furen – Chinese honorific, used for high ranking females

Sasuke took a deep sigh and let the silence around him wash through him. Sasuke rubbed his forehead wearily as he made a seat for himself on a cold boulder that was protruding from the snow. The trees around Sasuke were bare and the snow came up to at least his shins, but none of this bothered Sasuke. The forest surrounding the Uchiha compound was Sasuke's secret place. He used to come here when he was a kid, particularly when his dad was giving him a hard time and more often once his parents died. No one ever thought to look for him here.

Sasuke heard his brother's summons to go to Tsunade-furen's estate. He chose to ignore them and that's why he came here. Why couldn't his brother just see that he had no interest in being married? The situation frustrated Sasuke so much. He could not picture married life in the slightest. He didn't want someone to be dependent on him. He did however, ache to find his clan's murderer. Sometimes, the hatred inside of him grew so strong that Sasuke had no way to vent it out. He made training his top priority so that he would be ready to face the murderer, yet Sasuke was no closer to figuring out who did it than he was ten years ago. A part of Sasuke believed he never would know, but it felt right for him to train, to strive towards the day he would meet the killer face to face. It was better than doing nothing, just living life normally while his whole family had died…

Sasuke buried his face in his hands. He was aware that he was only a shallow shell of the boy he used to be. A boy who was once so bright and studious, eager to learn and strived for his parent's affections. Now he was none of that, he was just a man with a vendetta.

Through the dead calm of the snow covered forest, Sasuke heard the snap of a twig. Sasuke jumped off the boulder with surprising speed. His dark eyes roamed the area, searching for the intruder. Was it possibly the pink haired kunoichi? Sasuke's heart jumped at the prospect and he tried to quickly quell his feelings. It seemed as if the pink haired girl had become his one weakness and Sasuke wasn't sure if he approved or not.

In Sasuke's momentary lapse of vigilance, the intruder emerged from the trees. Sasuke almost did suspect the girl shinobi to emerge through the trees, but it was not who appeared in front of him.

Sasuke put his fingers into a seal.

"Who are you?"

Furen - Chinese honorific, used for women of high rank

When Sakura and Naruto entered the courtyard of Tsunade's estate, only an hour or so after the sun had risen, neither could say they were comforted by the sight of a dozen or so policemen, roaming the estate, talking to servants. A quick questioned aimed at a young servant who could seem to do nothing more than stand wordlessly amongst the other quickly informed them that a dead body had been tossed through a window into Feng Temari's room earlier that morning. Even the Police Chief himself had come to take charge of the case. It was also said that Tsunade herself had delegated to perform the autopsy.

Obviously finding the whole scenario suspicious, Sakura and Naruto set out to find Tsuande. The young servant was only too eager to lead them to an outside patio behind the estate where Tsunade had set out the body away from prying eyes. The body out on a table, stripped naked with a pnly thin sheet covering the lower half. Tsunade had her medical equipment scattered about, ready for use. Shizune was standing next to Tsunade, scalpel in hand. The young servant was dismayed when Sakura quickly dismissed him.

"What have you found out?" Asked Sakura when the servant had left.

Tsunade shook her head. "I checked for signs of the Furou Fushi just in case. Unfortunately, that appears to be the cause of death. All of the internal organs show rapid signs of decomposition."

Naruto frowned. "So this is a victim of Orochimaru then? But why Temari?"

Shizune scratched her head looking puzzled. "It's not exactly that simple, and this is most certainly nothing I have ever seen before."

Tsunade nodded her head at her companions comment. "Shizune is right, come look at this." She said, waving Sakura and Naruto over. Sakura peered over the dissected man in interest while Naruto glanced down, a bit squeamish. He could kill, and he had killed before. But when it came to the inner workings of a person, it made Naruto go queasy inside.

"You can see here," Said Tsunade pointing to a portion of the man's heart, "That the wall of the artery has ruptured." Tsunade pulled back a tiny portion of the heart so Sakura could see. Naruto leaned away, feeling like he was going to throw up.

"And you can see, although a bit insignificant at a first look, the lack of blood to the heart here." Said Tsunade gesturing to the area around the heart.

"Heart attack…" Concluded Sakura.

"So it actually wasn't Orochimaru?" Asked Naruto confused. "Someone just found this dead guy and dumped him in Temari's room? Why? What about the damage to the internal organs that you mentioned before?"

"But look at this." Said Tsunade pointing at the heart once more. She handed Sakura a magnifying glass and Sakura looked once more.

"It's bruised." Said Sakura, mystified.

Tsunade nodded looking satisfied. "Anyone accomplished in medical ninjutsu can cause a heart attack. But it takes someone truly gifted in it to cause such infinitesimal damage. If anyone else had done the autopsy, they would have presumed he just dropped dead, or in this case, found he was victim to the Furou Fushi."

"So, if the victim's cause of death was from a heart attack, then what happened to the internal organs? Is it possible that someone was trying to make it look like a victim of the Furou Fushi?" Asked Sakura as she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "What besides the Furou Fushi could cause such rapid decomposition of the internal organs?"

Tsunade tapped her chin and sighed. "I speak in theory, because I have never attempted, nor seen it happen, but, if one were to apply a considerable amount of chakra to each of the internal organs, the chemical process might speed up the process of aging. The victim would have to be dead first, hence the heart attack." Tsunade surmised.

"We put the time of death at least a few hours before the body was dumped in the room." Said Shizune.

"So we're looking at a highly accomplished shinobi in the field of medical ninjutsu who has a vendetta against Temari, but is also trying to set Orochimaru up…" Said Naruto scratching his head. "That seems…"

"To kill specifically for the reason of scaring Temari…it does seem drastic." Said Sakura equally puzzled.

"The question is," Said Tsunade crossing her arms."What isn't Temari telling us?"

Temari stood in the shadows of Tsunade's study, the Tian Tang Jian resting atop her hands. Temari stroked one manicured finger over the length of the icy blade before steeling her resolve. She opened the black lacquer that had remained empty for too long and carefully placed the sword in its proper place. She shut the box with an audible snap, ready to leave the sword behind for good.

"It's good to see that you are returning it."

Temari whirled around to see Sakura standing in the shadows, her arms crossed over her chest. Temari's eyebrow twitched in annoyance, mostly at herself for having not developed her senses well enough to sense Sakura's presence.

"Taking a page out of your teacher's book I see." Temari said, crossing her own arms over her chest.

"I expected that you would return it as the masked bandit." Sakura said, taking a step toward Temari.

"Well, the masked bandit might have taken it, but it's I that have to return it. Why are you here anyway? To gloat? To see with your own eyes that you have won and I have not?" Temari snapped.

Sakura took a step back, surprised by the venom in Temari's voice.

"This was never a battle, Temari-xiaojie," Said Sakura, "It was a question as to whether or not you would do the right thing. And you have, so there is no reason why we must continue to be enemies. We're sisters right?" Sakura asked, false hope lining her voice.

Temari gave out a stark laugh. "You're not my sister. Not even a friend. That changed the moment you said you'd rather have the sword back then to even take a second to hear out my side of the story."

Sakura stopped, completely at a loss of what to say.

"Well, I'll leave you to tell your superiors that their sword is back. I'm sure they'll be ecstatic." Temari swept out of the room without so much as a backwards glance.

Xiaojie - Chinese honorific, equivalent of Miss

Iruka shook his head and squeezed his eyes shut as he tried to remember where he placed the file that Captain Ohgata wanted. He had it only a second ago. When he opened his eyes, he quickly spotted it on top of the file cabinet. Grabbing it, Iruka shook his head as he walked to Captain Ohgata's desk. He had been so absent minded lately, his thoughts plagued by the Kyuubi Jinchuriki that he had encountered the previous day. Iruka placed the file on Captain Ohgata's desk and murmured that he was going outside to get air when Ohgata nodded his head in thanks.

Upon walking outside, Iruka took in a deep breath of the cold air and ran his hand through his hair. Iruka was by no means a fan of Bijuu, nor a friend to jinchuriki. But for some reason, he felt different about the Konoha shinobi. It could have been because of the fact that this boy had not chosen to seal the Bijuu within himself unlike most of the jinchuriki who Iruka read about who willingly took in a Bijuu to gain their power. If anything, this boy could have been considered a hero for taking in the beast so it couldn't cause more destruction. Iruka remembered with a shiver the smoke he had seen, curling in the air the morning after the Kyuubi rampaged through Tianjin, how the people in the small suburb he had been living in at the time had been afraid to leave their houses.

Iruka's thoughts were suddenly disturbed when someone barreled into Iruka, knocking the breath out of him.

"Wha-!" Yelped Iruka, startled when he was seized by the shoulders.

The man grabbing him was the same height, with dark eyes and short blond hair the color of pale sunshine. He was swathed in yellow robes that were a bit out of place in Peking and dark beads hung around his neck. His eyes were wide and there was a sheen of sweat covering his forehead.

"C!" Said Iruka, startled by the man's sudden appearance.

"Iruka!" C said, sounding out of breath. "Thank the gods that I've found you."

Iruka, suddenly feeling a cold shiver running up his spine looked warily at C. It was no easy journey to travel from the Land of Lightning to Peking. And C had very specific duties where he came from. So why on earth would he come all the way to find Iruka in Peking unless he had some urgent or otherwise dangerous news?

"Come with me." Iruka urged before C could say anymore. Taking C by the wrist, Iruka quickly walked away from the police headquarters before they could be seen.

The heyan was but a quick walk from the Forbidden City and luckily, it was always crowded. Because it held the northern part of the Grand Canal and linked Hangzhou to Peking, it was a central hub. Not only were there men doing recreational fishing in one of the three lakes, but there were a variety of stores that were popular for tourists to frequent. There were many Buddhist and Taoist temples surrounding the lakes making it a popular place to make pilgrimage as well. Several mansions that were homes to the rich also populated the area.

As predicted, the place was buzzing with people despite the cold weather. No one would notice Iruka and C among the crowd. Iruka lead C to a bench near the Xihai Lake and then patiently waited for C to explain his presence.

C took a moment to gather his breath as he looked around. His face held the expression of both amazement and distaste as he took in his surroundings. He was formerly a shinobi of Kumogakure and still harbored a deep grudge against Konoha and the Land of Fire.

Finally sighing, C turned to look at Iruka. "You received my previous message?"

Iruka nodded his head tersely.

C's eyes looked weary as he looked down. "I've just found out that the Hachibi Jinchurki has been tracked to the Land of Lightning. I don't know how they found him, but someone knows where he is…I fear that if we don't do something, the same thing that happened to the Ichibi and the Sanbi will happen to him."

It was just as Iruka had feared, ever since C had first given him word that the Ichibi and Sanbi were missing. Someone was tracking and somehow trapping the Bijuu. And Iruka knew, deep within him that it was the man who had killed his parents, the one who had seemed so interested in Bijuu, in creating Jinchuriki.

"Do you know where he is?" Iruka asked. "Can you tell him?"

C looked up at Iruka. He gave out a short sigh and then looked away toward the lake, his eyes narrowed. "I never know where they are and they only contact me sporadically, I haven't…I haven't heard from them in months."

When C turned to face Iruka again, there was fear in his dark eyes, something that Iruka had never seen in the young man before. C had only ever presented himself as confident and self-assured. Iruka had assumed it was an attitude he adopted from being a shinobi. "The reason we left was so that Kumo wouldn't be able to control him. People cannot be trusted when it comes to the power of the Bijuu, Iruka. If someone is tracking them down for a purpose…"

C trailed off, looking away again. Iruka knew what the end of his sentence would be and he knew he didn't like the answer. It made him once again think of the Konoha shinobi, who was unaware that being the Kyuubi Jinchuriki had painted a red target on his forehead. "There is a Konoha shinobi here, in Peking. He's the Kyuubi Jinchuriki…"

C grasped Iruka's arm with surprising force for someone so slight. "Find him and tell him. And when you tell him, tell him to run."

Heyan – Riverbank, now known as Shichahai, an historic area of Beijing
Bijuu - Tailed Beast
Ichibi - One Tailed Raccoon
Sanbi - Three Tailed
Hachibi - Eight Tailed Ox

Temari sighed as her maid finally twisted her hair back into a simple ponytail for the night.

"That will be all." Said Temari, swiftly standing up from her seat.

She gave the maid a pointed look and the maid quickly bowed and scurried out of the room. Temari rubbed her temples before leaning over and blowing out the candle on her night stand. Temari walked over to her bed; ready to finally let a good night's sleep wash away the events from today when she heard a noise.


Temari gasped and quickly grabbed the closest thing she could find. Her hands quickly grasped a mirror – not the best weapon in the world, but Temari gripped it, ready to hit the intruder with it if need be.

"Who are you?" Temari demanded, "Show yourself!"

There was a scraping sound; suddenly the room was illuminated once again by the candle Temari just blew out. Kakashi stood there, arms folded over his chest as he looked at Temari.

"My apologizes, Temari-xiaojie, for visiting you at this un-godly hour." He said, bowing his head in acknowledgment.

Temari placed the mirror down as she creased her eyebrows at her surprise visitor. "You're the famous shinobi warrior Wo Lang." Said Temari. "What brings you here?"

Kakashi chuckled. "You're very good at feigning ignorance Temari-xiaojie. Perhaps that's how you avoided suspicion for so long. But I'm really not here to play games."

Temari gave Kakashi a dark look and crossed her arms over her chest. She realized that standing there in her night gown did little to intimidate Kakashi, but she tried all the same.

"Look," Said Temari, her voiced edged in venom, "I can call my father in here. I'm sure he'd be very interested to see what business a grown man has in the bedroom of his daughter."

"Yes, I'm sure that would prove to be very amusing. Perhaps another night, but right now I have a question to ask you." Said Kakashi, leaning against Temari's vanity table.

"And what type of question would that be?" Asked Temari, raising her eyebrows.

"Who dumped the body in your room last night?"

Temari opened her mouth in surprise before closing it. "The police were just here. I told them everything I know. You should really ask them."

Kakashi shook his head. "I'm willing to bet you have a suspicion on who it is. I can help you if you just tell me."

Temari considered Kakashi's request. Kakashi really was not going to play games with her. He knew that she was the one who stole the Tian Tang Jian, it was probably no use denying it now.

Temari sighed, dropping her arms down to her sides. "I believe it was Yakushi Kabuto, my bodyguard."

"Your bodyguard?" Asked Kakashi, standing up straight. "Why…?"

Temari looked up at the ceiling as she spoke. "When I was thirteen, my father assigned Kabuto to be my bodyguard. I never questioned how he got the position. Kabuto…he was different from the others. He never treated me like a fragile child, like I would break at any moment. In fact he was…cruel towards me. I hated him at first. I hated the fact that I needed a bodyguard. He caught me one night when I was trying to break out. I was trying to break the padlock on the gate with a sword, but I couldn't do it. And Kabuto found me and said, if you want to learn how to use that sword, I can teach you. So he did, every night for seven years."

Kakashi nodded his head, impressed by this young girl's initiative. "But if he was your friend…"

Temari shook her head. "Lately, he had been acting strange. Always disappearing at night, always studying me, I can't exactly explain it. Call it womens intuition." Temari shrugged. "Anyways, when you said that someone was working for Orochimaru…everything clicked. I confronted him about it. He said that we should go off together, but I said no. He claimed he didn't work for Orochimaru. When I found that body… I know it's him. He's trying to scare me, to make me go to him. But why? What does he want with me?" Temari questioned Kakashi, her eyes blazing with fury.

Kakashi looked away, disconcerted. Temari's tale felt much too familiar. What if Orochimaru had set his sights on Temari as his new host. Perhaps this Kabuto was a spy, scouting out and prepping Temari for the Furou Fushi. But why Temari? Besides being an influential politician's daughter, she wasn't someone of Orochimaru's usual taste.

"Wo Lang?"

Temari's voice snapped Kakashi out of his thoughts.

"Xie xie Temari-xiaojie." Said Kakashi bowing his head. "I appreciate you speaking with me."

"Wait," Said Temari, extending her hand to Kakashi, "What does Kabuto…" But the candle was already blown out and Temari was once again alone in her room.

xie xie- thank you
Xiaojie – Chinese honorific, equivalent of Miss

Konan's fingers worked quickly and meticulously as she folded the paper. Yet it wasn't the usual flowers she crafted this time, but a man's face with deviled horns. Her fingers trembled slightly as she beheld it. Behind her, the sky was slipping into dusk. Soon it would be dark out, as it was the night that she met with the Leader. The wind ruffled her hair and she let go of her creation.

"What happened to your flowers?"

"Na – " Kohan whirled around to face the stranger. "…Pein." She said, correcting her mistake demurely. "It didn't seem an appropriate time for flowers."

If Pein was surprised by Konan's statement, he didn't show it as his face remained cool and emotionless as it always was. His black and red cloak fluttered in the breeze. "Is it strange?" He asked instead. "Being this close to home, yet not being able to set foot inside?"

Konan looked beyond Pein to the expanse of landscape beyond. To the casual observer, there was no difference from the grassy knoll that Pein and Konan stood on and the land beyond. But to Pein and Konan, there might as well have been a wall separating them. They stood on the borders of the Land of Rivers whereas beyond that point was the Land of Rain. Konan supposed they could have risked setting foot inside the province, but Ame shinobi would be on them in a minute as well as the Imperial Army. They could have taken them, her and Pein, but what would be the point?

Pein took note of the slight longing in Konan's gaze. "You wanted to tell me something?" He asked. His voice remained neutral as he stared down at her.

Konan looked down, her fingers began to fiddle with a piece of paper inside her sleeve. "I just got back from the mission the Leader sent me on."

"He sent you on a mission?" Pein asked, his eyes narrowing slightly. He stepped closer to Konan and she couldn't help but feel a small wave of nostalga. It was because of his appearance, she told herself.

Konan tilted her head to the side as looked to the ground before looking into Pein's eyes. "Did you know about the Bijuu?"

Pein bristled, but it was only barely perceptible. Konan, on the other hand, noticed straight away. She had spent years with him, studying his subtle reactions to her responses. He had known, she surmised sourly and he had meant to keep it a secret from her. Exactly how long had he knew?

"I knew." Said Pein simply, confirming her suspicion. "It is a key element to the Plan. The Leader said that no one should know until the correct moment."

Kohan's eyes took to the ground once more. She was dismayed at Pein's answer, but she didn't want it to show on her face. Kohan started to twiddle her fingers again. "I might have found the location of the Hachibi Jinchuuriki."

Ame – Hidden Village in the Rain
Hachibi Jinchuuriki- Eight Tailed Ox

Furou Fushi no Jutsu-A forbidden jutsu that was developed by Orochimaru. This jutsu allows Orochimaru's soul to be released from its previous body to move on to a next, keeping him 'immortal'.

Character Corner

Name: Hatake Kakashi
Shinobi Name: Wo Lang
Age: 29
Height: 6'2''
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Specializes: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan

Kakashi was born in Konoha to a civilian mother who died during childbirth and Konoha's White Fang. When Kakashi was still a child, his father committed suicide because of a failed mission, leaving Kakashi to fend for himself. Because of this, Kakashi was often looked after by the Sandaime Hokage and his students, Jiraiya and Tsuande. At age 7, Kakashi was trained by the soon to be Yondaime Hokage along with his teammate Rin and later Uchiha Obito. Kakashi became a Jounin at age ten and participated in the Third Great Shinobi War. He returned, making him and his teammates heroes. About a year later, the Kyuubi and Orochimaru attacked intent on the destruction of Konoha. That night, Kakashi lost his teacher and his best friend Obito. As a parting gift, Obito gave Kakashi one of his Sharingan eyes. After the war, Kakashi took in the orphaned Naruto and later joined ANBU. When Naruto was 7, Kakashi left ANBU to become a Jounin instructor to both Naruto and Sakura.

Kakashi has always worn a mysterious mask over his nose and mouth and has never pulled it off in the public. As a child, Kakashi developed harsh views of his teammates due to the influence of his father. Because his father failed the mission by helping his teammate instead of completing the mission, it became Kakashi's priority to complete the mission first. After the Third Great Shinobi War, Kakashi's views changed for the better. Kakashi has developed the Sharingan to perfection and now is known as the Copy Shinobi for the wide range of jutsu he has mastered. Kakashi inherited the legendary Tian Tang Jian from the Yondaime, but he has taken it farther than anyone has before, therefore becoming the first master of the sword. Kakashi is often seen in the company of a certain perverted shinobi name means Crouching Wolf.