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PeaChii: It has been 3 years since my last update... my writing skills haven't improved since then . but I am looking forward to write more for You're Under Arrest, Fullmetal Alchemist, Golden Sun and Fire Emblem! :) For the meantime, enjoy!


"Natsumi, where are you? What took you so long?" she thought to herself.

Miyuki Kobayakawa-Nakajima sat on a comfy chair outside a Coffee Shop as she sips on an iced Caramel Macchiato on a wonderful Saturday noon. She is waiting for Natsumi to ariive from "an errand" with her husband. The Duo recently married three months ago, and a history at that. It was so historical, even Superintendent Arizuka and Inspector Kinoshita even came! It was a blast, until Miyuki noticed something weird about her best friend.

Natsumi has always been active. The hits the Gym at least 4 times a week, has a strength of a gorilla, and a glutton's appetite. Since she was transferred to Bokutou Station, they have been partners since then. Through thick and thin, the good and the bad times, and even meddling with their love lives. Miyuki knows Natsumi from head to foot.

In the past few days, she haven't seen Natsumi work out, nor eat the same way. She seemed to have a limitation when it comes to her strength when she tried to lift a box when they cleaned the pantry the other day. Lastly, her alertness seems to have gone down. Even assembling her MotoCompo took a while... fortunately she was able to catch up with a robber from yesterday.

"Is it normal for married people?" she thought again. The beauty and brains of Bokutou began to wonder. Probably because they are both attached to their new chapter in life, there is no doubt...

Finally she saw Natsumi and her husband Shouji Toukairin who just came out- from an unexpected building! Natsumi kissed and hugged her hubby goodbye, and came to Miyuki.

"Natsumi, is something wrong?" Miyuki asked, looking puzzled. Natsumi frowned.

"Well, I haven't been well in the last few days so I decided to consult an expert..." she answered while checking the menu, still frowning.

"And what did the doctor say?"

Natsumi changed her expression to a big grin. "I'm pregnant!"