PeaChii: Has anyone seen the bonus Natsumi Tsujimoto footage (Season 2) in Youtube? It was 5 minutes long and unfortunately it has no English subtitles. Perhaps anyone of you have a link to one? It will be appreciated. I am basing this chapter on this footage and File 35 as well
Since File 38, Natsumi has been blushing. Was it embarrassment or attraction? Well, since we got a Shouji one-shot, here is Natsumi's!


Thump thump…

That was one heartbeat! The first time I saw this guy, he seems to be laidback and hell, he can climb the Tokyo Tower's stairs without feeling tired. Here we are going up the stairs to rescue the Chief who is unfortunately

Minutes later I am beginning to shake. Using a motorcycle to go up the stairs is not that easy, and I am getting slow… I looked up and… He waited for me?

Thump thump…

Here is goes again.. Seriously, what is with this guy?
The bike was no longer helping so I had to leave it behind and I started going up. Worried that our radio fell, I began to go slow again and I was running out of air…

He grabbed my right hand, not realizing that I was about to fall-
"Daijobu?" he asked.

Thump thump… this is the nth time.. his voice… seems… and his eyes were staring right through mine

"Let' s go!" he commanded, breaking my thoughts. He really is something. Probably I should go to the doctor…
Huh? Light?

"Natsumi-san! Natsumi-san!" a familiar voice just called me… A dream?
Thump thump… Ah, that voice, and that beautiful face… Wait, Shouji is in MY ROOM with a video camera?! My eyes opened wide…

"You idiot! Sneaking into a lady's room!" I teased, throwing a large pillow on him.

"Ow! Ow!" Shouji was hit hard by the pillow. "I needed to shoot this video to send to the guys Back at Bokutou station!"

"You should have asked for my permission first"

"Gomenasai…" Shouji gave me a reassuring hug which I could not resist…

Well, I guess first impressions last! That heartbeat is there as long as I am in love with him!