A.N.: Hello my freaky darlings. Well, I once promised myself to not go back to some of my old stories because I'd mature as a writer and if I did update them I'd feel the need to go back and fix the earlier chapters because I'm a perfectionist. It sounded like too much work to me at the time. Lucky for all of you, I recently went back to re-watching DS9 and the bug bit me. Remembering how much I've been asked about this story over the years, I present to you the new and improved version of To Visit the Past. Some of the chapters from the old version have been condescended, repaired, and/or changed to fit the new storyline; but the basic premise is the same. Hopefully, if you enjoyed the first incarnation you'll enjoy this one (don't spoil the surprise, please) and if you're a new reader I hope you like it too!

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Major Kira Nerys stood on the promenade staring off in the direction of her home planet of Bajor. Despite the early hour and her current lack of caffeine (an unfortunately growing addiction influenced by time spent with Dax and O'Brien), she was enjoying a rare moment of peace and calm that she hadn't felt since Bareil was alive. Down below her, the faint rush of air announced the shop keepers finally opening for businesses as the giggle of children echoed along the not yet busy corridors.

The noise brought a faint smile to her lips. While she herself did not have a pleasant childhood, it was nice to be occasionally reminded that it wasn't for nothing. The brutal nights, the fear, the anger, and the fighting; all so that another generation would never have to live through what she did. That they would have the chance to grow up free.

"A little early in the morning for you; isn't it, Major?" a familiar voice sounded behind her disrupting her from her thoughts. Nerys turned; her smile broadening as Odo made his way over to her.

"Nice to see you too, Constable." she greeted as he joined her. "Making your usual rounds I see."

"Yes," he replied, his gruff, annoyed tone not bothering her in the slightest, "Though the Promenade seems unusually inactive for this time of the day."

Kira shot him a skeptical look out of the corner of her eye. While it was true the station was hardly ever without movement of one kind or another, the Promenade's opening hours never struck her as a rush hour in any sort of context. Of course, that could simply be her own internal clock protesting her current wakefulness without even the assistance of coffee.

"Maybe someone broadcasted the Doctor Brekien's lecture yesterday," she joked as she watched the slowly growing foot traffic beneath them. Starfleet Medical had recently dispatched the Bolian physician to the station for a few days to engage in a brief collaboration with Dr. Bashir on the Chief Medical Officer's ongoing research on the Jem'Hadar. Unfortunately, none of the senior staff had been warned of Brekien's habit for off-topic explanations when he gave his final debrief. "I know I could barely keep my eyes open once I got back to my quarters."

"Really?" Odo replied curiously. He seemed to consider her proposal a moment before adding dryly, "I did notice the rest of the senior staff appeared...less then enthusiastic with his research updates."

Though she couldn't be certain, the Major almost thought she saw the glimmer of a smile twitch along his face. His stiff, cross-armed stance, however, suggested the expression had merely been a trick of the light.

"You shouldn't be too hard on him, though." he continued, watching her out of the corner of his eye. "I'm sure he thought everything he had to say was of the utmost importance."

The sound of Nerys' stifled laughter filled him with a satisfying warmth. Despite his limited amount of intentionally expressed humor, it never ceased to please or surprise him that the Major was one of the few beings in the universe who regularly understood it. It was one of the many things he liked most about her.

"Really?" she eventually responded, her tone a bemused mockery of surprise, "I would never have guessed."

"Hmm," he rumbled casually. Uncrossing his arms suddenly, he leaned over enough to grasp the cold metal of the balcony beside her.

"What is it?" she asked in concern, recognizing the seriousness of the stance.

"Maybe nothing," Odo replied, "Maybe something. Major, does something strike you as odd about that young Bajoran down there?"

Nerys glanced over at him in confusion and then in the direction he indicated. Almost straight below them stood a young Bajoran woman glancing up at them in fascination. As the three looked at each other, a small, sad smile crossed the girl's features. Then, without warning, her eyes rolled back as she collapsed to the floor.

Odo immediately leapt into action. Jumping off the Promenade balcony, he swiftly knelt next to the unconscious body and reached down to check for a pulse. At the same time, Nerys activated her combadge, calling out, "Dr. Bashir to the Promenade. We have an emergency."