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JJ's heart dropped when she realized her baby girl wasn't crying.

"Em? Why isn't she crying? Em?"

Emily was panicking. Oh god, please let this baby live. Please.

Frantically, Emily cleaned out the baby's mouth and nose and rubbed her back, trying to get her to make a sound.

Please, God. Don't make Jennifer lose her baby girl.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the little girl let out a magnificent wail. Emily started to cry as well.

"Oh, thank god!" Emily wrapped the newborn in the remaining blanket and gently placed her into JJ's arms.

Tears ran down JJ's face as she held her baby girl for the first time.

"She's beautiful. How could I not know, Em?"

"I don't know, Jen. All I know is that she is a miracle."

"I'm a terrible mother! I have nothing for her! No crib, car seat, anything!" JJ was starting to panic again.

"Jay, breathe. We'll be okay. As soon as we get out of this snowbank..." Emily trailed off, looking at the gas gauge. Thankfully, they had filled it right before they let Syracuse, so they had 3/4 of a tank. "I am going to see if I can get any cell signal." She looked at her cellphone display and growled when 'No Service Available' blinked back at her.

"No luck?" JJ asked, staring at the brilliant blue eyes of her little girl. My blue eyes, she realized.

"No. I think we're going to be stuck here for a while."

"I'm sorry, Em."

"What for, Jay?"

"You didn't sign on for this. A baby. I'd understand if you wanted to leave." JJ said, looking down.

"How could you think I would want to leave?" Emily was floored.

"Think about it, Em. Based on the baby's size, I was definitely pregnant when we started dating. You have no responsibility to this child, or me."

"The hell I don't! I love you, Jennifer. And Henry, and this beautiful little girl. It doesn't matter that I wasn't there at conception. I'm here now, and that is all that matters. I would love to be there as Henry's and this child's second mother. That is, if you'll have me." Emily trailed off, the insecurities her mother instilled in her showing themselves with force.

"You really love me?" Tears ran down JJ's face.

"Always and forever." Emily stated, leaning down to press a chaste kiss to JJ's lips.

"We have a daughter." JJ said, awe still lacing her voice.

"Yes, we do." Emily agreed. "What are we going to name her?"

"I've always liked the name Alexandra."


"Yeah. What about a middle name?"

"You really want me to pick her middle name?"

"Of course, Em. You are her mother too, you know."

"Marie." Emily said instantly.

"I like it. Alexandra Marie Jareau-Prentiss." JJ said

Emily froze when JJ said Alexandra's last name.

"She may not be yours by DNA. If she was, she would become a lab rat. But, she is your daughter as much as she is mine. I want her to have both of our names."

Emily had tears running down her face as she said

"Alexandra Marie Jareau-Prentiss it is. Our little AJ."

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