Heyo, Internet! Wolverinejoe here with a Minecraft fic! So, I've had this idea for about a week or so, and thought 'why not?' Let's do this thing!

Disclaimer: I am not Notch, and as such I don't own Minecraft. I do own the OCs. The plot is a brainchild of the brilliant map made by Noobcrew and my own creativity. Enjoy!

Darkness. Then, a blinding light.

Joseph's eyes blinked open. Warm sunlight fell on his face, eclipsed by leaves from a nearby tree. Soft, springy grass supported his body, and Key played softly in the background.

Wait. What?

Joseph was suddenly very much awake. This was obviously not his home. Where was his bed? The shelves, lined with books he'd either written or found deep inside abandoned mineshafts? The sunset painting made by his friend at the start of their journey? Anything?

Slowly, Joseph took in his surroundings. Any thoughts of home were quickly erased from his mind, replaced by a single question, repeated over and over within the folds of his brain.

"Where the Nether am I?"

He sat propped up against the trunk of the tree, eyes unbelieving the pure nothingness that surrounded him. He rested on an island of grass and dirt, perhaps six blocks by six, and that was it. Nothing but unobstructed blue skies as far as his sight could render. Up, over, around, and worst of all, down. Joseph was sure if he stepped off the edge, he would never land, instead falling through the Void for all time. The only thing that blocked his view of the nothing on all sides was another island, similar to the one on which he stood, seemingly made of sand.

"H-hello?" Joseph wasn't exactly sure whether or not he expected an answer, but saying something, anything seemed needed. Surely he wasn't the only Minecrafter here – wherever here was, that is – right? He couldn't be alone?

"What?" a familiar voice arose from atop the tree. Joseph sighed in relief –he wasn't alone.

"Travis? That's you, right?"

"Obviously. Now could you turn it down? I'm trying to sleep."

Joseph raised an eyebrow. "How on Earth can you sleep right now?"

It was Travis's turn to be confused. "What are you talking about?" His eyes were still squeezed shut, trying to return to his sweet slumber. "On second thought, why the Nether are you in my room?"

"I'm not. Open your eyes, dude."

An irritated sigh escaped Travis's lips. Rolling his eyes underneath his still-closed lids, he responded, saying "What is this, some kind of prank? Did Sima put you up to -" He froze midsentence when he finally saw his surroundings – or rather, lack thereof. His legs dangled off the leaves, suspended above the Void. "Wha…?" He stumbled backwards, not realizing the tree ended not a block from where he was sitting, and falling to the earth five blocks below. "AAAUGH!"


Landing painfully on the soft grass, Travis groaned softly as the air rushed out of him. Curling up into a ball, he waited for his breath to return to him before looking up at Joseph. "Where are we?" he asked weakly.

"I…I don't know," his friend replied, gazing about. His eyes fell upon a single chest on the opposite side of the floating island. "Maybe there's something in that chest." Standing on wobbly legs, Joseph slowly – so as not to fall off the edge – made his way to the wooden box. A small piece of paper rested on the top of the chest. Written on the paper in fine print were the words: The Rest Is Up To You

"The rest is up to you…" Joseph repeated. "Huh." Setting the note on the ground, he opened the chest.

A bucket of lava and a block of ice.

Joseph's brow furrowed. Why did this seem so familiar? He knew you could make something using lava and water, but what?

"What's in the chest, Joseph?" asked Travis, still resting under the tree.

"Nothing. Lava and some Ice." Joseph sat back on his haunches, rubbing his forehead the way he always did when trying to remember something. What was it? Some way to make stone, or something? If only he could remember.

Travis sat upright. "What?" Rushing over to join Joseph near the chest, the ebony-haired Minecrafter let out a whoop. Grabbing the bucket and the Ice, Travis quickly dug two block-deep holes, placing the Block of Ice in one. Joining the two holes by digging another, this time two blocks deep, Travis jumped out before dumping the Lava in the hole opposite the Ice.

"What in Notch's name are you doing?" Joseph asked.

"Just wait!" Travis exclaimed, carefully watching the now-melting Block of Ice. "The Lava'll melt the Ice, making Water, which will flow down the hole and mix with the Lava, making…" As he spoke, the Ice did, exactly that, thawing out into Water, which conjoined and cooled the Lava, creating a cracked-looking gray Block.


"You've never made a Cobblestone generator before?" Travis asked, glancing sideways at his friend who blushed.

"I never really needed to."

Travis shrugged, accepting the answer. "C'mon, grab three or so Blocks of Wood from the tree. We need a pickaxe to harvest the Cobble."

Joseph nodded, turning to punch at the tree. "Geez. I haven't punched a tree in ages. Brings back memories, doesn't it?" Having collected three of the pieces of Oak, Joseph quickly created twelve Wooden Planks, and from four of those a Crafting Table, which he plonked down near the Chest. Breaking down two of the Planks into four Sticks, Joseph crafted a pickaxe, something done so often he was positive he could make one in his sleep. "Remember our first night?" tossing the pickaxe to his friend, Joseph cast a wary glance up at the skies. The Sun had yet begun to set proper, but no doubt would soon.

Travis laughed as he collected Block after Block of Cobblestone. "I try not to," he said, wincing as a piece was incinerated by Lava. "That was a disaster. We all nearly died."

"It was hilarious! You should've seen the look on Lindsay's face when that Creeper snuck up on her!"

"Because you left the freaking door wide open!"

"Sima was distracting me! She was all, 'Joseph! Did you get mushrooms? You better not have, I hate mushrooms. Please tell me you killed a nice, innocent pig instead!' Do you have any idea how hard it is to concentrate when someone's talking and they just don't stop?"

"Yes. Yes I do," Travis deadpanned. Joseph stopped talking and glared at his friend. After a minute or two of silence, the two Minecrafters burst out laughing. So overcome by their mirthful reminiscence of their journey, the two friends didn't even realize the Sun had set until the only light was the warm glowing of Lava.

"We should probably get some rest," Travis said after a moment's silence. "Who knows how long we may be stuck out here?" Joseph agreed, and they both lay down on the soft grass. Door began to play as Joseph and Travis slowly began to drift asleep. Soon, the only noise was the heavy breathing of the two slumbering adventurers and the occasional gurgle of Lava.

So? Any thoughts on their First Night? Well, technically, this is their second First Night, but it's the First Night of this fic, so…

I'm not making any sense, am I?

Anywho, Sima is not mine. She belongs to Mellifluousness, whom I hope will allow me to use her for backstory purposes. She does not play a role in Skyblock. Well, at least, I'm not planning on her playing a role.

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