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"Left foot red,

Right hand blue,"

I could barely move my body, but my stubbornness still didn't allow me to give up. Definitely not, since after the very first moments, the game had already turned into a challenge against my cogent rival. Through a slight jerk, I somewhat managed to reach the respective spots. Yeah…I was definitely going to feel that in the morning…

"Right foot yellow,

Left hand green…"

"-Argh!" I cursed under my breath, stinging pain spreading through my arms from the stretching. Why were we doing this again? Oh, right, because of one single reason: Otoya Ittoki.

It all began with a simple suggestion, followed by loads of whines, slobbers and begs which led to everyone eventually giving up and doing whatever that noisy red haired male wanted to. Specifically: a sleepover.

"Aaah—Hijirikawa, look where you're putting your hands, will you?" Ren complained as a few strands of his hair were pulled by my fingers.

Twister. Yeah, we were actually playing Twister.

I mumbled, throwing the male an annoyed glare: "Mgh, you should've thought of tying it up before accepting to play this, Jinguji! I'm sorry to disappoint you but, right now, your hair is my last concern…" Served him right! After all it was his fault for having such long and sloppy hair in the first place.

"…minding a great deal as always, huh…?" Ren just sighed, his usual playful smirk still in place as he threw a quick glance towards the blonde curly-haired male sitting on the edge of his king-sized bed. "Maa~ I can't really do anything about it right now, can I? "

Natsuki laughed and gave the small game-wheel another spin. He always seemed to find these small quarrels between Ren and myself somehow funny, even though I had never noticed anything 'amusing' about them.

"Left hand red,

Left foot blue..."

My arms had already started to slightly tremble at the next move, a not so subtle sign that my body wasn't going to resist much longer. Thankfully, Ren didn't seem to notice it since he was way too busy with trying to reach a certain spot on the other side of the map.

The rest of the guys weren't helping either: Tokiya had somehow managed to distract Otoya with some video games (even after he was the one to come up with this stupid game idea from the very beginning) and was now looking through one Ren's poetry books besides his roommate while Syo seemed to enjoy himself watching the two of us from the bed and casually complaining to Natsuki about his never-ending little sweet compliments of how cute the smaller blonde male looked in female clothing.

Devils. All of them were pure Devils.

"Ack—" I gave a light startle as I felt something against the curve of my neck, only to move my sight aside and realize that Ren's face was now right beside mine. His breathing. So close.

"My bad, does it bother you?..." He looked utterly amused by my reaction.

"It tickles. Move."

"Now, that would mean breaking the rules, wouldn't it?"

"There are plenty of reds on the other side! "

" But I like this one, Masa~"

Ah, that stupid nickname again… Making a grimace, I turned my face away once again, pretty sure that a few locks of my hair hit the damn bastard right in the face.

"Then don't breathe."

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