Chapter 11 – With Pleasure.

(Monty is sleeping in the shed)

Oliver: there he is. Shhhh!

Monty: you woke me up. In my young days engines were...

Duck: seen and not heard?

Oliver: we'll all be back to work tomorrow, we're glad you've come back.

Thomas: we can keep you in order now.

Monty: keep me in order?! Be off with you! Impertinent scallywags!

Duck: don't be too hard on them. We were like that with our elders. Remember?

Monty: I suppose we were old boy. I suppose we were.

The Fat Controller: Monty I am delighted to welcome you back to our railway after so many years, and I'm especially proud of you Thomas you have rescued one of sodor's finest engines and one of our longest serving engine drivers is back where she belongs.

Tasha: well after a compliment like that how could I possibly stay away?

The Fat Controller: well that's settled then. So engines, Tasha, lots to be done, Are you ready to get back to work?

Monty: with pleasure, sir, with pleasure.