Title: Daddy DiNozzo

Author: LaFluff

Disclaimer: NCIS and its characters do not belong to me, this was just written as a bit of fun.

Summary: Tony's best friend has recently died and made Tony the legal guardian of Evie, her six-year-old daughter. DiNozzo rises to the challenge of fatherhood, with a little help and a little hindrance from the team.

Author's Notes: Set sometime after beginning of season nine.

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Warning: Will be slash, don't like it? Tough.


Prologue: One Hell of a Favour to Ask

Tony DiNozzo met Eleanor Victoria Elizabeth Reid (known to most as Evie) on a wet and windy day in May. She was six years old.

Evie's mother was a soldier in the British armed forces, a strong, forceful yet reserved woman who was an old friend of Tony's from his days spent in the UK with his mother's family.

Evie's father, also a soldier, had died a four years before in Afghanistan. Evie didn't remember him.

Evie herself was a quiet yet brilliant child, with an IQ of more than one-seventy and the reading and conversational age of a young-adult of eighteen. Emotionally however Evie was brittle, she had her mother's reserve and didn't like strangers, especially disliking physical contact or proximity to people until she knew them well.

Unfortunately, Evie's mother was ill with a severe form of bone cancer and was running out of time. Due to a lack of any family of her own, she turned to Tony. She called him to the UK to introduce him to her daughter and ask him to care for Evie after her death.

From the beginning, Evie and Tony loved each other, she allowed him into her personal space much faster than she had with anyone else, and he made her laugh and play, as any normal girl of six should. Tony's usual discomfort around small children did not apply where Evie was concerned, she was so intelligent, so quick and had such a dry sense of humour he unthinkingly treated her as he did all of his close friends and she responded well to his unthinking affection.

In September of that year, Evie's mother died and Evie moved to DC to live with Tony DiNozzo, who now went proudly by the new name of 'Daddy'.

Tony decided not to inform his team immediately, he knew they would be keen to get involved with Evie but she was too fragile after her mother's death and he wanted some time to settle into his new role as a parent before introducing her to his surrogate family.

The team noticed a change in DiNozzo over the following months, he stopped coming into the office at night, he stopped playing the fool so much, finished his work more quickly and left the yard early whenever he could. He stopped talking about the flame of the moment and his nights out with Ziva, McGee and Abby reduced in frequency dramatically.

He stopped going to Gibbs' for cowboy steaks and beer, or to sit in the basement while his boss laboured on the latest woodworking project.

He didn't join Gibbs for Christmas.