30 Ways To Die by the Teen Titans' Hands

1. Take Raven's book and hide it.

2. Ask Robin if he knows Slade's underwear size, since, you know…

3. Replace Beast Boy's tofu with extra-large T-bones.

4. Steal Robin's hair gel and replace it with super glue.

5. Set up a blind date between Kid Flash and Starfire…without telling Robin or Jinx…

6. Let Beast Boy make all three meals for a day.

7. Let Beast Boy do the grocery shopping…

8. Walk around with the mark of Trigon on your forehead…

9. Kidnap Silky.

10. Go into Raven's room and rearrange the furniture.

11. Crash Cyborg's car.

12. The next time Robin and Slade fight, show up eating popcorn and ask when they're going to tell each other how they really feel…

13. Set Raven up on a blind date with Mumbo Jumbo without telling either of them…

14. Paint Cyborg's car pink.

15. Hide the remote and when Cyborg and Beast Boy ask where it is, look embarrassed and mumble that you thought it was a candy bar…

16. Steal Robin's weapons and uniform, then tell him that Starfire left him for Mad Mod.

17. Alphabetize Beast Boy's video games and music.

18. Start singing the "My Little Pony" theme song at the top of your lungs when they try to infiltrate the Hive.

19. Crash the Tower computer.

20. Imply a familial resemblance between Robin and Slade.

21. Hide somewhere in the Tower and mimic Brother Blood and/or Slade.

22. Set up Jinx and Cyborg on a blind date without telling Bumblebee or Kid Flash…

23. Cause Cyborg's systems to crash again

24. Ask Raven if she misses her dad.

25. Kidnap Starfire.

26. Steal Beast Boy's video games and scatter them throughout the Tower.

27. Hide all of Raven's books.

28. Tell a PMSing Starfire she looks fat in her outfit.

29. Ask Robin how living a life without a strong father figure has affected his development.

30. Use Photoshop to create a suggestive photo of Gizmo and Starfire, then make insinuating comments…

Your last words… "It was SO worth it!"