30 Ways to Die by the Teen Titans' Hands

Part 4

AN: Hello again, my lovely readers. Just added this so you know I'm not dead. P.S., my partner in crime Star1412, and I don't recommend reading this unless you're familiar with Doctor Who. Enjoy!

Loan Slade your cell phone, and suggest that he troll Robin via text message.

Spray paint obscenities all over Titan Tower from the outside; backwards, so they can be read from the inside.

Impersonate Slade on Facebook and pretend you've kidnapped Starfire. Send Robin messages about what you're doing to her until she gets back from her shopping trip.

Repeat number two, only this time on Cyborg's car.

Go around in a gas mask asking "Are you my Mummy?" after Beast Boy talks them into watching a Doctor Who marathon.

Try to use Cyborg's spare parts to build a TARDIS.

Have Larry bridge the gap between the worlds of Sherlock and Teen Titans…let Sherlock proceed to deduce everyone in both Teen Titans proper and Titans East. Bonus pain points if he figures out Robin's real name.

Write I 3 Batman on every pair of underpants that Robin owns.

Walk around singing "A True, True Friend" from MLP FiM: Magical Mystery Cure until it is permanently stuck in everyone's heads.

Find all of the Robin fangirls in Jump City, and let them into Titan Tower.

Repeat number 10 with Cyborg and Beast Boy.

Whenever Robin and Overload fight, imitate a Dalek and scream EXTERMINATE! every time Overload gets in a good hit.

Break into Jump City Jail, crank up the speakers, and break all the villains out to the tune of Elvis' Jailhouse Rock.

Every time Raven teleports ANYWHERE, make TARDIS noises and sing the Doctor Who theme song as loudly and obnoxiously as possible.

When introduced to the Teen Titans, do your best Captain Jack Harkness imitation and flirt with ALL of them, and we mean ALL of them. Seriously. Even when Beast Boy morphs into a dog.

Dress up as River Song, and break into Titan Tower. Smile at Robin, say "Hello, Sweetie," and kiss him while wearing hallucinogenic lipstick. Not only will this piss off Starfire, it'll also leave Robin good and mad when he snaps out of it and realizes he's been throwing Bird-a-Rangs at the walls for two hours.

Let Starfire and Beast Boy drink Red Bulls.

Get Beast Boy to make everyone watch Lilo & Stitch with him. After it's over, look Robin in the eye and screech, "Meega na la queesta," then scamper away on the ceiling.

Knock Robin out with sleeping pills, and dress him as a hula dancer. Proceed to hide all of his clothes. For enhanced results, remove his mask.

Talk Slade into building a Dalek. For enhanced results, bring in the Ninth Doctor and watch Jump city burn whilst playing sad music on the violin.

Paint Raven's room hot pink and fill her bed with MLP plushies.

Introduce Jack Harkness to Starfire. For enhanced results, make sure Robin's in the same room.

After the aforementioned Doctor Who marathon, hide in a corner and start playing with a whoopee cushion. For enhanced results, do it after the Slitheen episode…or even during.

Encourage Starfire to make the Baked Bads from MLP.

Get Robin drunk. The next day, when he is hungover, mimic Dean Winchester, and say, "I have a great cure for a hangover…a big, greasy pulled pork sandwich with jalapeno pickles sitting in a dirty ashtray." Watch as the projectile vomiting levels increase.

Whenever Slade and Robin fight, sing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." For enhanced results, change the words to describe the two of them.

Try to get Beast Boy to east escargot.

Wait until Beast Boy turns into a kitten, then mail him to Abu Dahbi.

Let Starfire watch Titanic and leave Raven to deal with the aftermath.

Every time it looks like Starfire and Robin are going to kiss, start singing Adele's Someone Like You very loudly and off key.