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Before they knew it, Monday had come and it was time for school. When Ryoshi arrived to the classroom, he spotted Ryoko in her desk (her normal "ninja tramp" look, as Ringo calls it) spacing out towards the window, clearly oblivious to the chattering Ringo.
"Ryoko? RYOKO!" Ringo demanded, causing Ryoko to jerk her head towards the neighboring friend. "What in the world are you thinking about?" she questioned, causing Ryoko to just simply shrug in response. Quietly, Ryoshi made his way to the two girls, hiding his eyes in the shadows of his hair. "Hi..." he greeted, coming up to the two."Hello!" Ringo replied cheerfully, as Ryoko answered with a "Hey." "So, how are you, Mr. Morino?" Ringo questioned happily. "I'm okay, it's a Monday..." he stated, sitting in his spot.
When the teacher came in the class, the class representative yelled, "Rise!" causing everyone to stand straight, then yelled, "and bow!" making everyone bow, then sit back into their seats.
"Hello, students!" the teacher greeted, "good news! Today, we will be inviting a transfer student into our class, here!" a few happy shouts erupted from the teens, causing the teacher to silence them. "Ryuu-Chan? Would you please come over and introduce yourself?" immediately, a girl with dark grey hair came from the door and stood in front of the class. The same girl from yesterday. Ryoshi's eyes widened in terror as he saw the girl in the front smile at him. Ryoko, also shocked, quick shot her head towards Ryoshi to see his reaction. 'Ryoshi...' she absentmindedly thought. "This is-" the teacher started, then was finished by the girl, "Kaname Ryuu, pleased to meet you all." and with that, the whole class broke into smiles- except for Ryoshi and Ryoko.
When lunch came around, all of the students went off to their little groups around the school, while Ryoko, Ringo, and Ryoshi simply went to Ryokos desk with their lunches. Unfortunately, right as they sat down, Kaname strolled over. "Hi there! May I eat with you?" she politely asked, looking mainly at Ringo. Before any one could protest, Ringo happily agreed, causing Ryoshi to throw an upset look at both Ringo and Kaname. Ryoko didn't know who to side with at the moment, her best friend who was being kind to the girl, or the friend that she "did not not like". So she just sat there and ate her lunch. While Ringo was asking Kaname things like where her previous residence was and if she lives in Otogibana now, Ryoshi half-listened, knowing all of the answers already. Finally, when Ringo asked why Kaname moved here, Kaname looked straight at Ryoshi and non-hesitantly said, "To make Ryoshi love me again."
With that, all of the eyes in the group flew to her. All in shock, some in anger. Ryoshi's eyes were locked onto hers for only a second before he rejected and said, "I'm sorry." causing her to look sad and disapprovingly at the ground. Soon after, the girl stood up from her seat, most eyes in the class on her, and exited.
"RYOSHI! How rude!" Ringo scolded him, as he looked at the ground and apologized. In response, Ringo gave him a long painful stare, making him freak and fall to the ground. {AN ULTIMATE TYPE OF PUNISHMENT!} Soon everyone was staring and glaring at him- everyone but Ryoko, who returned to staring out of the window.


After school ended, all of the Otogi Bankers went into their normal club room, hidden under ground, and commenced their daily meeting.
"Alrighty, then, to start off~" started the club President, Liszt Kiriki. "We have got some good news, and some bad! The good news," he stated, turning his attention to his violet-headed cousin and assistant, Alice, who finished his sentence, "is that we have a new direct request, what I mean by that is someone directly came up to the president and requested a favor- so we need to work on that ASAP, the bad news is that... For our weekly report, Light {or Rampu- whatever} is asking one of the girls to deliver this week's report!" soon after that was said, all of the lady's in the room groaned with dissaprovement. "Now, let's prepare for the day ahead of us! Look! A customer!" the president exclaimed, pointing to the television. "Otsu, would you mind?" and with a happy twirl, smile, and nod, the maid was off.
"Ryoshi, Ryoko, Ringo, your attention please?" Liszt asked, eyes closed but yet- somehow meaning to look at them. The tree turned around, eyes on the president who then began speaking, "as for the direct request I received, it was directed towards you, Ryoshi." he started, and a confused look appeared on his features. "The nice girl asked to take you on a date-" once that was said, Ryoko went into a tiny slump, and hid it by glaring at Ryoshi- who in turn squirmed under it. "I don't know her personally or that well, though, because she just transferred here... So that is why, Ryoko, Ringo, you will watch over the two- just in case." with that, the president concluded their "mini-meeting" and turned to the screen to watch Otsu discussing lord-knows-what with a female customer. When the glaring of Ryoko was finished, it was replaced with a sad and jealous feeling, which to Ringo's splendor, made the event seem interesting. "While I have many objections, Mr. President, do you at least mind telling me her name?" Ryoshi asked in a little voice. After a quick smile, the president replied, "of course. My apologies, her name was something like... Kaname... Ryo? No..." he pondered, only to be corrected by a shocked Ryoshi, "Kaname Ryuu." "Yes, that's it! Do you know her?" he asked. Ryoshi only stood there, staring blankly.