I strutted down the halls of Sweet Amoris High, the school I just got transferred to. I could tell everyone had a different style and immediately started to wonder where I would fit in at, At the start of the door there were three girls, One with blonde hair, one with brown, and another one with black. I just assumed they were the bitches of the school, before I could finish my thoughts a short, quite chubby woman waddled to me.

"Hello Miss. Crimison, welcome to Sweet Amoris High." She said, flashing me a warm smile. What a warm hearted woman. I lifted my hand up as to replace my shyness, my mouth remained closed.

"A quiet one huh? I know how nervous you can feel at a new school, where you know no one, and everyone else already has a place." She laughed, "Follow me." She instructed, I followed as she walked down a staircase.

"Your enrollment form has been taken care of, but since the dollar store is closed you might want to go get your student ID picture taken." She explained, I nodded at everything she told me.

"And if the dollar store is closed how will I do that?" I asked, breaking my shyness.

"Just go see Nathaniel in the room to the right, he'll take it for you." She sent more instructions I headed for the room.

"Um, excuse me are you Nathaniel?" I stuttered, staring at the hazel eyed boy, a flop of hair in front of his left eye, I stood there, curling my toes inside of my sneakers, nervously.

"Yes, yes I am? Student ID right?" He replied, taking the words right out of my mouth, I nodded at him, my toes cramping from the curling that was going on beneath me.

He chuckled at my movement, "Loosen up, I'm not going to kill you." He joked, I let out a warm smile.

"Sorry, it's just I'm nervous." I stuttered again, wanting him to just take the picture and leave me alone

I loosen my toes as I go sit in the chair in front of the expensive camera, as a sign for him to hurry.

"Right the photo." He grinned, following behind me getting behind the camera.

I eagerly smiled, but as the flash hit my face my smile went crooked.

I sighed and just took the picture out of the copier and returned out in the hallway.

I felt eyes looking at me as I reached the downstairs, the girls I saw earlier stood before me. "And what do you think you're doing?" The blonde hair one asked, "I think I'm going to class." I scoffed sarcastically. "Not down this hallway you aren't." She refused to let me get through, her and her crew blocking the entrance.

"Fine I'll just take the East staircase." I sighed, turning to go back up the stairs.

A voice stopped me, "Scared of the Amber's noob?" They said, I turned my head with disgust. He was leaning against a locker, His red locks floated above is perfect cheek bones, his pale skin was snow white, like a bucket of Vanilla icing.

He smirked at my reaction, "Nothing is worth fighting for, just leave me alone." I said, turning up the steps again, to my surprise he didn't reply to my smart comment, the bell rang and I jolted to the other staircase fumbling down the second one, "God, mother fucking lee." I hissed as the fall was over, my wrist throbbed harshly. A familliar face was in my eyes.

Ken? Oh god no, it cant be. I just about wish I was imagining things. Ken was the most annoying thing on planet earth, once you talk to him he's attached. He's like a lost puppy dog.

"Annabell?" He asked, 'no dumb ass bellanna'

"Yes." I fake smiled, hopping up from the ground, my wrist still throbbing.

He beamed at me, "Are you okay?"

I didn't look like I was okay, did I?

"Yeah, just a little fall." I lied.

"Well I gotta get to class." He told me

I sighed of relief, "Me too." I barked softly.

I rushed down the hall into my first class Ms. Barkley.

"I'm so, so, sorry." I scoffed, trying to catch my breath as I took a seat next to the boy I saw earlier.

Ms. Barkley looked at me over her glasses.

"You should give her a pass Ms. Barkley." Amber advised.

"Annabell, since it's your first day I'll let it slide."

(After all the classes, at lunch, Castiels Point Of View)

That girl today, so laid back, so drama free. So different. No come on, you like Julia. You're girlfriend, of 5 years. Don't let a stupid girl come and ruin it. She isn't a stupid girl! I've got to get her out of my mind.

"Bro, are you alright you toned out?" Dajan asked me, throwing on of his pea's at me.

I jumped, "Uh yeah." I lied, "You were thinking about her again weren't you?" He asked, Sometimes I wished he didn't know me so well, I can never lie to him, nor hide from him. Or am I an see through window? "Yes, I cant help it." I confessed.

"You have Julie." He chuckled.

Julie jumped over to us just as he said it, Jinx much? I loved Julie but she was becoming clingy, I was surprised I was even able to take a shit by myself, she was constantly by my side, love shouldn't be like this? Or should it? Am I just overreacting, maybe it's not her, maybe it's me, am I going to break it off?

"What about Julie?" She asked, plopping down on my lap. I sighed, "Nothing."

She was so perky, nothing like Annabell. There I go again, thinking about the new girl.

"The new girl Annabella, she's weird." She complained.

"Annabell, not Annabella." I defended the girl I barely know.

"Well whatever her name is she's quite different."

Just as Julie said that Annabell walked in, her red skinny jeans and her black blazer over her pale skin, her black hair covering her right eye, Her white converse. I was day dreaming, my first time day dreaming.

She looked clueless, she already had her tray of food and I noticed she didn't have anywhere to sit, her face drenched when she realized she was lonely. "Lost puppy, over here!" I yelled, she turned her head and flashed me a warm smile as she strutted towards our table. I bet she already has it figured that I have an Additude Problem, And I'm hard to talk to, obviously.

"Yeah?" She asked, her voice cracking, and shooken. She was shy, I smelled it.

As she sat down next to me, with Julie on my lap. "Sit down, you look lost." Dajan referred.

Yes, I'm lost, really lost.

I chuckled softly and took a bite from my apple.