Anna bell's Point Of View.

As I returned back into the tall building just a couple people were in the hallway but the laughing still continued.

I quickly wiped my tears away and put on a fake smile, clutching my books in my hands and walking semi-proudly to my first class.

I hesitated when I reached the classroom door but walked in anyway.

"You're late...Again." Mrs. Barkley looked at me with evil eyes.

Amber laughed, "You're in trouble."

I looked at her and rolled my eyes, I wanted to choke her!

"I'm sorry but.." I tried to make up an excuse.

"But nothing, 4 minutes is enough time to go to your locker, get your math objects and come to class. I'm going to have to write you up for an detention." Her words floated over mine, I could feel my stomach drop.

"Yes ma'm." I replied, trying to fight back tears. I hated when I got in trouble.

(After school, In detention Castiel's Point Of View)

Annabell walked into the detention room and my eyes widened, she didn't react to my gasp she just took the front seat. While I was in the back, I didn't know why she was in detention but obviously she knew why I was. Absence.

"An-." I almost called out to her but then I remembered what I had told her earlier. Her head was down into her arms and I couldn't see her face. I immediately felt bad.

"Anna I'm sorry." I tried to apologize, She lifted her head and gave me an evil look. I had never seen her look so mad. "My name is Annabell, not Anna. Why are you talking to someone you don't know? Leave me alone." She scoffed.

Mrs. Barkley looked at us, "No talking."

"I have to use the restroom and so does Annabell." I lied, Annabell's head popped up again. "No I d-." I quickly jumped up out of my seat and ran to wear she was sitting a lifted her out of her seat.

She started kicking me and hitting me but I managed to get out in the hall.

"Leave me the fuck alone!" She shouted, "You don't know me remember? If you don't know me, I don't know you either." I looked at her with confused eyes, There was no way I remembered exactly what I had said to her.

"Listen Annabell, or whoever you are. I don't know why I came and let myself fall for you. You ruined my reputation and we're done here." She mocked me in a rather low voice.

"I said that?" I asked her, she rolled her eyes and walked down the hallway.

I started panicking so I ran up to her, grabbed her arm, turned her around and smashed my lips on hers.

She pulled away and looked at me with another pair of evil eyes, and continued walking away.

I walked the other way and passed the staircase, out the glass door windows I could see into an alley. I squinted and knew I saw the figure of Julia. She was kissing someone.

I cursed under my breath, "What the fuck!?" I punched the hard wall and winced.

Annabell turned the corner just as I fell down hard. Her evil eyes turned into concerned ones, she ran over to me immediately. "Castiel! What did you do?" She asked, Squatting down to look me straight into the eyes. "I punched the wall like an idiot?" I scoffed, she obviously cared about me. Played like she was mad at me, but cant stay mad at me. My hurt face turned into a small smile, "You care." I said, using my other hand to poke her stomach. She sat down next to me.

"Yes I care. It's just..You made me angry. I really like you and you screaming at me..I guess it just scared me a little." She admitted to me. "I'm sorry too, I don't know what I was thinking when I yelled at you." I used my hurt hand, even though it hurt to pull her closer to me, her head was on my chest and I kissed the top of it.

"And you're cute when you're mad." I joked, poking her nose.

She laughed and looked at me, it was a stare session until I leaned in and kissed her lips again.

She kissed back and smiled, I pulled her closer to me and we cuddled, not caring about going back to detention.