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A Kiss Is Just A Kiss
Hana Hikaru

First Serve: But What Does It Mean?

A kiss?


Its just a kiss...


Sakuno had heard it a thousand time. A million times. A bajillion times. Enough for her to actually sit down and think about it rationally. A kiss was the motion of pressing one pair of lips to another pair, or other body parts. It was an action that required two parties. It was something so normal, it was almost boring.

Well, in the action sense.

The meaning behind a kiss, that could be anything. It not only depends on the situation, but the setting, who's kissing, the season, the everything. Though she never really thought about it before, Sakuno now realized kissing was actually rather complicated. When Ryoma kissed her, it wasn't just a kiss – there were other messages Sakuno enjoyed picking out by reading between the lines. Other than Love, Ryoma told her a plethora of things depending on each individual kiss. Sakuno thought it funny, but even if the kisses themselves were practically the same, no kiss from Ryoma was ever the same once she looked closer.

For example, the kissing her and Ryoma had done at the beach in the water was so much different than the kissing they did behind the tennis court water fountains, and yet virtually the same.

Ryoma was lightly wrestling with Sakuno in the beach water on a random Saturday afternoon. Only lightly – Sakuno almost never won, he was much more physically capable than she was. At one point they came close enough to the shoreline where the water lapped gently against the concurrent sands, their feet causing foamy rifts and gurgling splashes. When they had tripped, inevitable because Sakuno would never grow out of her clumsiness, she found her self flat assed upon the sands with Ryoma half in between her spread knees, straddling one leg, and half hovering over her torso, his fingers delved in the sand behind her wet hair.

And then he kissed her. Sakuno loved this kiss. It was private, it was secret, and it was passionate. His tongue swept within her mouth and his chin darted forward to force his body closer to hers. He didn't grasp her with his hands because they were preoccupied in the sand, but it made the notion of using his body to get closer to her, instead of simply tugging of pulling her towards him, much more tender and intimate. The heavy breathing on her cheek through his nose distracted her and the feel of his wet hair dripping across her forehead showed her just how close he really was. The taste of the ocean on his tongue and the smell of sand invaded her senses, causing her to inhale deeply repeatedly, making her blight headed and swooning happily.

It was a kiss that screamed arousal, and told her just how much fun he was having. It was a kiss that implied he was happy. It was a kiss that showed her he wanted her, and it was a kiss that comforted her into knowing he was just as breathlessly excited as she was.

Yet, behind the water fountains, it was a completely different story. Sakuno was finishing up drinking at the fountain when Ryoma walked up wiping his face with a towel around his neck. She chose to sit down on the ledge next to him and wait since he was already there, figuring they could walk back together. When he was done, he wiped the corner of his mouth and simultaneously filled his bottle, screwing the cap on and setting aside.

And then he kissed her. It was virtually the same as before, she was practically straddled, his knees were on either side of her left leg as he stood before her, he was above her – naturally he would be, she was sitting down. His head was tilted the same way, and his tongue was sweeping against hers in the exact same manner. His hands were carefully placed on the concrete behind her instead of sand, and his nose was once again burying itself in her cheek, tickling her skin.

But his panting told her he was tired, and his sweat showed her he was ready to shower. The suckling motion he did on her lip when he pulled away showed her he was exhilarated, and the light nuzzle against her cheek while he invaded her mouth told him he was pumped with adrenaline. Sakuno could practically hear the beating pulse beneath his skin, it told her he was glad to see her. His open eyes told her he would be wanting ass later, but his relaxed and easygoing stance implied he wouldn't push her for it.

They were the same, but so very different. In that regard, kissing became about what's conveyed behind the action rather than what the action actually is. Kissing became a way to communicate, it became a kind of reassurance, and motivation. It was a greeting, and a good bye, a thank you, or an I love you. It was promise, and a wish, it was everything and anything at the same time.

This made sense to Sakuno because she didn't really do anything without conveying thought behind it. She loathed doing something wrong, and usually was made fun of for thinking too much. In the essence of kissing, there wasn't a whole lot she could do wrong since she could simply show what she meant instead of thinking of how to say it with words. In the aspect, she was pretty sure nothing she did was "wrong" in Ryoma's book.

He liked kissing her, and he conveyed that just about every time they did. He would smile, and look her over with his eyes, sometimes just trailing them across her lips where he would lean in to suck them until they were puffy.

A kiss couldn't possibly be just an action when so much was going on beside just the kissing.

No, for Sakuno; a kiss was not just a kiss.

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