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A Kiss Is Just A Kiss
Hana Hikaru

Seventh Serve: Kiss On The Breast, I Appreciate You

It was embarrassing. Really, it was.

Sakuno was currently in a swim suit shop with Tomoka and Ann choosing a suit to buy for the beach. She didn't have one at home because she normally doesn't go to the beach. Apparently her friends didn't either, so Tomoka suggested a shopping day at the beachwear store.

But everything here was a bikini, or smaller. Sakuno didn't understand how they could get any tinier. She sighed and resigned herself to continue searching.

"Yo! Check this one out!" Ann's voice filtered over from where the dressing room was, and Sakuno went over, glad she didn't have to keep searching for her own suit. But before she could even look, Tomoka's voice called out a response.

"Ahh, I just picked out the black one of that! So cute!"

Ann giggled. "Then maybe I should find another?"

"No way, I won't look half as good as you do."

Sakuno rounded the corner and stopped in surprise. She wasn't sure about Tomoka, but she sure as hell wouldn't look even remotely good in what Ann chose. It was a purple color, Brazilian cut. Sakuno sighed inaudibly and continued to stare in wonder.

Ann looked like a super model, and Sakuno was moderately jealous. Her thighs were toned from all the tennis she played day in and day out, and her navel was practically flat. Sakuno didn't have a large pooch under her belly button, but it wasn't non-existent either. Ann also had muscle tone, softly defined along the sides of her midsection, and little to no wiggled crease in the junction of her armpit either. The top of the suit curved outward from the neck, creating an arc'd shape on the insides of her breasts, while the fabric just barely reached around the rest of her boob, hiding the nipple effectively. Her bottoms were tiny – not even covering the bottom portion of her butt, and sliding neatly in between her cheeks. It was the tiniest thing she had ever seen someone wear. Sakuno briefly thought Why bother wearing anything at all?

And then she realized, with oncoming dread, that the swimsuit she was going to find probably wasn't much better than this. Kill me now.

Ryoma probably wouldn't mind, maybe. She figured he'd enjoy it when they were not in the company of a hoard of other people. The inherent thought was a little too sexy for her, still, and Sakuno had the decency to blush a hearty shade of red at her erotic assumptions. If it were just the girls at this beach get together, then she probably wouldn't give a second thought about how they viewed her. But it was the entire tennis team, plus more, probably Rokkaku if they went to the same spot... That's a lot of men. Manly men! They weren't in High School anymore either...

Reminiscent memories regurgitated of her graduation with Ryoma and their buddies, but were quickly doused with the projection of everyone elses age. They were in College! And as athletes being athletes... Sakuno groaned, knowing the vulgarity would probably be much worse than in High School. She flushed hotly and prayed for a decent suit to show up so she wouldn't be forced to bear the embarrassment of running around in what appeared to be children's underwear in front of sexually peaked monkeys.

"Did you find anything, Sakuno?" Ann was smiling down at her, and Tomoka was comparing colors of another suit.

No, she fucking didn't. "Ah, well... I'm still looking." Sakuno inwardly winced. Why did she have to be so damn nice all the time?

"Huh..." Ann seemed to think. "Let me find something." and before Sakuno could say another word she had disappeared among the racks. I'm going to look like a whore. Sakuno was dead set on refusing the beach invite now. This was turning into a disaster for her rapidly, and all she could think about was the glaring looks of everyone else on the beach.

"SAH-ku-NO!" Tomoka appeared right behind her and looped her arms around Sakuno's neck, giggling happily. "I found something. Check it out!"

Sakuno smiled at her enthusiasm, and turned to look. Tomoka was more appropriately clothed than Ann was, but moderately so. The chest piece covered more because of the smaller bust size, but the bottoms were skimpier than Ann's because of her hip size. The scrap of fabric that she excused as a bottom was so close to nothing, Sakuno didn't know what to think about it. The sides tied in little strings that Tomoka made into cute bows, and the back end was the shape of a normal bikini, but it was smaller than necessary, and showed the hint of Tomoka's crack, really accentuating the dip between where her cheeks started.

Sakuno was now full on jealous. Ann had the perfect flat belly, sexy and smooth, Tomoka had an ass to die for with supple legs, what did she have? Long hair? Sakuno inwardly scoffed and rolled her eyes. Outwardly, Sakuno congratulated her. She did look good, Sakuno was simply jaded because of her own looks.

"Tomo-chan, it looks good. I think you should get it."

"Wait wait, this one?" Tomoka pointed to the green on her, "Or this one?" and then to a black one on a hanger next to her.

Sakuno actually thought this one through. The black would've been to risqué. Already the suit was far from demure, so anything she could do to liven it from a sexy undertone would be beneficial. "The green is better." Sakuno finally said, and with a smile watched Tomoka race back into the room to change, calling out a short 'thanks' on her way.

"I found one for you." Ann was back. Sakuno steadied herself before turning around to see what she had picked out.

It actually wasn't bad. Or didn't appear so. And it was a pale yellow. Sakuno was thankful for that. White would have been too revealing, and other colors would've clashed with her hair. But the pale yellow was nice. It even had a brown flower-like decoration on one side, which took away from how tiny it actually was.

Blushing, Sakuno decided to try it on. It wouldn't hurt just to try, right?

Ann watched her go, waving.

Sakuno looked herself over in the mirror blushing. The suit was tiny, sure. But it was cute. Really cute. And Sakuno hated to admit it, but she liked it. Sakuno had the briefest wonder if Ryoma would, but scrapped it – of course Ryoma would.

The top was a reverse halter, tying in the middle of her chest under her breasts in a small bow, and hooked neatly in back with a silver ring. On her left breast was a flower embellishment in three shades, it was really pretty, and went with her hair. The bottoms had a substantial amount of fabric. They were low rise, but not girly girly with a tie on her hips. Instead, the same silver ring kept the material clasped on either side, and was elegant and somewhat classy. This made her feel better about the outfit in general, because it meant the width of the fabric around her ass had to be larger to stay put with the ring. Sakuno noticed the same flower design that was on her left breast, was near the embellishment on her right hip, it was really attractive.

What small breasts she had looked moderately large in this suit, not because it was tight, but because the cut down the center was slightly concave, allowing a peek at the curve on the inside by her sternum. Similarly, the bottoms weren't in a straight line across her hips, but dips slightly below her navel to proportionately accentuate her curves.

She was a small human, sure, but she was toned enough from the meager tennis and running she had been doing for four years, and thin enough for the muscle to help define her body.

Looking at herself now, she was beginning to get excited about going to the beach.

And here she thought she would look like a whore. Sakuno flicked her hair and secretly smiled, looking over herself, thinking of ways to seduce Ryoma into having sex at the beach. If, of course, she rummaged around for enough guts to proposition him into exhibitionism. She jumped up and down for several minutes, and ran in circles, making sure it was tight enough not to come off, but loose enough not to shift into a massive wedge halfway through the day.

It was perfect.

Sakuno changed back into her clothing and emerged from the dressing room, winking at her friends and then joining them at the register, forking over way too much cash and the waltzing out the door, seduction prevalent in her brain.

Come Saturday, Ryoma wouldn't even know what hit him.

It was nice to see the team after so long apart. Well, three years wasn't technically long, but still. Ryoma had gone and come back from America in time to graduate with the rest of the seniors and was now reaping the benefits of a tennis scholarship into the professional league. Whether college was in his goals, Sakuno had no inclination to care. They made it clear to each other that whatever their personal future goals were, they would work together to help each other achieve them. The three years they had to establish this seemed much longer when Sakuno finally at back to think about how long it had really been.

The team looked good. Most were playing for the same college, which Sakuno laughed at occasionally; apparently their team bonds could not be broken no matter what. Whatever the case was, the college was benefiting from the stats.

"Sakuno-chan!" Eiji was first, shouting a greeting and bouncing over to her. As soon as he arrived, he was greeting Ann and Tomoka with the same exertion, smiling brightly with large cheerful teeth. His voice had deepened considerably, and he was no longer a skinny brat, but he was still the Eiji they all knew. Sakuno thought that his toned bulk might be slightly sexy while he was doing acrobatics. He wasn't really large, just more defined.

"Eiji, you're still too fast..." Oishi came next, panting slightly and resting a hand on his blue swim trunks. Sakuno's eyebrows rose. Oishi had changed a lot. He grew his hair out, the ends brushing delicately against the top of his ears and eyebrows. Sakuno wouldn't have recognized him except for his piercing eyes and the address to Eiji so casually nostalgic. "Tachibana san, Tomoka chan, Glad you could make it as well." He smiled calmly, showing straight set of confident teeth.

"Please call me Ann, I feel so out of the loop if you don't." Ann waved a playful hand and set her arm on Sakuno's shoulder, smiling back.

"Ann san it is, then." Oishi agreed.

"You three look ready for the beach." Fuji had arrived and was peering around Eiji's other side, long hair and plastered smile the same as usual.

"Yes we are!" Tomoka squealed, pulling on one of the double buns Sakuno had put up behind her ears. Tomoka was lucky she kept her hair short; Sakuno knew that braids at the beach would get everywhere, so she wrapped them in twin buns at the base of her head, behind her ears. Sakuno wished her hair was shorter, but was too attached to the length that she couldn't bare to rid herself of it. Plus, Ryoma loved it, so there was a sensual incentive to keeping it.

"Eh? I don't see any bathing suits though..." Eiji looked them over, playing confused. Sakuno blushed ten shades of red. Good going... here she was dressed appropriate for travel, light weight zip jacket and shorts, much like her friends, and already the men were encouraging an excuse for her to strip and prove she indeed had swim wear. College boys and their hormones. She looked for Ryoma, and after finding him, noticed the knowing arrogant smirk on his face. Sakuno could not wait to wipe it on the sand.

"You'll have to wait then." Sakuno decided to speak up, not comfortable with just stripping to emphasize that they were beach prepared.

Ann giggled in her ear. "I like your thinking. What say you we great our men." Ann winked suggestively and skipped off to find Momo, Sakuno figured. Sakuno waved a pleasant hand to the three in front of her and trotted over to Ryoma, pecking him softly on the lips and smiling.

"I was worried you weren't going to show." Ryoma looked her face over, entranced with her buns.

"I wouldn't ditch you, Ryoma..." Sakuno teased, smiling and putting her bag down on the sand next to her feet.

"I bet searching for a suit was difficult."

Sakuno winced. God he was blunt, but soooo correct. She nodded embarrassingly and he chuckled through a sigh, squeezing her hand. "I figured as much. You tend to not like things like that. Plus..." Ryoma trailed off smiling and dropped her hand.

"Plus?" Sakuno encouraged.

"Plus, I don't think id be able to keep my cool if you were playing around in a thong all day. No way do I want to share any of you with anyone else." Ryoma looked possessively at her and Sakuno blushed again, realizing she indeed had the perfect suit. From the male perspective, it showed her off, without sharing too much. She sighed. This really wasn't her forte.

A hand on her shoulder caused Sakuno to turn and smile, finding Tomoka grinning at her like an idiot. Was it time to strip now? Ann was waving by the beach house nearby and Sakuno pecked Ryoma on the lips one last time before heading over with Tomoka.

"Pretend that you're doing the most normal thing in the world." Ann started. "The suits we got are kinda small, so if we pretend like it's no big deal, guarantee our men will have us whisked away come lunch time."

Sakuno balked. Pretending? She had to act sexy? Sakuno didn't think that was physically possible. Up until now she hadn't considered that Ann and Tomoka wanted more approval than just their love interests. Sakuno was happy with Ryoma's input, why did she have to ask for more? Sakuno set her bag down again, not sure where to begin...

It was embarrassing, being so premeditated when it came to seducing her man, in the company of two other females doing the same thing. It made it almost awkward. But both Ann and Tomoka thought it would be hysterical to do so, and as much as Sakuno tried to disagree, she couldn't help but feel the inclination that it would be completely satisfying to rile Ryoma up in company. However, she couldn't bring herself to sway her hips or nudge parts of her body that would garner other attention than Ryoma. Sakuno didn't know the point.

This was ridiculous. It really was. Sakuno gracefully rolled her eyes and then decided to not care anymore. Taking the initiative of Ann shrugging her blouse off, Sakuno plucked her jean shorts button open and slid the material down her legs.

Tomoka was enjoying this way too much. She had already slipped her shirt in her bag and had bent over in a twisted form to untie the bow at her hip which held her sarong up. Sakuno laughed, Tomoka had positioned her leg so it slipped through the slit in the sarong as she untied it. Did she practice in front of the mirror? Sakuno could see the blatancy of her actions. Tomoka was totally reaching. Sakuno couldn't envision doing anything like that, ever.

Ann had already stripped, scratching her head with her fingers, ass facing the ocean waves. With one hand she picked a non-existent wedgie, sliding her finger in the material at the side of her ass, and pulling it up and out, snapping the bad at her hip for emphasis.

Sakuno pretty much forgot to pay attention to the boys, as Ann started up small talk with girly conversation, putting their bags in a cubby hole, thanking the manager of the beach house for the use of the cubby, and then leading both her and Tomoka out to play in the water. By the time they were splashing and playing, Sakuno had entirely forgotten she was supposed to be thinking of how to act sexy. It was a stupid endeavor anyways. What good was showing that she was trying too hard?

The boys had also come out to play and they ended up tossing a beach ball around, casually passing and playfully splashing water. The beach spot they were at was indeed the old Rokkaku spot, Saeki's grandfather's cabin had snacks and drinks, and chairs to sit at. The sun was shining so there were umbrellas set up for loungers on towels. She smiled, feeling so incredibly relaxed. Her friends were all having fun, she was catching up with old high school acquaintances, there was a volley ball net set up, and Frisbee's whipping through the air down the coast…. Life was good.

There was a point at which Sakuno had gotten out of the water to grab a glass of juice when her wrist was gripped and she was pulled sharply behind the cabin. Her back smacked against the wall slightly and she looked startled, up into the mischievous eyes of Ryoma. She just sat there, looking at him, unable to determine what to do next. Had she seduced him already? She had forgotten that she was supposed to be trying to... She surely didn't want to fuck on the side of the building. She was a demure girl, after all. They would have to find a secluded sandy area before anything happened... and then there was the matter of-

"Sakuno." She figured he sensed she had a massive confusing inner dialog. She smiled and sighed.


"What are you thinking?" His fingers dipped along the side of her waist to settle on her back before smoothing down to cup the bulbous flesh of her rear end. What was he doing? She was supposed to be seducing him! Sakuno inwardly shook her head. Curse his arrogant talented body. She closed her eyes, not answering him.

A low chuckle slithered through her ear and she jumped slightly, shivers traveling the length of her spine. The groping of her ass cheeks turned into a solid hoist and she found herself being moved and placed on a couple stacked coolers, not in use. Ryoma didn't waste a single second before moving to step in between her thighs, his fingers on the inside of her knees allowing him access.

Their wet bodies were a curiously erotic feeling. The saltwater made their skin sticky, but the wetness created a smooth friction, droplets of water outlining the curve of muscle in his shoulders as he looked up at her, their wet swimsuits and hair clinging coldly in the pleasant breeze.

"What are you thinking about right now?" He repeated his question, lips nibbling on her collarbone.

What else could she be possibly thinking of other than his sexy body, "You…" Her choked whisper gave away her nervousness. She wanted to seduce him privately, not on the side of the shack with twenty dudes running around just bound to drop in unannounced.

"I like this suit." His lips dropped to her collarbone, and his hands played with the flesh on her thighs. "It's so…" he sounded like he was searching for a word, but Sakuno knew his lips were just busy being tantalizing, drawing down the small valley between her breasts. "Cute."

Cute was not what Ryoma was thinking, if his actions had any inclination upon his thoughts. "Cute?" she tried to clarify. His fingers slipping beneath the front seam of her bottoms was entirely too erotically wonderful, for Sakuno to protest.

"This decoration here is my favorite." He trailed his lips over the brown gradient flower and then nibbled on her nipple through the suit. It was all Sakuno could do to keep a sharp moan from spilling loudly out of her mouth, Ryoma was exciting her far too much. "I'm glad you look more classy than the other two…" He trailed off, a fingertip sliding through her pubic hair. "If you were prancing around in see-through crap like that, I'd absolutely lose it."

A single finger entered her and Sakuno couldn't help the groan from spilling from her throat, her head dropped on his shoulder and she tried to control her gasping. His digit was rhythmically pumping, slowly finding the one spot she knew he would find like he always did. She could barely concentrate on what he was saying to her.

The finger within her wriggled slightly and then he withdrew it, sliding the digit in his mouth, while looking placidly at her. "I like this how it is..." He leaned up to kiss her on the mouth again, and then slid a hand up the expanse of her waist. "Its cute."

He then placed a single kiss on the inside of her left breast, and Sakuno kind of understood. It wasn't that he was uncontrollable around her in her brand new slut suit, which she had already classified her suit as based on how tiny it actually was. It was the fact that he appreciated that she was demure enough to not want to gallivant in her underwear around the general public. And when the situation calls for it, she would choose something classy instead of slutty. Or try to, at the very least. And she understood that Ryoma was telling her that he appreciated that she wore something that flattered her while also dipping into the sexy, without it being gaudy. He was telling her that he appreciated her choices as a person, and he enjoyed them enough to be excitable by them.

Sakuno smiled down, the lust induced haze he put her under still very prevalent in her slick crotch, and her jittery body. "Oh Ryoma... I'm glad you like my swim suit."

His eyes twinkled and he bent down, nipping the same spot he kissed, before beginning to lave it with his tongue. "Oh do I..." That finger returned to fingering the inside of her vagina, teasing her clit and torturing her body with his talented tongue. "Though, if we were alone, I'd have untied this bow with my teeth already." his finger delved again and Sakuno could only hold on to his shoulders, letting his other hand lift her knee to slide against his waist and kiss the inside of her breast.

"That might need to wait till the beach is empty."

The couple froze, and Ryoma tactfully removed his finger from her pussy discreetly as he stood from her breast. Sakuno could only look over and watch as Fuji leaned against the side of the shed and cross his arms. A baleful look across his face.

"Peeping doesn't become you, Fuji." Ryoma's voice was sharp, but his eyes were shining with excitement. Sakuno sighed, hoping this excitement didn't turn into an obsession. She didn't think she could handle blatant exhibitionism, regardless of how it made Ryoma feel.

"It surely doesn't. However, it wouldn't have had to if you weren't occupying the coolers I need to retrieve for Saeki..." Fuji's placid glance was embarrassment inducing.

Sakuno figured that Ryoma was quick and discreet enough for the fingering to have gone un-noticed, but the open laving of her breasts was incredibly inappropriate. She looked away, flushed.

Fuji continued. "You've embarrassed you girlfriend with your pushing, Echizen..." She heard the smile in his voice, but refused to look at it. She slid off the coolers, and Ryoma pulled her tightly into a hug.

"Aren't you doing the embarrassing, now?" The icier his voice turned, the more Sakuno had to fight the growing urge to laugh. They both were the same ridiculous testosterone driven males she had grown up with since middle school.

"Mah..." She had finally built up some courage. "The both of you..." She trailed off, and decided to just leave the area, embarrassed enough about being caught in intimacy with Ryoma, and feeling mildly annoyed that they were arguing about it in general. Whatever the case, once Sakuno got over her embarrassment, she was happy inside, that Ryoma liked her swimsuit, and even happier still that he showed her why. She might even wear the suit for Ryoma again, privately, of course, in a secret beach setting. Sakuno hid her dirty thoughts with a giggle and strolled over to get some lunch.

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