This is my first story for Silent Witness, but I'm using writing to bridge the gap until I can finally watch ATIFIL, as I was one of the unlucky people who did NOT realise it was on itunes until far too late. I've only done a little chapter here, but hopefully it's enough to get someone interested! I'll update again ASAP, but may not be until after the weekend.

Everything is, I am afraid, unbetaed, so all mistakes are mine, and of course I do not own anything, much to my distaste, as I'd like a piece of Harry!

'Jesus, what is with me lately?'

The thought ran through Dr Nikki Alexander's head as she shook it vigorously. Why she had become so angry simply at dropping a knife as she prepared dinner, she couldn't understand. Her emotions had been all over the place for the past few weeks. She bent over and picked the knife up, gave it a quick wash and went back to cutting a portion from her home-cooked lasagne.

She took her dinner in front of the TV, and ate it quickly, enjoying the unexpected and unusual time off from work. It was rare nowadays that she had an evening to herself, without so much as a phone call warning of the potential for work. Normally she was warned off of the wine for this reason. It was a bit early tonight to start thinking about opening the rosé. She sipped a cup of fruit juice instead.

Despite herself, she wondered what her colleague and best friend was doing now. Her heart ached slightly as Harry's image crossed her mind, but she suppressed the emotion and focused on finishing the last new potato on her plate, chasing it with her fork.

A buzz from Nikki's mobile brought the painful feeling back. It was accompanied this time though by a slight smirk from the corner of her lips as she read her message.

'Never knew time off was so boring!' it read.

She gulped down her last mouthful of food and dropped her plate in the sink, donning her slippers before returning to the cream leather embrace of her sofa. Using her landline, she hit the speed dial, and after a few moments was rewarded by the sound of the familiar, deep voice she loved so much.

They chatted idly for a few minutes, while Harry complained about his boredom and Nikki fed him sarcastic sympathies, until Harry brought up the reason they both knew they were on the phone.

"So, do you want to come over? Maybe get a takeaway and watch a DVD?"

"Well actually Harry I've already eaten" Nikki teased. Harry faked a groan and commented that perhaps Leo would be interested in an awkward 'lad's night in', before she giggled and agreed to come over within the hour.

After hanging up the phone, Nikki slipped up to her bedroom, removing the comfy, burgundy sweater and thin, worn jeans that she'd slouched in for the evening. She checked her wardrobes, her brow creasing slightly as she noted the lack of anything new to wear. With a slight shrug, she donned a cowl neck top of royal blue faux-silk, one that she remembered Harry had complimented once. She hoped it was long enough since she had worn it that he would have forgotten she had it. She plucked a tight black skirt out of her drawer and pulled it over her curves, cursing as she struggled slightly more than usual with the zip.

As she faced the mirror, she applied her eye makeup and lipstick, staring at herself with a slight disappointed frown. She seemed to be getting old. She hated noticing this, as it led to dark thoughts about her future. She was by no means old, but for a woman who still aspired to one day settle down and have a family, she was starting to lag behind expectations. Was she still waiting for the right man to come along? Or was she refusing to believe that she had already found him? Nikki gazed at herself for a few moments before she noted a dampness in her eyes. She stared at this for a couple of seconds before she realised she was upset. She sighed and blinked, confused at her current emotional state. She definitely needed more sleep.

Nikki clutched the black elastic that had been holding her hair in a messy bun, and pulled it out, allowing her blonde curls to flow, tousled slightly, down her back. She grabbed her jacket and zipped on her favourite black leather boots, before taking her handbag in one hand and her car keys in the other, and closing the door to her home behind her.