Catch Me I'm Dreaming

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I'm falling. I fall, fall endlessly into the pitch of darkness. The weight of my arms and legs burden me and I'm sinking faster into oblivion. I try to pry my lips apart so that I can scream for help but nothing comes out. No one can hear me as I plummet further into the depths of blackness. I feel helpless and forgotten. Fear and despair is about to swallow me whole… until I am saved. A feint feeling of warmth engulfs me as a pair of arms wraps me from behind. I look down and see those strong arms holding me, keeping me from falling further down the endless hole. And before I can turn around to see who saved me, I am suddenly shooting up towards a bright blue sky. He is still holding me, whoever he is. And I wish I could turn around to thank him. But instead I wake up.

As I try and adjust my tired eyes to the morning sunlight, rubbing them occasionally, I let out a hefty yawn. My jaw stretches to the point where I feel I might get lockjaw, but it feels good anyhow. The dream is but a feint memory now. I vaguely remember that I was falling. I hate dreams when I fall. It's especially the worst when I wake up in the middle of it: falling and falling until I suddenly awaken, and my body spasms like I was just electrocuted. I'm just glad that it didn't happen this time.

Even though I can't remember much of it anymore, I know what I dreamt. I've had the same dream, or at least very similar dreams, countless times. And they always end the same. I'm saved by someone and I can never make out who it is. At first, I was obsessed with trying to figure out who it could be. Each night I mentally prepared myself to have this dream so that I could control my own actions. Lucid dreaming, I think that's what it's called. But I was never successful in doing anything I planned before I fell asleep. After a while I just gave up on trying to unveil whose arms they belong to, and now it's gotten to the point where this reoccurring dream is just a normal part of my sleep.

There's a knock on my bedroom door and my mind zips back to reality. I tell the person to come in and one of the butlers pops his head in. "Miss Videl, it's time to get up and prepare for school," he says. Isn't it obvious that I'm already up?

I give him a nod anyway and hop out of bed. I brush my teeth and shower, comb my hair and style them in my usual pigtails. Once I dress myself, I head downstairs for some breakfast. I frown to see that my father ate the rest of the cereal, leaving an empty cardboard box in the pantry cupboard. How annoying. Throw it away if there's nothing in it, no one wants crumbs and milk for breakfast. I then notice a box of protein bars, so I take one for the ride and head to school in my jetcopter.

The second I walk into the classroom, I feel someone tug my arm and pull me off to the side. It's Erasa, my best friend. She can be a little dim at times, but she and I have been friends since grade school. She's the only one I really feel comfortable talking to about pretty much anything.

"Hi to you too, Erasa," I say sarcastically.

"Videl! Did you hear?" she asks, "There's a new transfer student starting today. I hear he's a guy. Do you think he'll be cute?"

"I don't know. Who cares?" I say back. I really have no interest for such menial gossip.

"Oh, c'mon. Aren't you at least a little curious? All the guys in our class are so lame. I hope he's cute!" she continues. I raise an eyebrow at her as I watch her clasp her hands together, her mind wandering off into dreamland.

"I'll let you have dibs," I say to her. Hopefully she gets the hint that I just don't care.

"Lame? I hope you're not including me in that batch, Erasa."

I turn my head and see Sharpner sitting at his desk. He's another friend of mine, but I try not to get too close with him. Sometimes he tries to hit on me and all I can do is gag. He's a good friend, though. And a great teammate when it comes to sports.

"And what if I was?" Erasa shoots back at him. They always tease each other like this, constantly going at each other's throat. It's all in fun, of course. But it's come to the point where I sometimes wonder if they secretly like each other. Erasa denies it, but I can't help the feeling.

"Aw, hell. What do I care if you think the guys in this classroom are lame? You clearly don't have an eye for beauty," Sharpner says smugly. Erasa and I both roll our eyes as he flicks his long blond hair behind his shoulder.

"Do you always have to be so… so self-absorbed?" I say as I seat myself at my desk.

"Can't blame me for being born beautiful, Videl," he replies with another smug look. "You know, if you and I had a kid I bet he'd be even more beautiful –"

"Shut it," I snap before I let him finish.

Our homeroom teacher walks in and I thank him under my breath for saving me from another wretched attempt of Sharpner's in trying to "get" with me. Mr. S looks like he's not in the best of moods, so I quickly turn my whole body around to face the front of the class and wait for him to start talking.

"Good morning, class. Before we begin with attendance, I have a quick announcement," he says.

Erasa nudges me by the elbow, which I figure she's doing because of the new transfer student she just told me about.

"We have a new transfer student joining us today."

Called it.

"Please give him a warm welcome. He was able to pass the entrance exam with a perfect score, so I'm sure many of you can learn from him."

A bookworm? Sorry to shatter your hopes, Erasa. Looks like another "lame" one is joining the crew of guys in this class.

I watch Mr. S wave his hand towards the door. "Come on in," he says.

The door opens and a black-haired boy walks in. His short hair is unruly and he's rather tall. His lightly colored skin just screams that he's an indoor kid. I guess that's to be expected coming from a guy who aced the entrance exam.

"Hello," the boy speaks timidly as he waves, "my name is Gohan. It's nice to meet you all."

"Wow! He's a cutie!" Erasa swoons as she nudges my arm again.

OK, so he is kind of cute, I'll give her that much. But what makes him any different than any other guy in this class? And so he's smart. That probably makes him less cool for being a nerd.

I hear Mr. S tell the new guy to take a seat wherever he'd like, and before I know it, Erasa stands up and points to the empty chair next to her, hollering at the kid to come sit. She really is trying to make a move on him. To my surprise, he tells her, "Sure." and walks over and sits down. Erasa introduces herself, and then me, then Sharpner. And before either of us can say hello, Erasa bombards the guy with question after question – not that I care. That is, until she mentions me to him.

"So, Gohan. I bet you don't know who Videl's pop is," says Erasa.

"Who?" he asks.

"You're gonna get a kick out of this. Videl's father is the one and only Mr. Satan!" she exclaims. Oh, not this again.

"No way! Mr. Satan is your dad? Wow, that must be pretty awesome, your dad being the World Champion and all," he leans forward and says to me.

I give him a shrug and Erasa starts to run her mouth again. "Yeah, pretty neat, huh? And being the friend of the daughter of the World Champion's not too shabby either."

Even though Erasa continues to talk to the new kid, I keep my mouth shut. Even Sharpner joins in on the conversation, sandwiching me in between the three, making it harder for me to tune them out. What's so interesting about him anyway? Only thing on my mind right now is hoping for a call from the chief of police about some dimwitted criminals. I've been itching for a fight, and I haven't gotten a call from them for six days now. Makes me wonder if the Satan police has finally shaped up. Doubtful.

Lunch time comes around, and it looks like Erasa made friends with the new kid. I watch Gohan take a seat next to her, across from me. And before I notice anything else, I feel my jaw drop to the floor from catching sight of his meal.

"You've got to be nuts. You're not really going to finish all of that, are you?" I ask as I eye the mountainous plates of food. He must have plucked a handful of every dish in the cafeteria.

Gohan chuckles nervously as he rubs the back of his neck. I can see him blushing in embarrassment. "I guess I have what you call a bottomless stomach," he says with a goofy grin.

I watch him as he breaks a pair of chopsticks, studying him as he eyes his meal. I'm at a loss for words, and possibly my own appetite. He dives in without pause and it doesn't take long until he devours every morsel of food on his plate.

"That was delicious! I think I'll go up for seconds," Gohan says as he pats his stomach.

"S-seconds?" Erasa seems to be just as astonished as I am. It's a given. We've never seen anyone eat like this kid before. And I can already tell by the tone of Erasa's voice that she's losing interest in the guy. She never really could stand gluttons.

"Hey, if a guy's gotta eat, a guy's gotta eat," Sharpner chimes in. I almost forgot he was sitting next to me. "Although, I've definitely never seen anyone eat like you before, Gohan."

Again, Gohan rubs the back of his neck and blushes. He's a timid one, alright; I can tell that much. I doubt he could put up a fight if he tried. Unfortunate, really. I was kind of hoping that the new student would have some type of athletic skill in him. And then it occurs to me that I never actually asked him.

So I ask, "Gohan, you don't happen to play any sports, do you?"

"N-no, not really," he answers.

I should have figured. I was right about him being an indoors kid. He must just keep to his books or something. I let Sharpner take over the conversation with his usual boasts about being the captain of the boxing club. Meanwhile, my mind drifts into the world of martial arts. I want to fight so badly. I was hoping the chief would call with something by lunchtime, but it looks like it's another calm and peaceful day. Damn it.

It feels like forever, but school finally ends. I'm glad because I'm itching to go home and spar with my father's pupils. I know I surpass them all with my skills, but they're all I have to work with. I wish Dad would let me spar with him, but he refuses. Always telling me his training techniques are top secret; and he can't risk letting even me, his only daughter, know.

I hop into my jetcopter and head towards home. It's not long until I stop and hit the brakes, though. I spot a group of men huddling in a circle down below, on a narrow street off the main road. Slowly, I descend until I get a better look at what's going on. I refocus my eyes and realize the men are ganging up on a young woman.

I immediately feel enraged. I hear myself spit out the word "scum" before I fully descend to the ground. The sound of my engines disrupts the men and they all turn to face me as I land my jetcopter. I can tell already that a couple of the men recognize my yellow aircraft. They look like a deer caught in headlights, while the others seem baffled and oblivious.

I land my feet onto the firm ground and retreat my jetcopter into its Capsule. Meanwhile, two of the six men have already fled. The remaining four stand there and stare at me like I'm some Martian from another universe. I then shift my eyes over to the woman, who is shaking like a scared Chihuahua.

I lift my finger and point at the poor woman, shooting my glare at the culprits. "What are you doing to her?" I demand.

There is a pause before one of the men step forward. He is large, maybe three or four times my size. The first thing I notice is the shit-eating grin on his chubby face.

"What's it to you? Why don't you mind your own business, missy. We ain't doin' nothin' wrong," he says.

"Only a toddler would fall for your lies," I retort back. "I advise that you stop harassing her and leave. Now."

The fat man laughs; his gut jiggles to the rhythm of his snorts and guffaws. Ugh. How putrid his breath is. I warn him and his gang once more before he scowls at me and asks, "Who are you to tell me and my buddies what to do? What makes you think you can? You don't want to start any trouble now, do you?"

I smirk in response. Clearly he doesn't know who he's dealing with. "What do you mean?" I innocently ask. "It seemed to me that trouble was already here. I'm just here to clean up the mess."

He sneers and cries out, "Cocky bitch!" before he lunges towards me.

I watch him advance as I ground myself to the Earth, balling my fists up, ready to fight. Moments before we're at arm's length, the reflection of the sun shines in my eyes. I blink twice and realize he is holding a knife in his right hand. What an amateur.

I raise my left arm up, elbow forward, palm open. I prepare myself to stop the man's hand from thrusting towards me until something pulls me away. And before I know it, I'm suddenly staring at a random store front. I feel that something has wrapped around my waist, so I look down. A pair of arms. Just below those arms I see a ragged brown welcome mat on the ground, which leads me to trail my eyes up the glass door in front of me, where I finally catch sight of my reflection. And his.

I feel his grip loosen and I turn around to face him. "Gohan?" I ask in bafflement. He gives me this look of relief as he gently smiles. What the hell is going on?

"That was close, Videl. You could have gotten really hurt," he says calmly.

I feel my brow wrinkle as my mind tries to register what had just happened. Just a second ago I was facing a man who was about to lunge at me with a knife. And now… oh – he couldn't mean?

"Where are they?" I demand.

Gohan points to his left and says, "They're just around the corner. I pulled you over here when I saw that guy had a knife."

I force my mouth shut and fight the urge to yell at him for making such a stupid mistake. Instead, I dash around the corner and prepare myself again to fight. But to my surprise, I don't see a single soul. I look to my left, and then to my right. Where the hell did they all go? I turn back around and am immediately greeted by Gohan's torso. I look up at him and cock my eyebrow. I want answers.

"Where did they all go?" I ask, feeling irritated.

"I-I don't know," he answers, rubbing his neck. "There's a woman there, maybe she knows." Gohan points down the street at the small figure cradling herself in the shadows. It's the same woman who was being harassed by those men.

I walk up to her and kneel down to level my face with hers. I ask her if she's OK, and she tells me she's just in a bit of shock. I then ask her if she saw what happened to those men.

"I… I'm not sure, really. I was surrounded by them, all of them. Then you showed up… But then it was like I blinked and they all vanished, including you."

"Yes, well, technically I didn't vanish. I was just… temporarily relocated," I say as I shoot Gohan a glare. "But whatever happened to those men, I'm glad they're gone now. Can you stand?"

She nods and gets up on her feet. She then thanks me a thousand times before she finds herself a cab to take her home. I don't understand why she thanks me, it's not like I did anything, but I let her anyway. Once she leaves, I turn my attention to Gohan. I can sense his uneasiness; he must know I'm upset.

"I… I'm sorry," he mutters. Does he even understand why I'm mad?

"Gohan," I say, "I know you're the new kid and all. But listen. Here in Satan City, I beat the baddies around here. Got it?"

"What do you mean?" he asks, dumbfounded.

Oh brother. Looks like I need to spell it out for him. So I tell him, "I mean that I fight crime. I fight criminals. Criminals like the guys you let get away. If you hadn't shown up and shoved me around the corner, I could have nabbed them. With my pinky, no less!" I place my hands on my hips and try to contain much of my anger. He is new in town, after all.

"But… he had a knife! Don't you think that's a bit dangerous?" he asks me.

I can't help but laugh a little. He really has no clue who I am. I shake my head as I let out my last chuckle. "Look, Gohan. Don't worry about me. I appreciate your concern, but my dad's the World Champion! Don't you think I'd know a bit of martial arts? Besides, the police ask for my help all the time. Hooligans like those guys would have been no match for me. Even if they all had knives."

I see Gohan's eyes widen a bit, and I think he finally understands. "Oh, I see. Wow, Videl, that's amazing!" he says.

"It's no big deal, really," I tell him. "Just don't get in my way next time, alright?"

"S-sure," he meekly agrees.

Gohan and I part ways, and I pull my jetcopter's Capsule out. My aircraft appears from the cloud of smoke and I board it to finally head home. I'm rather upset. I was sure that I was going to be able to knock a few teeth out, if it weren't for Gohan. I'll just have to spar with Dad's pupils like I planned, I suppose.

As I zip through the skies of Satan City, I suddenly feel a cloud of guilt rain down on me. I shouldn't have been so angry with Gohan. He was only trying to help, after all. I never should have assumed he would know what I do around this city.

…It's weird, though.

For some strange reason, while I was being pulled back by him, his arms wrapped around me, for that split second, I felt a wave of déjà vu hit me. Yes. It's clear to me now. It was just like in my dreams.

End, chapter 1.

A/N: My first attempt at writing a first person POV story. I hope it turned out OK! I know that a lot of POV stories can turn out to be a hit or miss. *crosses fingers*

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