My eyes fluttered open and I blinked a few times, adjusting to the grey-ish light pouring into my bedroom. I sat up in bed, hugging my night shirt around me. It was far too big for me and it always had been. It used to be my husband's… before he died, that is.

I climbed out of bed and ran my finger's through my hair sleepily as I went to check on Hogarth. But when I opened his door he wasn't in his bed. His window was wide open and, like usual, I got worried. I ran down the stairs and out to the barn. My panic only rose when I saw that the only one in there was a slumbering robot. I hurried back to the house, the grass soft beneath my bare feet. The sky was a monochromatic grey, almost signaling that there was bad news.

"Hogarth!" I hollered, silently pleading that he would respond. "Hogarth!" I repeated, hurrying through the house, trying to find him. After searching the house and coming up empty, I rushed to the phone, dialing in Dean's number. I paced, waiting for him to pick up, and twirling the cord around my finger.


"Oh thank God," I muttered when he picked up on the other end of the line. "Dean. Hi. Uhm, would Hogarth happen to be over at your house?" I asked, still praying he was. I needed to know that my boy was safe. I didn't know what I would do without Hogarth.

There was a short pause in the conversation and just as I opened my mouth to ask if he was still there, he answered me. "No. Why? Is he alright?" For all I knew at this point, my baby could be anywhere. If he had gone out last night, he would have come back.

"…I don't know."

"You call the police, I'll be over there as soon as I can," he told me quickly, hanging up the phone without giving me a chance to respond.

This was basically a mother's worse nightmare. Or at least my worst nightmare. Crime wasn't a particularly normal thing to happen in our town, and so the idea that Hogarth had been kidnapped was the worst thing I could imagine. Well, one of the worst things. There was always a chance he could be going through… No, I couldn't let myself think about that. I just had to focus on getting him back.


I groggily opened my eyes and slowly lifted my head to look around the… wherever I was. I was in a chair and that was all I could really take in right then. Most of the pain I had endured the previous night was gone, but my head aching so painfully that I had trouble bearing it.

"You're awake." I heard the same voice from last night in the darkness. Whatever this place was, it was cold and dark, but this person I was hearing sounded familiar. It was more of a feeling of familiarity than a specific memory.

"Who are you?" I squinted, trying to see him in the dim light. "What do you want with me?" I could feel dry blood on my chin and I tried to bring my hand up to scratch it off, only to realize that my hands were tied behind my back. I huffed, slumping in my chair.

"You haven't figured it out yet, Hogarth?" the man replied ominously. "I took you because you took everything from me." I could feel him walking around me, keeping his distance, but still circling me like a vulture. He hadn't made anything clear with that statement. If anything, he confused me more. I'd never taken anything from anyone. I was no thief. "My job, my so-called-friends, home." You could hear him getting angrier with every word. "Money. Everything!"

And then I realized who it was and I knew why he had taken me. He blamed me, and I had no doubt in my mind he planned to hurt me.

Kent Mansley lost everything. Including his sanity.

So, little thing to say here since you're probably like "What is wrong with this person? Kent is totally OOC." Well. I had this feeling during the movie when I watched recently that Kent was already fairly unstable, but he was able to maintain a sane appearance the only exceptions being when his temper got out of hand. And after the end of the movie I can assume that Kent was discharged and that sent him over the edge. Because without his job he lost money, his home, his everything. And he didn't have friends or anything else, so he just lost it.

Explanation over.