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L Lawliet.

Age at time of death: approximately twenty-five years.

Date of birth: Unsure- assumed to be October thirty-first.

Parents: Unknown.

Siblings: None

Other Relatives: None.

Special Notes: Eccentric. Outcast. Never really had any friends. Possibly the most brilliant man to walk the Earth.


Bare feet tread softly across rich, emerald grass. Tiny, curious hands reach up to grasp the branches of a gnarled old oak tree, dark eyes intent on his goal. He hoists himself onto the stout lower branches and begins to struggle upward through the thick canopy of leaves.


L yelps and cowers under the covers, trembling as thunder cracks.

"L, don't be afraid."

Watari's voice is reassuring- his hands are comforting.

"Listen closer. You can hear the bell ringing."

L huddles against Watari, secure in his embrace. He listens as the bell tolls the hour- eleven long, clear, loud rings that reverberate throughout Wammy's House.

"As long as you can hear that bell, nothing can hurt you. As long as you can hear it, L...you're home.


"What are you doing, Ryuuzaki?"

The rain drenched L clear down to the bone. He was bitter cold, standing alone on that windswept rooftop.

"Oh...I'm not doing anything in particular. It's just..." He looks up at the iron gray sky. "I hear the bell."

The bell...the bell...God, he needed to hear it again. He wanted to hear it, to know that he was safe, that he was home...but all there is is rain.

But still he wishes. Still he hopes.

Light... You are Kira...

He doesn't want it to be true. He wishes that he were wrong.

The silence is deafening.