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L's black eyes darted from side to side, absorbing the information on the computer screen. He committed each new piece of data to the ever growing archive in his mind.

He gnawed on his thumbnail and thought.
It's odd...

For the past couple weeks, all over the world- but particularly in Japan- Criminals had been dropping dead. This in and of itself might not have concerned L too much, if there weren't for one strange anomaly.

Every single one of the reported deaths was a heart attack. At least, that's what the reports said. In truth, the symptoms were closer to cardiac arrest- but that didn't sound quite as frightening or urgent on the evening news.

But whether it was heart attacks or cardiac arrests was irrelevant. What was truly shocking was the sheer number of victims reported in only a few week's time. L recognized many of the names- he had been the one who put them in jail to begin with.

Rue Ryuzaki

L's own heart stopped for a moment, and he stared at that name for a long time before he could continue reading.

Rue Ryuuzaki, age 20. Convicted in the murders of Believe Bridesmaid, Quarter Queen, and Backyard Bottomslash. Serving three consecutive life sentences in Atwater Penitentary, where he was held in solitary confinement after numerous attempts to harm himself and others. Died of sudden cardiac arrest at 23:52 local time. Autopsy reports ruled out the possibility of suicide.

B was dead.

L shook his head and scrolled downward. The list was far too long for his liking, and mostly from Japanese prisons and penitentiaries.

L hit the call button on the side of his computer.



"I need you to book a flight to Japan immediately. I've decided to take on the case regarding this recent series of murders."

"Right away, L."

L took his coffee cup, drained it, set it down, and then rubbed his exhausted eyes.

He closed his laptop and flopped backwards onto the bed, and lets suppressed memories flood into his mind.

Beyond had been so tiny when they first met. He had been so scared, so lost, alone, and afraid. So much like himself. How far away was L, really, from ending up just like him?

Beyond was so much like he was when he was younger- impatient, attentive, with an insatiable curiosity that manifested itself in an eager desire to learn. B could have been so many things. He might have saved lives, instead of taking them away.

But L didn't have any time for regrets. Not anymore. Right now, he had to focus on the case, not his favorite victim.

He committed the list of victims to memory and shut his laptop. He decided that he could afford to sleep for a little bit.

He lapsed into a quiet, dreamless sleep, and woke up a few hours later with Watari's gentle coaxing.

"I've gotten everything ready for your trip, L. It's time to go."

L nodded, sitting up on the bed.

"And the ICPO doesn't know we're coming?"

"No, they don't."


L stood up, went to his drawer and pulled out some clean clothes. Without any shyness, he stripped down and changed his clothes.

"I have a good idea what kind of person this killer might be," he said.


"He obviously has a very idealistic notion of justice. Clearly, he is very childish."

"How can you tell?"

"I'll explain my theory more once we get to Japan."

"Very well, then."

That was why L liked Watari. He was always patient with him, patient with his seemingly wild theories and explanations that took a while in coming. He

could always count on Watari to understand.


L took a deep breath, steadying himself. He despised speaking to other people, even while behind acomputer screen.

He looked back over his notes on the case thus far. He wondered whether he should call the murderer by what the internet had dubbed him- Kira. Probably from the English word 'killer,' rather than the Japanese word for 'sparkling.' The murderer had most likely taken up the name in order to boost his own ego.

He thinks it over, then decides that yes, it would be the wisest choice to call him Kira. At the very least, it would put a name to the string of mysterious murders.

He gathers his nerve, and hits the button that would connect him to the computer Watari had at the ICPO.

"L would now like to address the delegates."

L took a deep breath, and began to talk, his voice scrambled and distorted by the modulator.

"Greetings to all of you at the ICPO. I am L."