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Title: The Destroyer of Neverland – The Fall of the Titans

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; set in my Neverland-verse

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, explicit intercourse, anal, D/s, mpreg, oral, shoujo-ai, hetero

Main Pairing: Ethan/Percy

Side Pairings: Chris/Clarisse, Jake/Will, Charles/Silena, Jason/Reyna, Malcolm/Katie, Lou/Miranda, Leo/Piper, Nico/Percy (one-sided), Pallas/Percy/Peres (one-sided), Atlas/Percy (one-sided), Hyperion/Percy (past/one-sided), Kronos/Rhea, Iapetus/Clymene, Hyperion/Theia, Koios/Phoebe, Oceanus/Tethys

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Ethan Nakamura, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Mrs. O'Leary, Calypso, Thalia Grace, Phoebe Burge, Clarisse la Rue, Will Solace, Chris Rodriguez, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Jake Mason, Nyssa Black, Charles Beckendorf, Silena Beauregard, Bianca di Angelo, Nico di Angelo, Grover Underwood, Tyson, Malcolm Cage, Katie Gardner, Miranda Gardner, Lou Ellen, Kayla Hein, Austin Barton, Leo Valdez, Piper McLean, Jason Grace, Reyna Anderson, Kronos/Luke Castellan, Rhea/Annabeth Chase, Oceanus, Tethys, Hyperion, Theia, Koios, Phoebe, Krios, Mnemosyne, Themis, Iapetus/Bob, Clymene, Atlas, Prometheus, Leto, Selene, Pallas, Peres

Summary: This is the last part of my Neverland-series. It works as stand-alone too, the four one-shots more or less provide another insight into the Neverland-verse.

Percy, who had gotten so used to life with Ethan, Clymene, Rachel and the others, suddenly finds himself in the captivity of Nico di Angelo and the last demi-god rebels. All of that in the worse timing ever since he has quite the secret of his own.

The Neverland-verse is probably the only AU-esque world I have given so much thought to ever. And I really love it so I had to continue it. At least with one more story. But this one story is supposed to bring it all to an end. To an awesome end.

The Destroyer of Neverland

The Fall of the Titans

1. How the World Works

The world is actually like a big high school.

There are the principal and the teachers, who provide guidance and most of the time unwanted input, then there are the jocks and the cheerleaders, or for short the cool kids, and the nerds, the outsiders and the loners. And just like a high school is divided into such groups, so is the world...


The high lord of the titans yawned in boredom. He hated such council meetings. Probably the only good thing about being banished to the pits of Tartarus was that he didn't have to think about politics and endure the meetings. His golden eyes wandered to his left, where his wife sat. It had taken some time for him to get used to her new body, but by now he appreciated it. The twelve thrones of the Olympic gods were occupied by the true rulers, the first twelve. Well, eleven at the moment. And that was the reason they held this meeting. To Rhea's side sat the six female leaders of the world, Theia, lady of sight, Tethys, lady of rivers, Phoebe, lady of oracles, Mnemosyne, lady of memories, and Themis, lady of the natural order. Next to Kronos sat Hyperion, lord of light, Oceanus, lord of the sea, Koios, lord of wisdom, Krios, lord of constellations, and one empty throne. It seemed Kronos was not the only one bored by this meeting, for he saw the little gestures the water-bond couple exchanged, sweet drops of water here and there. He rolled his eyes at the lovey-dovey look in Oceanus' eyes. The ocean's consort was the picture of beauty, her long, dark hair like the flowing rivers she ruled over. Yes, Kronos had to admit Tethys was of extraordinaire beauty, something he came to associate with the sea and rivers now for he had also noticed such beauty in the nuisance that was called Percy Jackson. Oh, that boy. What trouble he had caused the lord! If it had gone the way Kronos had planned it, the demi-god would endure horrible pain and torture in the pit of Tartarus, but his wonderful wife had to throw those puppy-dog-eyes at him. How could he deny her wish? And Rhea always had that soft spot for meddling in love and sex, so handing the former hero over to General Nakamura for carnal pleasure was like her newest project. That was fine by her husband, for he knew his general would break the hero eventually.

"Could we get this over with?", grunted Phoebe irritated and gained the attention of the others. "My hunters and I still have some monsters to chase, thanks to the sloppy ruling of your children."

She threw a sharp glare at Kronos and Rhea, who both grunted beneath their breath at that. It was not their fault that their children had turned out so horrible! Cutting their father up and banishing their whole line of ancestors. The lord made an indicating gesture for them to continue.

"So, the matter at hands", started Phoebe's husband. "Is our missing member."

"Always one for the obvious, eh, Koios?", chuckled Krios bored.

The two exchanged dark glared and Kronos rolled his eyes at them annoyed. Like children.

"Yes, it is", interrupted the lord himself them irritated. "Iapetus had not yet been found."

"That's actually the reason we're here", interrupted another voice.

The titan of time raised one eyebrow, not appreciating to be interrupted by anyone. In fact he had completely forgotten about the three younger titans kneeling in front of their thrones. While the two sons of Krios, Pallas and Peres, were a bit farther behind their friend to back him up, Atlas was right in front of the king and the queen. The son of the missing titan looked down respectfully.

"Speak, Atlas", ordered the titan king.

"I don't know how aware you are of my mother's relationship to the slave...", started Atlas.

"This slave has a name", growled the titaness of the moon sharply. "And we are very close with young Perseus, yes."

The younger titan bit his tongue to say nothing offending or wrong, because Phoebe was one of the twelve, very powerful, leader of her own little army and a close friend of his mother. And angering his mother never ended well.

"What in the world does Perseus have to do with this?", grunted Mnemosyne.

"He seems to know where father is", grunted Atlas shortly. "He told mother and she left."

"On her own?", grunted Oceanus startled and raised both his eyebrows.

"Oh dear, your daughter will one day be my death", muttered his wife.

"Dear Tethys, she is your daughter too", mumbled the Sea Titan irritated. "Don't put all the blame on me whenever she does something like that!"

While his grandparents were busy fighting with each other, Atlas turned around to his two friends. Pallas and Peres were smirking at him. If anything happened to Clymene – not that Atlas hoped for something to happen to his mother, though then again... – the blame would go to Percy Jackson and they would finally get rid of the little nuisance. Hyperion shared a smirk with them from his throne, though at the glare he received from his consort, he shrank some. After what Hyperion, Pallas and Atlas had done to Percy, they had made some very powerful enemies in the form of the titanesses. It seemed the half-blood had managed to wrap them around his fingers. Another reason why they needed to get rid of him, because they would not stand to be made a fool by a mere godling.

"This is going to end in a disaster", muttered Krios irritated.

"Who's stating the obvious now, Krios?", chuckled Themis amused.


"And I was all 'You can just go and suck my-'"

"No foul language, Travis", warned Nyssa irritated. "I don't want to hear your bragging."

"What bragging?", pouted the son of Hermes. "I was talking about a battle!"

"No, you were talking about being all heroic in front of a bunch of nymphs, which certainly did lead to some ball-sucking", snorted Clarisse and rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on, you totally stole my punchline!", grunted Travis.

"You still deserve a high-five for awesomeness, bro", grinned Connor.

The Stoll brothers high-fived, though as they turned expectantly to their younger half-brother, Chris found himself in the hair cross of Nyssa's and Clarisse's glares.

"If you dare high-fiving him for being a perv, you will sleep on the couch", warned the major.

"Sometimes I feel you are too strict on your subjects", smirked General Nakamura as he walked towards them, high-fiving Travis on his way.

"Says the biggest perv of them all", muttered Clarisse and rolled her eyes.

"Percy needs to stop talking about our sex-life with you", warned Ethan irritated.

"What? No!", exclaimed Jake wide-eyed from his berth.

"Yeah, we don't have porn these days, so those kinky little stories are the only things that keeps us hor-entertained", nodded the son of Apollo.

Will was busy with his patients, the Stolls sitting together on one bed, their brother opposite of them, the one right in front of the healer was his boyfriend, wincing pained at the burning alcohol, his sister sitting next to him and hitting him for behaving like a baby.

"So, how did the mission go?", asked the son of Ethan, ignoring the comments on his sex-life.

"Surprisingly good", hummed Clarisse with a short nod.

"What about it was surprising? You got the most awesome team of them all!", grunted Connor.

"You meant to say the most annoying and mischievous team", snorted the daughter of Ares, though interrupting herself at Nyssa's cough. "Aside from Black."

"Thank you", chimed the daughter of Hephaestus with a smirk.

"Back on track please", grunted the general annoyed. "The earlier we get this done, the earlier I can go and do what I do best."

"And with that, you mean Percy", snickered Clarisse amused. "But to answer your question, yes. It went well. Lycaon had been troubling the Canadians, we destroyed him."

"The Canadians?", repeated the son of Ethan critically.

"There aren't that much left", shrugged Connor and leaned back on the bed. "There aren't that much mortals left at all.. When was the last time you went to New York? It's a ghost town."

The son of Nemesis frowned, though dismissing it to concentrate on his team.

"How are the injuries, Solace?", asked Ethan, looking from one to the other.

"Nothing big. A few scratches, though in Travis' case in some very odd places", answered Will.

"Nymphs are wild", grinned the son of Hermes stupidly.

"Stop doing every nymph that comes into your way. One day it will corrupt a mission", warned the son of Nemesis with one raised eyebrow. "Same goes for you, Connor."

"Yes, sir!", muttered the Stoll brothers with slight pouts.

"Other than that, good work, team", praised the general. "As always."

"I'm not your second in command for nothing", smirked Clarisse. "And now get going, before your consort gets all whiny and blames me for stealing you again."

A single dark green eye was rolled at her, though after half a year of working with them, he had gotten used to the informal ways Team Alpha treated him.


"So, how is the hunt going for you girls?"

The son of Poseidon grinned like a Cheshire cat, resting his chin on his pet hell-dog. Six girls sat on the bed, surrounding him in a circle. Calypso and Rachel were to his left, Thalia and her second-in-command were to his right and two other young girls sat in front of him. One had striking blonde hair and her eyes were nearly glowing, the other had the silvery-white hair of her mother.

"Thank the titans that Leto tries to impress her mom", grinned Thalia.

The silvery-white haired girl stuck her tongue out. "You once were the hunters of my daughter. And I am so glad to finally be free. Hera had made my life worse than Tartarus even before our banishment... This is my chance to finally have a real chance at living some!"

"I'm here because the moon is my realm", muttered the blonde girl with a shrug.

"Liar", grinned Leto. "You're here because auntie Theia wants you to keep an eye on Percy so your dad won't try anything funny again."

"Don't be a jerk just because your dad isn't thinking with his dick!", pouted Selene.

"If we're talking about idiotic fathers, please hand the award to me", interrupted Calypso.

"Hello? Daughter of Zeus? Turned into a tree?", grunted Thalia and raised one eyebrow.

"Eh, yeah", snorted the Oracle of Delphi. "If the titans wouldn't have taken over, I would now be stuck in an all-girls boarding school to fulfill my father's dreams."

"Girls, stop it", chuckled Percy. "The award for the biggest jerk of a father goes to me. Don't forget that Poseidon left my mother to live with an abusive, gambling alcoholic and only helped getting us out of there once he needed my help. And no one can tell me he didn't know. He was a god."

"Wow, how much I love our little get-togethers. The topics are always so heart-warming", drawled Phoebe irritated and rolled her eyes. "My dad was awesome. Can we move to another topic?"

Mrs. O'Leary yelped in agreement. Percy chuckled lightly and patted her head.

"Anyway", smiled Calypso to lighten the mood. "The hunt is amazing. It is so... raw and adventurous. So completely different than my years imprisoned on that island. All the traveling!"

Percy smiled a bit sadly. When Ethan had gotten Calypso from that island so she could be company to the son of Poseidon, he had been delighted. She and Rachel were always with him, especially so whenever Thalia and the hunters and Clarisse and Team Alpha were gone. But Calypso and Atlas edged on with each other and her grandmother Clymene had suggested for her to take a little adventure. So the titaness had joined the hunt. And so had Leto and Selene. Percy still saw them often enough and he had also befriended the two other titanesses, but he still missed her constant company. But he still had Rachel and Mrs. O'Leary and these days, the missions got rarer and Team Alpha and the huntresses were often on Olympus.

"Say, don't you miss it, Percy?", asked Thalia curiously and leaned back some.

"Mh? Miss what?", wanted the former Sea Prince confused to know.

"The chase, moron", snorted Phoebe and rolled her eyes. "The fight."

"Oh. You mean the life-treating danger?", grunted Percy skeptically. "Frankly enough, no."

"Are you sure?", asked Thalia disbelieving. "I mean, you're a hero-"

"I was a hero, Thalia", corrected the son of Poseidon. "And I failed. Don't give me those looks, girls. It's true. Everyone expected me to save the world and I failed. But... when I look at it now, is the reign of the titans really that much different from the reign of the gods? Besides, Ethan wold never allow me to fight anyway."

"That is true", grunted Rachel with one raised eyebrow. "He is just the tiniest bit possessive and protective when it comes to you."

"Just the tiniest bit", laughed Percy softly.


"If we would sneak in through the former Empire State Building..."

"And how do you plan on getting into the Empire State Building, Malcolm?"

"Details, Nico, details", snorted the blonde. "We'll get to them later..."

"He's is right. Don't push him", interrupted a brunette girl irritated.

"Don't mother-hen your boyfriend, sis", grinned another brunette from the exit.

Katie glared at the Ghost Prince as her younger sister entered the tent with a tray of tea and cookies. The son of Athena smiled at his girlfriend and took one of the chocolate cookies. Lou and Grover reached for the tray too, grinning up at the younger daughter of Demeter. Though both weren't fast enough, because the cyclops grabbed the bowl of cookies to empty it in one go.

"Oh come on, Ty!", whined Grover. "I wanted some too!"

"I'm hungry", muttered Tyson with his mouth full and a shrug.

"Tyson", sighed Katie with a sad frown. "We're all hungry."

Miranda shook her head slightly in sympathy as she looked expectantly at their leader if he had any other things he wanted from her before she would retreat for the night, exhausted from the day.

"Talking about all the empty stomachs", hummed Nico with a frown. "How are our two strays?"

"They're not strays", chided the younger daughter of Demeter. "But I will check up on them."

"Good", nodded the Ghost Prince. "Then go. And you, get to the details, Cage."

"First the rough outlines, then the details", grunted Malcolm, pointing at his blue-prints.

"I don't care about that!", whined the cyclops. "I want my brother!"

"We're working on it, Ty", was the last thing Miranda heard the satyr saying before she left.

The daughter of Demeter frowned slightly. There were others they wanted to rescue too. Of course, she understood that Percy had the highest priority to their group – their leader was madly in love with the son of Poseidon, Tyson was his baby-brother and Grover his best friend. She shook her head, trying to get the thoughts of their lost hero out of her head. Chances were high that the Sea Prince was dead anyway. Some others, like Clarisse or Will, had been seen frequently, forced to work for the titans. But the son of Poseidon had not been seen since the titans' had taken over. Still, she would not dare to voice those thoughts because Nico would gladly send a few zombies after her for thinking like that. Instead, she focused on the task at hands. Checking on their so called strays. Two half-bloods they had found only two days ago, unconscious and not very well-nurtured. She silently entered the infirmary tent they had put up. Two blondes were busy running around the not very big tent, checking on their two patients. Miranda walked over to the two unconscious half-bloods. One was a Latino boy with scorn marks on his clothes, the other was a native-American girl with messy hair. Lou's magic had made it possible for them to detect demi-gods, without it, all help would have been too late for the two teens. All on their own, in a world like this? It was a miracle that they were still alive. Which was perhaps the only reason Nico had allowed for them to take the two with them. Not that the son of Hades was cold-hearted, but... Actually, yes. He had grown cold-hearted ever since the son of Poseidon had gotten captured. So he only allowed to take the two for now useless half-bloods with them because they most likely were powerful.

"How are they?", whispered Miranda concerned, running her hand through the black hair to check the boy's heated forehead. "Still running a fever?"

"A fever?", snorted the son of Apollo with one raised eyebrow. "You could boil eggs on that guy!"

"Austin is right", sighed his sister and shook her head. "Whatever we do, his body-temperature stays way too high. She should already be dead. I guess it's his powers, but..."

"But who is responsible for heat?", nodded the brunette. "Malcolm will have a field-day with that."

"I've never met a half-blood like that", agreed Kayla. "Whatever he is, he's special..."


Clymene frowned and bit her lips. The underworld was upsetting, to say the least. It reminded her too much of her way too long time in the pits of Tartarus. And if this information had not come from Percy, she would not have gone down there. But she trusted the boy. He had a pure soul and a good heart, he represented everything good that the renewal of the god's reign had brought. New was good, but right now, she wished to regain something old. Iapetus had not returned to the titans. It had only been days ago that she had thought back on him and Percy had caught her with that sad expression. Being the good boy he was, he asked her what was wrong. And she answered. Though at the mention of her husband's name, the teen seemed to remember something. He had told her how the titan had surprised the three cousins in the underworld and then lost his memories in the river Lethe. So now she searched someone named Bob. She hoped Mnemosyne would be able to bring the lost memories back. Not knowing where to look for her husband, she felt herself drawn to a beautiful place, looking like a suburbia. She remembered what Percy had told her about this place.

"My, we haven't had any new additions since the titans took over!"
Clymene jumped slightly and turned to the beautiful blonde girl. She stood in the front yard of the first house in the street, next to a tall and bulky dark-skinned man, who was busy at a barbeque grill. The blonde and an Italian girl were setting the table.

"I am not an addition", smiled the brunette softly. "I am Clymene, titaness of renewal."

There was a wary look in the boy's eyes. "What do you want down here?"

"Perseus, a very good friend of mine, he send me here. He said my husband Iapetus lives down here under the name of... Bob. And my son, Prometheus, is supposed to be somewhere down here too..."

"Perseus?", repeated the Italian girl slowly. "You don't happen to mean a demi-god... Percy?"

"That is what he calls himself", nodded the titaness. "But such a strong name should not be shortened like that. Do you know him?"

"Of course", snorted the male demi-god. "Percy is our friend."

"You don't happen to know your way around here, do you?", hummed Clymene interested.

"I'm the daughter of Hades", smiled the Italian girl. "I do."

"Then if I get you out of here, are you willing to lead me to my husband and my son?"

"Get us out of here?", repeated the blonde skeptically.

"Most demi-gods are living on Olympus and working for the titans", nodded the titaness. "Come with me and join your friends. I'm sure Percy would be delighted to see you again."

The perfect payment for Percy, as thanks for him to tell her where she found half of her family. The three demi-gods exchanged short looks before they nodded. The daughter of Hades led the way.

"I'm Bianca di Angelo, those are Silena, daughter of Aphrodite, and Charles, son of Hephaestus."

The name rang a bell, somewhere she had heard the name di Angelo before. But she couldn't really place it. And other things occupied her mind once they reached two men in front of a steep cliff. One of them, slightly younger sat on top of a round stone, a pout attached to his face.

"Being stuck here with you, father, would by far not be so irritating if you would remember me."

The older man tilted his head curiously. "I know Percy. He's my friend!"

It made Clymene chuckle in amusement. It seemed Percy was capable of befriending everyone...


It was biting cold, snowy winds tore on their clothes. But they needed to keep going. The blonde, young man had his arms wrapped around the black-haired girl, trying to shield her. They had to keep going. They were the last ones of their kind, they needed to live. The last Romans.