Notes from Gob Hobblin: A quick explanation, first. Bear with me.

I haven't hit a writer's block with my other three stories parse, but I have hit an awkward patch in writing them at this time, both because of educational obligations I am under right now and an impending Annual Training on my horizon…which is also my first. Hoah.

This has made things of a military nature a bit more pressing in my worldview of the moment, as you can imagine.

So, I'm taking a kind-of, sort-of, not-really slight detour from the other three posted stories to put up something a bit more like the military sci-fi I grew up with, which means a little less in-depth and a bit more...I guess quick and sloppy would be the idea, but not in a bad way. At least, that's not the goal.

Just something easier to kick out when I can't think of more existential and philosophical conundrums to encourage you kind folks to question my grasp on reality. I plan on updating the other stories very soon (Sunday is in the cards), but I wanted to get this out and up to tide you over until then. Between the this and the other three EVA stories I have up now, plus the FMA one I'm kicking out elsewhere, I think I should get into a nice, easy rotation of updates that won't force you all to keep waiting. Thanks again for all your reviews and continuing to keep up on my updates. I won't let you guys down, and I'll keep the posts coming as I am able.

Keep on rocking in the free world, friends.