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Title: Welcome to Olympus High – Of Jocks and Cheerleaders

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; complete AU

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, crossdressing, masturbating, toys, explicit intercourse, anal, oral, past child abuse, bullying, high school drama, human AU, shoujo-ai, hetero

Main Pairing: Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: Luke/Percy (one-sided), Octavian/Percy, Ethan/Alabaster, Jake/Will, Piper/Annabeth, Thalia/Bianca, Lou/Miranda, Nico/Drew (one-sided), Frank/Hazel, Charles/Silena, Jason/Reyna, Chris/Clarisse, Leo/Rachel, Grover/Juniper, Malcolm/Katie, Shane/Lacy, Michael/Calypso, Hades/Persephone, Paul/Sally, Chiron/Lupa, Ares/Aphrodite, Zeus/Hera, Gleeson/Mellie, Frederick/Juliet, William/Elizabeth, Poseidon/Amphitrite (mentioned), Poseidon/Sally

Percy's Gang (the outsider): Perseus Jackson, Grover Underwood, Annabeth Chase, Malcolm Cage, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Octavian Simmons, Juniper Nightshade, Katie Gardner

Cheerleading Squat: Silena Beauregard, Drew Tanaka, Nancy Bobofit, Khione Krystal, Piper McLean, Nyssa Black, Lacy Hunnigan, Hazel di Angelo, Mitchell Logan

Football Team: Nico di Angelo, Charles Beckendorf, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Frank Zhang, Jake Mason, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Chris Rodriguez

Hockey Team: Luke Castellan, Ethan Nakamura, Alabaster C. Torrington, Sherman Potter, Mark Meyer, Clovis Daver, Butch Knightley, Shane McNabb, Christopher Clark, Harley Davis

Garden Club: Lou Ellen, Katie Gardner, Miranda Gardner, Calypso Nightshade, Juniper Nightshade, Grover Underwood, Castor Liber, Pollux Liber, Dakota Elle

Martial Arts Club: Clarisse la Rue, Reyna Anderson, Hylla Anderson, Kinzie Cohen

Archery Club: Zoe Nightshade, Phoebe Burge, Thalia Grace, Bianca di Angelo, Lee Fletcher, Michael Yew, Will Solace, Austin Barton, Kayla Hein

Percy's Family: Tyson Blofis, Ella Blofis, Sally Blofis, Paul Blofis, Mrs. O'Leary, Poseidon Jackson

Bianca, Nico and Hazel's Family: Hades di Angelo, Persephone di Angelo, Thanatos di Angelo

Thalia and Jason's Family: Zeus Grace, Hera Grace, Hercules Grace

Piper's Family: Tristan McLean, Mellie Hedge, Gleeson Hedge

Annabeth's Family: Frederick Chase, Juliet Chase, Bobby Chase, Matthew Chase

Rachel's Family: William Dare, Elizabeth Dare

Staff at Olympus High: Principal Chiron Brunner, Lupa Brunner (counselor), Doctor Howard Claymore (librarian), Mister Ares (coach), Miss Aphrodite (coach cheerleaders), Mister Hermes (history teacher), Mister Dionysus (drama teacher), Miss Athena (English teacher), Miss Demeter (biology teacher, garden club), Mister Apollo (nurse), Miss Artemis (PE teacher, archery club), Missus Nemesis (math teacher), Missus Iris (arts teacher), Mister Hephaestus (crafts teacher), Miss Hecate (chemistry teacher), Mister Hypnos (music teacher)

Animals on Olympus High: Blackjack, Arion, Scipio, Tempest, Aurum, Argentum

Summary: Percy Jackson had always been a loner and outsider. Though this time, in this school, everything promises to be the slightest bit different. Because he has friends. They are still outsiders, but together that doesn't sound half bad. The only problem is that handsome jock and so-called Ghost King of the school. Or more so, the social gap between them... Which needs to be changed.

Welcome to Olympus High

Of Jocks and Cheerleaders

1. Lesson: Groups and Individuals

"Big brother! Big brother, it's time to wake up!"

"Percy needs to get ready for school!"

The two very loud and very cheerful voices of his little siblings were more than annoying. He tried to blink the sleep away, though he was instantly awake as the two kids collided with him.

"Tyson! Ella! You're too heavy for this!", whined Percy irritated and glared at his siblings.

The girl with long, red hair and bright, green eyes grinned sheepishly at him, hugging her plush harpy tight to her chest. The boy next to her had wild, brown hair and hazel eyes. The twins, Tyson and Ella, were four years old. The right age to annoy the living hell out of their sixteen-years old half-brother, who was still glaring at them for waking him up.

"But mommy said you need to get up!", pouted his sister.

It was blissful that he most of the time managed to sleep longer than them, but that was about it. Because even if he didn't wake up from their ungraceful exit from their bunk beds opposite his bed, then they would make it a point to wake him later and even louder. He hated sharing a room with the two rascals, but what other option did he have? Sleeping on the couch in the living room? Sighing in irritation, he ran his hands through his black hair. How much he hated his hair sometime. He walked past the couch in the living room. No, sleeping there was absolute no option. His half-siblings followed him tail, running past him to reach the small kitchen first.

"Mommy! Daddy! We got him awake again!", announced Tyson broadly grinning.

He ran up to the brunette woman making scrambled eggs while Ella got lifted up onto the lap of the man at the dining table. His hair was grayish, but one could still see that it once had the same shade of red as the little girl. Ella giggled in her father's arms and reached out for the newspaper he had been ready. Percy hated his shadow-black hair. Tyson had their mother's hair and his father's features, Ella had her father's hair and their mother's soft features. The four of them were a family. But he, he was the disgrace that had forced Sally to leave home because of a teenage pregnancy. And the fact that he looked so much like his biological father always reminded him that he didn't quite fit into the family. That he had put his mother through a whole load of crap before she had met Paul and married him and had the twins.

"Morning, Paul, mom", yawned Percy and stretched some.

"Good morning, Percy", nodded Paul and looked at him skeptically. "You're still not dressed? Grover will soon come to get you for your first day at the new school."

The new school. The way his step-father said that seeped with disappointment. Disappointment he had earned with getting thrown out of one school after the other. They had run out of public schools in New York, calling for drastic measures. For the first time in sixteen years, Sally had contacted Percy's father. Percy knew that his father hadn't wanted anything to do with him. Never. Because his father was a married man and Percy's mere existence was upsetting everything for the man. For a long time, Percy had thought it may have been better if he hadn't been born at all, but Sally objected heavily to that. Sally could have demanded alimony, but she was a proud woman and she brought him up all on her own. But now, once again, Percy had managed to get her into an awful situation. She didn't want him to drop out of school completely, she wanted him to have the chance to make the best out of his life. He was willing to pay for a private school, as long as Sally wouldn't tell the public about the disgraceful mistake of his youth. And now he was stuck at a fancy private school. A boarding school nonetheless. A boarding school full of snobbish, rich, spoiled brats. The only reason he had agreed to attend that school was his best friend Grover. And he was only attending that school because his uncle was the principal at the school and since his best friend was as prone for getting thrown out of school, his parents had been forced to do the same.

"I'll go and get dressed", muttered Percy, displeased by the thought of the school uniform.

He disappeared back to his bedroom. So maybe a boarding school did have it's perks. Instead of sharing his room with his little siblings, he would get to share it with his best friend. He stripped down and got into the white dress-shirt, black pants and black vest with the emblem of the school. He had hated that school uniform even when he had visited Grover on the weekends and seen it on everyone. It was cutting the individuality of them. Something like that was horrible. The ringing of the doorbell interrupted his thoughts, soon followed by the voices of his mother and best friend.

"Hello, Missus Blofis, is Percy ready?", asked Grover politely.

"Oh, not completely. Are you sure you don't need us driving you?"

"No, Octavian got his driver's license, he brought me here too. He'll drive Rachel, me and Percy to school. Annabeth and Rachel are already there", replied his best friend. "But thanks."

The thought of Octavian made Percy grin stupidly. He had met Grover's friends from the boarding school quite often, whenever he visited his best friend on the weekends. The group was cool and they accepted him into it right away after hearing how he and Grover had been best friends since childhood. There were the two nerds, Annabeth and Malcolm, and the artist Rachel. And Rachel's best friend. Octavian Simmons. The tall, blonde and handsome guy with that dark aura. Percy and him had had a little summer love during the group vacation the six of them had made. Though now the black-haired boy wasn't so sure how they would proceed. Was it only a fluke or would they now go steady or something like that?

"Percy, get your ass over here!", screamed his best friend annoyed.

"Yeah, yeah", grunted Percy, checking himself in front of the mirror for a last time.

He wasn't bad looking. Not very tall, but also not too short, with wild, black hair that had grown too long since the summer and what his mother called the greenest eyes on this planet. It wasn't that he had to impress anyone. He knew of the status of Grover's group. They were the outsiders. Nerds and artist, unathletic. That coupled with the fact that Grover was the nephew of the principal had brought them a certain status at the base of the food chain. Not that Percy had higher standards. Ever since he and Grover had stopped attending the same school, he had always been a loner. So the thought of having friends at all was pleasant enough, he didn't need to be the school king.

"What do you think, man? Do I look good or do I look amazing?", grinned Percy as he emerged from his bedroom, turning a few times in front of his friend and his family.

"If you want to wrap Octavian around your finger, then you look fabulous", chuckled Grover.

A blush spread over his cheeks and he glared at his best friend. Grover was slightly taller than him, with curly, dark brown hair and a goaty. And he was constantly eating something unhealthy. At the moment it was a doughnut from Dunkin' Doughnuts.

"You look amazing, Percy", whispered Sally with a tearful voice and hugged him tightly.

They were soon joined by the rest of the family, with their dog Mrs. O'Leary running around them and yelping curiously. Percy grinned softly and leaned down to also pat her head.

"I'll miss you, big brother!", whined Tyson, hanging off of Percy's left leg.

"Me too", mumbled Ella, hanging off the other leg.

"I'll miss you too, little buggers", laughed the teen and ruffled their hair. "I promise I'll come and visit as often as possible. Holidays come sooner than you'd think. And don't you dare destroying our bedroom while I'm gone. And don't bug mom and Paul too much."

The twins nodded obediently and smiled as if they were little angels. He rolled his eyes at them. He knew them better than that. Last, he hugged his mother again, promising her to call often. And then he and Grover were out of the door of the small apartment and on their way to the car.

"Grover, backseat", ordered the driver with a smirk.

The brunette rolled his eyes and obeyed, taking his seat next to a red-headed girl with freckles.

Once Percy sat, he got pulled in by the blonde driver and kissed. "Hey, Perce."


"How are we going to get to school today?", yawned the dark-skinned girl tired and grabbed a coffee from the counter on her way into the spacious kitchen.

At the table were two other teenagers sitting. Both had olive-skin, black locks and dark, brown eyes. One was a girl, four years older than her, reading the newspaper, the other was a boy, three years older than her, drinking a black coffee. He looked up at her and grinned. The youngest of them didn't look anything like her older siblings, but that didn't make the golden-eyed, black-skinned brunette any less his sister.

"Morning, Hazel", grinned the boy and turned to look at the other girl opposite of him. "Don't know. Any idea, Bianca?"

The oldest teen blinked and looked up from her newspaper. "Weren't you listening to mom and dad earlier, Nico? Thanatos will drive us."

Nico shrugged slightly, sipping on his coffee. They were a pretty colorful patch-work family, but he liked it that way. Their father Hades di Angelo was the most famous lawyer of the state, wealthy and popular. That had brought him his first wife, a greedy bitch that had left him with the baby because all she wanted was the money and not a family. Hades raised Thanatos on his own at first, until he met a beautiful and charming young woman that had seen right away how swamped he was with the toddler. At first, she had only lend him a hand and then they had fallen in love. Nico's sister Bianca was within a year followed by his own birth, but their mother died in child-bed, leaving Hades all alone with a six-years old and two toddlers. Though his job as a lawyer made it hard to care for them properly so he got them a nanny, because three kids were too much for most normal single-parents, but being as busy as he was, it was nearly impossible. The nanny, a golden-eyed beauty called Persephone Levesque, soon fell in love with her boss. And once Hades had digested the death of his second wife and seen how much his children loved the woman, he fell for her too. Her pregnancy however was not planned, at least not at that time, so they married. And ever since then, everything seemed to work just fine for their little family.

"Did mom and dad already leave?", asked the dark-skinned girl curiously.

"As if", snorted Bianca, folding the newspaper. "You know how clingy they are. I'm still stunned that they allowed us to attend a boarding school to begin with. Damn, I'm happy summer is over."

"You're just happy that you can go back to sharing a room with your girlfriend", sing-songed Nico teasingly. "Bianca and Thalia are sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! Ow!"

He rubbed the back of his head where his older sister had hit him with the newspaper.

"Don't hit him!", defended Hazel worried and ran her fingers through his hair. "He's only jealous because he doesn't get any."

"Thank you, sis", growled the boy irritated and stuck his tongue out at her.

"A fact no one understands", hummed the oldest and nodded. "I mean, you're something like the king of this school. You're the captain of the football team. The football team that won every champion chip in the past three years in a row. There is not a single girl that doesn't hyperventilate when you smile at her. And everyone on the school – even the teachers – know that the co-captain of the cheerleaders is completely head-over-heels in love with you."

"The day I start dating Drew is the day you two please shot me", grumbled Nico disgusted. "She is the biggest bitch on school. I mean, seriously, her head is empty. All she cares about is being pretty and popular. I'm not insane enough to date that."

"But there must be someone on that school that makes you think 'I would tap that'!"

"Bianca, don't talk like that. It's gross and disturbing", grunted her brother irritated. "Besides, no. All of them are arrogant pricks that only care about how much money their parents made the last year and how pretty they look. They are shallow. I want someone who is beautiful from within too. Someone with, I don't know, emotions. And everyone at this school who got a heart, is already friends with me and thus family and thus no dating material or already dating some other friend of ours. So just... leave it, yeah? Someday I'll someone, but I don't care about that yet."

"That's a good way of thinking, son", interrupted their father's voice them.

Two tall, dark, handsome Italian men and a beautiful dark-skinned woman entered the kitchen. The woman started sobbing and ran over to the kids, hugging the air out of them.

"I will miss you so much! Why can't you visit a school around here?"

"Mom", laughed Hazel softly. "Because a boarding school is a unique experience in life. And because we have always gone to that school, so changing now would be stupid."

"You're suffocating me, mother!", yelped Nico breathlessly.

Persephone let go of them and looked at her step-children with tears streaming down her face. The teenagers walked up to their father, who then proceeded to hug them too, joined by Persephone and Thanatos. On the one hand leaving to the school year was good because it meant a bit distance from the overly affectionate family, but on the other hand they missed exactly that.

"Be good, kids. We'll see you as soon as possible. Skype me tonight to tell me how your time schedule is and what teachers you'll have and if any new students had joined", ordered Hades.

"Will do, dad", chuckled the boy.

"I assume we'll not drive to school directly, right?", grunted his older brother.

"No!", yelped Bianca wide-eyed. "Of course not! We need to fetch Thals and Jason."

They normally had a driver, but Thanatos always had a hard time to let go of his little siblings so he took it upon himself to drive them to their school and to pick them up once holidays arrived. The oldest child of Hades led the way out of the house and to the black stretch-limo, getting into the driver's seat. Hades and Persephone hugged the teenagers once more before they also got in.

"Be good! And call! And write! And come visiting!", called their mother after them.

Hazel rolled her eyes affectionately and sat down next to Nico. The boy grinned teasingly and stared at their older sister, who gazed out of the window with a dreamy look in her eyes.

"Thinking about your sweetheart?", snickered the boy.

"Don't tease her about love, Nico", warned the oldest sibling from the front.

"You're such a buzz-kill, Thany", grunted Nico with a pout.

"You know she hadn't seen Thalia all summer. So don't be mean."

The youngest of the boys rolled his dark eyes at that. He knew how irritating Thalia's step-mother was, she did not tolerate the 'inappropriate choice of lover' and forbade her to see Bianca all summer. A reason more why they all were giddy to go back to school, because the two Grace-siblings Thalia and Jason were close friends of theirs and not seeing them in two months sucked.

"Miss Thalia, you are awaited", grinned Thanatos through his open window.

The black-haired girl grinned broadly and pulled the door open, lunging at her girlfriend right away to kiss her fiercely. Behind her stood a blonde boy, sharing her sky-blue eyes. He was turned to look at the irritated glaring couple behind him.

"Bye, dad, good-bye, Hera", grunted the boy and followed his sister, hastily closing the door.

"Drive!", ordered Thalia as she saw how their step-mother neared the car. "Fast, Thany!"

"As you wish, milady", chuckled Thanatos amused and sped down the road.

"Hey, man", grinned Jason, scooting over to Nico. "How was your summer?"

"Family vacation in Milano", shrugged the quarterback. "It was pretty funny. You?"

"A whole summer with Hera? What do you think our summer was like?", shuddered Thalia.

She pouted and had her arms wrapped around Bianca, sitting on her lap. The Italian girl chuckled amused, resting her forehead against Thalia's. Hazel sighed.

"I can't wait to see Frank again...", mumbled the golden-eyed girl.

"But I would appreciate it if you wouldn't distract him that much during training", muttered Nico.

"Do you really think that would work?", laughed Jason. "She's a cheerleader! How is Frank supposed to not get distracted by his girlfriend in a short skirt doing the splits! I wish Reyna would finally join the cheerleaders too!"

"Yeah, right", snorted his friend ridiculed. "Go and join Chris in his whining. Your girlfriends will never join the cheerleaders. Chances are higher that I'll start dating a cheerleader than for Clarisse or Reyna to start jumping around in short skirts and with pom-poms!"

"You dating a cheerleader? I would love to see that!", laughed the blonde boy loudly.

"Well, Drew is hitting on him for ages now", drawled Thalia with a shrug.

"We already had that topic this morning", piped Hazel up. "No way in hell."

"And suddenly I'm glad that I will drop you off at school", snorted Thanatos. "Talking about school, we have arrived, kids. Have a great time and do as much mischief as possible – school is the best time of your lives after all. See you as soon as you drop by again!"

"Bye, brother", chorused the three younger di Angelo children.

"Bye, Thany!", grinned the Grace-siblings.

"School! Finally! Back at our kingdom again!", announced Jason with a broad grin and whirled around to look at the full parking lot of the castle.

They lived only half an hour away from the school, thus had the possibility to visit home more often than some others. Most were at the moment busy with tearful good-byes.

"I can't wait to get back to our room", grinned Thalia, linking fingers with Bianca.

"Pervs!", chorused their brothers a bit crossed out.

"Idiots", grunted Hazel and shook her head.

All their belongings had already been collected and brought to the school days ago, as always. Jason grinned and laid one arm around Nico's shoulders, scanning the crowd.

"Can't wait for this year. It's going to be amazing!", announced Jason.

"It's going to be our last", hummed his older sister.

"Yours, granny", smirked the blonde. "Nico and I keep ruling the school for one more year!"

"You did realize that you don't rule the school, right? You're more like the lackey that is always found near the king. Or the jester", interjected another voice.

The di Angelos and the Graces turned around to face the two black-haired girls.

"Reyna, baby!", yelped Jason wide-eyed and kissed the younger one of the black-haired girls fiercely. "And if anyone is the jester, it's Leo. By the way, now that we found my girlfriend, we'll go and look for my best friend. I need to hear about that moron's summer adventures!"

"Hello, Reyna, Hylla", greeted the others.

"Hey, guys", replied the Anderson-sisters.

Their slowly growing group walked over the parking lot to get to the castle and find the rest of their friends. Though half way up, Nico collided with his blonde friend because he didn't pay attention.

"What was that, man?", grunted Jason irritated.

But the Italian didn't reply, his eyes fixed on a point behind the Grace boy. His friends were confused by the lack of reaction and followed his gaze, just to find the yellow car he was staring at. The outsiders of the school were gathered around the car, a blonde boy sitting on the hood, next to a brunette they recognized as the principal's nephew. A red-headed girl was standing next to the car, laughing at something a black-haired boy had said. A boy they had never seen before. A boy that had captivated Nico di Angelo the moment he had gotten out of that yellow car. Black, wild hair and such bright and piercing sea-green eyes that the Italian could even see them in such a distance. And that ass. The boy had turned around to face his friends and the school uniform fitted the round and firm looking cheeks perfectly. It was just irritating that the blonde had his hands on that ass.

"Who is that?", whispered Nico astonished. "And what is Simmons doing with that ass?"


"Welcome to Olympus High", announced Octavian, lifting Percy up at his ass until the younger teen was sitting between his legs on the hood of the car. "I bet you'll have a real fun time."

"Stop it, Tavy", grunted Rachel irritated. "Seriously. You two creep me out. And you know the rule. No dating between members of this group."

"Whoever said anything about dating, Rach?", grinned her best friend mischievously. "I just want some more of that ass. I don't need a boyfriend."

"Thanks for the honesty, Octavian", snorted Percy on his lap ridiculed and rolled his eyes.

"You're welcome, Perce", purred the blonde. "So, you up for a little fun later?"

"Uh... Actually, no", declined the green-eyed boy amused. "I'm not in for 'a little fun'. A real relationship or nothing. And since I'd rather stay within this group, nothing at all."

"Ah! There are our two geeks!", grinned Grover, looking into the distance.

Two blondes were running up to them from the school, a girl and a boy.

"Hey, Malcolm, hey, Annabeth!", waved Percy from his place on top of the hood.

Though he lost his focus on them as he caught a group a little behind the two blondes. Two Italians, a dark-skinned girl, a blonde guy and three black-haired girls. One of the Italians was a girl, the other was a boy. And the boy gave made him shudder. Deep, dark eyes, black, wavy hair, olive-skin, tall and handsome, muscular and with a breath-taking smirk that was aimed at the dark-skinned girl. He was perfect. Never before had Percy seen such a gorgeous guy.

"Who... Who is that boy over there? The Italian?", whispered Percy lowly.

"Who?", asked the blonde girl confused as she hopped onto the hood too.

"I think he's talking about the Ghost King", snickered Rachel amused.

"Ghost King?", repeated the green-eyed boy confused.

"Nico di Angelo, the quarterback and king of school. And yes, di Angelo as in Hades di Angelo. He's like the most popular guy at school", snorted Grover. "You have taste, dude. Taste that sucks."

"True", agreed Malcolm with a frown. "You can't just drool over a jock like that. Jocks are dumb. Jocks are our natural enemies. Just like the evil jock-concubines. The cheerleaders."

"True", agreed Octavian. "You should stay away from them. It's the natural order of life. We're the losers, we stay away from the cool kids. That's safer."

"Besides, if you dare to even come near Nico di Angelo, the co-captain of the cheerleaders will personally rip you apart limp by limp", snorted Rachel.

"Oh", nodded Percy slowly and leaned back against the blonde. "Sure. I just... got curious."


Nico glared at Octavian as he watched how the blonde wrapped his arms around the new boy who was sitting on his lap. Why should such a pretty thing hang out with the losers?

"Nico, man, snap out of it!", grunted his best friend.

"But... Beckendorf", whined Nico and turned to the newly-arrivals.

A dark-skinned boy stood next to him, glaring a bit irritated, one arm wrapped around a blonde, petite girl, already wearing her cheerleading uniform. Next to her stood another cheerleader, a native-American girl with unruly, brown hair, staring into the same direction as him.

"Aw, why does she have to be a brainiac?", mumbled the girl with a slight blush.

"Stop staring at those losers, you two", ordered Jason irritated. "The earlier we get moving, the earlier we can start our training again. And I want us winning every game of the season!"

His friends all cheered loudly at that and their group started moving again.