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Title: Welcome to Olympus High – Of Jocks and Cheerleaders

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; complete AU

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, crossdressing, masturbating, toys, explicit intercourse, anal, oral, past child abuse, bullying, high school drama, human AU, threesome, shoujo-ai, hetero

Main Pairing: Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: Luke/Percy, Octavian/Percy, Ethan/Alabaster, Jake/Will, Thalia/Bianca, Piper/Annabeth, Lou/Miranda, Nico/Drew (one-sided), Frank/Hazel → Frank/Hazel/Leo, Charles/Silena, Jason/Reyna, Chris/Clarisse, Grover/Juniper, Malcolm/Katie, Shane/Lacy, Michael/Calypso, Chiron/Lupa, Ares/Aphrodite, Zeus/Hera, Hades/Persephone, Paul/Sally, Gleeson/Mellie, Frederick/Juliet, William/Elisabeth, Poseidon/Amphitrite (mentioned), Poseidon/Sally (past)

Percy's Gang (the outsider): Perseus Jackson, Grover Underwood, Annabeth Chase, Malcolm Cage, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Octavian Simmons, Juniper Nightshade, Katie Gardner

Cheerleading Squat: Silena Beauregard, Drew Tanaka, Nancy Bobofit, Khione Krystal, Piper McLean, Nyssa Black, Lacy Hunnigan, Hazel di Angelo, Mitchell Logan

Football Team: Nico di Angelo, Charles Beckendorf, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Frank Zhang, Jake Mason, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Chris Rodriguez

Hockey Team: Luke Castellan, Ethan Nakamura, Alabaster C. Torrington, Sherman Potter, Mark Meyer, Clovis Daver, Butch Knightley, Shane McNabb, Christopher Clark, Harley Davis

Garden Club: Lou Ellen, Katie Gardner, Miranda Gardner, Calypso Nightshade, Juniper Nightshade, Grover Underwood, Castor Liber, Pollux Liber, Dakota Elle

Martial Arts Club: Clarisse la Rue, Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Hylla Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Kinzie Cohen

Archery Club: Zoe Nightshade, Phoebe Burge, Thalia Grace, Bianca di Angelo, Lee Fletcher, Michael Yew, Will Solace, Austin Barton, Kayla Hein

Percy's Family: Tyson Blofis, Ella Blofis, Sally Blofis, Paul Blofis, Mrs. O'Leary, Poseidon Jackson

Bianca, Nico and Hazel's Family: Hades di Angelo, Persephone di Angelo, Thanatos di Angelo

Thalia and Jason's Family: Zeus Grace, Hera Grace, Hercules Grace

Piper's Family: Tristan McLean, Mellie Hedge, Gleeson Hedge

Annabeth's Family: Frederick Chase, Juliet Chase, Bobby Chase, Matthew Chase

Rachel's Family: William Dare, Elizabeth Dare

Staff at Olympus High: Principal Chiron Brunner, Lupa Brunner (counselor), Doctor Howard Claymore (librarian), Mister Ares (coach), Miss Aphrodite (coach cheerleaders), Mister Hermes (history teacher), Mister Dionysus (drama teacher), Miss Athena (English teacher), Miss Demeter (biology teacher, garden club), Mister Apollo (nurse), Miss Artemis (PE teacher, archery club), Missus Nemesis (math teacher), Missus Iris (arts teacher), Mister Hephaestus (crafts teacher), Miss Hecate (chemistry teacher), Mister Hypnos (music teacher)

Animals on Olympus High: Blackjack, Arion, Scipio, Tempest, Aurum, Argentum

Summary: Percy Jackson had always been a loner and outsider. Though this time, in this school, everything promises to be the slightest bit different. Because he has friends. They are still outsiders, but together that doesn't sound half bad. The only problem is that handsome jock and so-called Ghost King of the school. Or more so, the social gap between them... Which needs to be changed.

Welcome to Olympus High

Of Jocks and Cheerleaders

22. Lesson: Unexpected Individuals

"You're my boyfriend now."

Okay, a little more anticlimactic than Octavian would have pictured it. Cocking one eyebrow, the Brit stared at last night's lover. Luke was laying half on top of him, returning the stare.

"I seem to miss the question-mark here", pointed Octavian out, a little amused.

"There wasn't one", replied Luke nonchalantly and leaned up to peck Octavian's lips. "You took my fucking virginity last night and I'm not losing that to a one-night-stand. So man up."

"It's very hard to believe that you're a virgin", snorted Octavian highly amused by now.

"Not a total virgin", huffed Luke and rolled his eyes. "But I never let anyone top me."

"Aw, you know how to make a guy feel special", teased Octavian, resting his hand in Luke's neck and pulling him into a deeper kiss. "Maybe, if you stop being a jerk, I'd think about it."

"Now who's being a jerk?", grunted Luke with a glare, hitting Octavian's shoulder. "Fuck, I'm freezing. How about we get dressed and out of here before someone sees us here?"

Right, they were still laying outside, butt-naked. Nodding slowly, Octavian grabbed their clothes.


Annabeth had the sweetest smile attached to her lips as she carried a cake over to Percy's room. Her girlfriend was dutifully trailing after her. Piper had been promised sex if she'd do as Annabeth said. It actually was a deal of if Piper did whatever Annabeth asked today, Annabeth would be doing whatever Piper asked tonight. And that was more than motivating, especially after all the naughty things Annabeth had shown last night to be capable of.

"Where are we going?", asked Piper curiously, looking at the others.

Malcolm and Rachel were with them, grinning knowingly. Something told Piper that she was truly going to earn tonight's naughty times. But she wasn't one to back out of a challenge.

"It's a politic-thing", answered Rachel after a while. "You may have noticed how obsessive your girlfriend is over political things and such. We're in on a little weekend road trip. This cake is Annabeth trying to convince Percy to join us. Percy hates politics. They bore him to death."

Piper nodded slowly, accepting that for now. She knew they were in the middle of being wooed at the moment – every party wanting to gain as many votes as possible. And ew, did that make her glad to not be off-age yet so she won't have to worry about such things like voting. But Annabeth cared and as a good girlfriend, Piper would accompany the blonde. She knew of the big debate in the next town over – the president, running for his reelection, against his opponent. Even Piper could guess that someone interested in such matters would be overjoyed at the prospect of attending. Smiling softly, she rested her hand on Annabeth's lower back.

"What about the others?", inquired Piper curiously.

"Grover, Juniper and Katie have cleverly schedule a garden club meeting for today", snorted Annabeth and rolled her eyes irritated. "Though I do wonder where Octavian is... Now come."


Octavian was in the public showers of the gym, pressed against the tiles, with his wrists above his head. And he surely was glad that Annabeth was not looking for him at the moment. Groaning, he thrust his hips forward, gaining some friction between his achingly hard member and that of his lover. Luke gave him a cheeky grin and licked Octavian's lips teasingly. It was downright adorable how much the hockey jock thought that he was in control. Octavian smirked wickedly.

"Get down on your knees and suck my cock", growled the Brit out hoarsely. "Now."

"You think you're in control here? The way I see it, I got you pinned", snarled Luke.

Smirking confidently, Octavian leaned in, his breath ghosting over Luke's ear while the warm water kept coming down on them. "We both know you want my hard, thick cock down your hungry throat. You want to know how I taste. You want to control me by my dick, don't you?"

Luke glared at the challenge, but seemed intrigued by the idea of 'controlling Octavian by his dick'. Within seconds, the jock went down on Octavian, making the nerd smirk victoriously.


"My butt hurts", was the first thing that left Percy's mouth in the morning. "And it feels ew."

"I told you so", shrugged Nico amused and leaned in to kiss Percy. "Good morning, mio bello."

"Morning", grinned Percy softly. "Shower? You promised me shower-sex last night."

"Sorry to cancel your shower sex, but you'll have to hurry so we'll be in time."

The two boys bolted apart – not without a pained hiss from Percy – and stared at the four grinning teens in the door-way. Blushing furiously, Percy pulled the blanket up to his nose.

"Why are you interrupting my Percy-time and my possible shower-sex?", asked Nico sharply.

"Because Percy is going to be the amazing, awesome, wonderful best friend he is and will go with us to the debate", smiled Annabeth charmingly, presenting the cake. "I bring sacrifices?"

"The only sacrifice I'd take would be a naked Nico on a plate", muttered Percy with a pout.

"Come on!", whined Annabeth and sat down on Percy's bed, not minding the two blushing and still naked boys. "You promised me! Percy, please. Now that you have Nico and I have Piper, we scarcely do friendshippy stuff anymore, we only do relationshippy stuff."

"Yeah, but can't we do something... fun?", whined Percy with those big, pleading eyes of his.

"How about a compromise?", asked Annabeth with a grin. "We do my thing, but you can bring your... thing there along and after it's over, we go and hit a restaurant, my treat?"

"Why do I get the feeling that I'm the 'thing' and that I don't get a choice in this matter?", asked Nico with a frown, earning himself the puppy-eyes from Percy. "Okay, okay. Fine."

"You're the best boyfriend in the world", grinned Percy and kissed him. "And anyone who isn't Nico will right now leave the room so we can get showered and dressed. Wait in the hall."

"But no shower-sex!", warned Rachel as she led the others out.

Once they could hear the front door close behind their friends, Percy stood and tugged Nico on the hand. "You know, we really can't have shower-sex now. Annabeth will be tearing down the door if we're not out in ten minutes. She's very... persistent."

"Too bad", sighed Nico and shrugged. "Well, we can still get that done once we're back here, right? For now, how about you enlighten me as to what I just agreed to."

"I have no idea", shrugged Percy with a frown. "You know I tend to... zoom out when Annabeth gets too much into something. So it's either a museum, some kind of lecture from some author or professor she likes, or I don't know what. I really should listen to her more closely..."

"At least when you seal our fate like that", grunted Nico in agreement.


Rachel and Malcolm exchanged an amused smile as they loaded the snacks into the van. Percy and Nico were busy making out and subtly trying to get to know what they had gotten themselves into. It wasn't a surprise that Percy didn't remember, but for Annabeth's sake, it was better not to tell him. He got oddly defensive and aggressive when it came to politics, so it had been a surprise to learn that he had agreed to come to begin with. Now it was evident why he had agreed. Clueless as ever.

"Where in the world is Octavian?", groaned Annabeth annoyed, stalking around the car with a frown attached to her face and Piper trailing after her, trying to sooth her. "He knows how important it is to me that we're not running late! Argh, I'll grill his sorry ass-"

"Now, now. Calm down, Annabeth", interrupted Octavian with a chuckle. "I'm here now."

He had his hands deep in his pockets, but mainly so because he didn't exactly know where else to place them. After the best shower-blowjob he had ever gotten (also the first, but that was beside the point), he had told Luke that there was something important he needed to attend. Much to his confusion, the jock had nearly obediently trailed after him. Just like he did right now. His friends were giving him and Luke curious and confused looks from where they were waiting inside the car.

"Well then, move your sorry ass into the car!", huffed Annabeth and climbed in herself.

Rachel held onto the steering wheel, exchanging another look with Malcolm next to her, but the blonde only shrugged confused. Nico and Percy had taken up the back-seats, half sitting on top of each other while already being back to making out. Annabeth and Piper sat right behind Rachel and Malcolm (mainly so because Annabeth wanted to give enough input to Rachel's driving – the little control freak). Octavian half sat on the last free row, turned toward Luke.

"Well... see you later?", asked the Brit unsure.

"Not so cocky anymore, asshole?", grunted Luke with a glare. "Too fine to tell your friends?"

Rolling his eyes annoyed by Luke's attitude, Octavian pulled the slightly shorter blonde into a deep and lasting kiss. Even Nico and Percy took a break from their kiss to watch that and Percy was not ashamed to admit that that was extremely hot to watch. Grinning slightly, he leaned forward.

"Get your ass in here, Castellan", ordered Percy amused. "Whatever this is, I'm sure Octavian will enjoy it more with his boyfriend at his side. Right, Tavy?"

"Very sure", agreed Octavian with a leer, his hands on Luke's ass as he lifted the jock over to place him on his lap. "What do you say, boyfriend? In for a little road trip with my annoying friends?"

"If he stops calling you Tavy", grunted Luke with a jealous glare toward Percy.

"This is going to be fun", smirked Percy and leaned back against his own boyfriend.

"How would you know? You have no idea what this is about!", laughed Rachel amused.


A more than satisfied grin was laying on Leo's lips as he stretched his sore body. The smell of bacon and eggs and pancakes filled the air and he just knew that he would be pampered today.

"Love? Are you awake? Frank made you breakfast", whispered Hazel softly, kissing his nose.

"Mh... what did I do to deserve that?", yawned Leo and snuggled up to Hazel's naked body.

"All the things you did last night? For starters", chuckled Hazel amused and ran her fingers through his curls. "You were amazing, Leo. And so freaking sexy. Damn, I get horny just thinking..."

"Then stop thinking!", interrupted Frank as he entered the bedroom. "I didn't make breakfast just for you to let it get cold in favor of devouring Leo. First food, then... dessert."

"Oh! Do we have whipped cream? Or at least chocolate sauce? I know that will go along quite perfectly with that delicious, little caramel treat we have", grinned Hazel wickedly, licking her lips.

"Uh... Breakfast?", squealed Leo a little flustered. "And maybe hide me, please?"

"Why should I hide you?", snorted Frank and sat down behind the Latino, kissing his shoulder.

"Because I'm sore all over", whined the Latino. "If you keep going at it like that, you're going to break me! Oh I just hope Nico won't have one of his special training sessions in store today..."

"I saw him leave with Percy and the others when I was making breakfast. I don't think there won't be any training today", grinned Frank. "Which means we have all the time in the world to play."

"I am never going to walk again", groaned Leo as he accepted his fate and dug into his pancakes.


Nico observed with a confused frown how dread settled in the eyes of his boyfriend. Once Annabeth finally told them where they were going, all playfulness left Percy and the boy argued quite harshly with Annabeth how much he disapproved of her tricking him into this.

"It's just a political debate, Percy", tried Nico to sooth him. "It'll be boring, but it'll also be over."

With a very exhausted sigh, Percy gave up. They didn't understand and they wouldn't understand, not until they learned the truth. And there was no way he could or would tell them. Pouting, he snuggled up to Nico, enjoying the Italian's arms around him. What would they say if they knew?

Sitting on a very uncomfortable chair between Annabeth and Nico, he made sure to have as much Nico around him as possible. He was mildly aware that Annabeth was engaging in a conversation with Malcolm behind her. Luke, Octavian, Malcolm and Rachel were sitting right behind them.

"Who are you lot going to vote for anyway?", asked Luke only mildly interested, getting some scandalized looks from the others. "What? It's a legit question. I just spend five hours in a van with you guys to watch a politic debate. So, which one of those two guys are you going to vote for?"

"Ganymedes", answered Octavian nonchalantly, earning himself exhausted huffs. "What? I know he is more inexperienced and many of his agendas are a little weird, but he would at least push gay marriage and adoption. And honestly, out of all this shit, that's the only one that counts for me."

Ganymedes was a new face – all sparkling eyes, enthusiasm, white smile and golden hair. The challenger. Octavian was right, his agendas were a little bit of everything and 'I want to please everyone', but he was gay and his promises of fighting for gay rights had gotten him many followers. Still, the one he was going to fight, the current president running for reelection, had many aces up his sleeves. Most of all, his good reputation.

"Poseidon Jackson stands for old, long-overdue values", snorted Luke, nodding in agreement. "All this perfect, straight, white America. Sure, he did a good job, but... isn't it time for something new? For a change? A gay president. I like that idea. It'll be an uproar."

"Thank you", nodded Octavian pleased, wrapping one arm around his lover's shoulders.

Old, long-overdue values. Percy gave a bitter smile, hiding his face in the crook of Nico's neck. Born in a small town, fed politics until he was old enough to run for mayor, before that always head boy at school, everywhere. Always the leader. Captain of the football team, dating Amphitrite Atlantis, the head cheerleaders. Always perfect grades. Marrying his high school sweetheart once they reach a reasonable age. Being gifted with a strong heir from his wife, who was following his father's footsteps with pride and his chest puffed out. Slowly and with hard work climbing up the latter until he became the most important man. And now running for reelection. Yes, one could say that Percy had read the biography like it was the bible and memorized it by heart.

There were chapters that had never been written, of course. That it was less guidance and more forcing-it-down-Poseidon's throat from his parents' side, forming him into exactly what they wanted. That the perfect picture model of what American success should look like was not as perfect. As a college student, short of his mayor, Poseidon had met this pretty, charming and friendly high school cheerleader and left her on her own with a teenage pregnancy. His parents had right from the start done everything in their power to erase the child's existence from any documents and Percy had the feeling that even today, if one were to take a DNA sample from him and Poseidon, the CIA, FBI or another ABC-club would manipulate the test and make sure that no one was to learn the truth. The best kept secret of the White House. The stain on the white west of the symbol of what a perfect American should look like. The straight, white, hard-working man.

Percy would be voting for Ganymedes. With all the trouble – economic, terrorism, battles in oversea – people wanted to cling to what they knew best. The old, long-overdue values. What they needed however was something new. Someone as enthusiastic as Ganymedes.


"Thank you, you are such a sweetheart", smiled Annabeth and kissed Percy's cheek. "Thanks for coming even though you don't care about politics at all. Was probably completely boring."

"Now, that promised food", drawled Nico with a grin, one arm around Percy's waist.

"Right!", nodded Malcolm. "There is a great restaurant just down the street."

Percy took a look around, noticing the sunglasses that had kept staring at him as though he was a terrorist with C4 strapped around his chest all evening. "You guys go ahead. I really got to pee first. Don't worry, I know the place. I'll find it. See you later!"

He watched his friends leave, reluctantly and with confused looks on their faces, as he mingled back into the crowd. What he was expecting was a preaching – he always got them from one of the sunglasses when he dared to attend such events. What he wasn't expecting was to be escorted to a backroom in such ninja secrecy that it even surprised him.

"Perseus. I... wouldn't have thought you'd come."

The voice in the dark room startled him, but the sunglasses that had accompanied him turned the light on, letting it flicker. "You have five minutes, Mister President. Five minutes."

On a couch in the formerly dark room sat a very exhausted president, nursing a whiskey. The man looked up and stared at Percy with those intense, sea-green eyes. Percy shifted uncomfortably as the door closed behind the sunglasses. Leaving him alone with the president.

"You've grown so much", murmured Poseidon in awe and stood, spreading his arms. "How is it that every time I see you, you are more beautiful than before? And stronger! Hah. That's my boy."

Percy blushed embarrassed. So maybe he was doing the hugging a little too tight, but it had been so long since he had last gotten to see his father. Poseidon smiled at him and wrapped his arms around Percy, hugging him close. Burying his face in the expensive suit, Percy closed his eyes.

"That's probably because the last time you saw me was at my birthday half a year ago."

"That's right", nodded Poseidon wistfully. "Well, how good are you with Riptide yet?"

"Good, really good", answered Percy softly. "I got this friend now – Nico – and we train."

He cursed beneath his breath as a blush spread over his cheeks at the mention of Nico's name. Poseidon pushed him away some and stared curiously and interested at him.

"Nico?", repeated Poseidon interested. "More than a friend, I would say. Judging by that blush. What's his last name, Perseus? Family background? Oh, forget that, I will look it up myself."

"You are not sending your sunglasses after my boyfriend, dad!", exclaimed Percy wide-eyed.

"Stop always calling my bodyguards 'sunglasses'", chuckled Poseidon fondly, resting one hand on Percy's shoulder. "I like it when you call me that. I'm... sorry, Perseus. I wish I could be there for you, my boy. Let me at least make sure that the people around you are good, yes?"

"Okay, dad", sighed Percy with a slight pout. "Nico di Angelo. There, happy now?"

"Stubborn teen", smiled Poseidon amused, ruffling Percy's hair. "How is the new school? Everyone nice to you? If not, give me the names and I'll send my... sunglasses after them."

"Dad, I can handle bullies on my own", complained Percy embarrassed.

"I know", laughed Poseidon. "You're a Jackson, after all. We can stand our grou-"

"Mister President? We have to go. Now", interrupted one of the sunglasses.

"Well, time is up", muttered Percy with a crestfallen look.


Nico stared down at his boyfriend in worry. Percy had barely spoken a word during dinner and even less during the drive back to school. Right now, the Italian had his lover cradled in his arms, the two boys laying on Percy's bed. There was a sadness in those sea-green eyes, one that Nico didn't like.

"You know, that promised sex... I think we should delay that. You look like you could rather use some cuddles", whispered Nico softly, caressing Percy's hair. "What do you say? Cuddling."

"Yes. Yes, please. No sex!"

Nico raised one eyebrow and turned his head. "Thank you for your input, Grover."

"What?", huffed the brunette on the bed opposite theirs, throwing his pillow at the Italian. "I am so sick and tired of being kicked out of my own room just you can do the naughty with my best friend! Can't you hold it in your pants, di Angelo? Seriously! I just want to sleep!"

"We're sorry, Grover", whispered Percy with a small smile. "We'll behave better from now on."

"What? No! That sounds like no-sex-for-Nico! Nico does not approve!", yelped Nico wide-eyed.

"No sex in my bed", chuckled Percy and leaned up to kiss Nico softly. "There are plenty of interesting places to have sex in around this school. Like, the lake. I really want to have sex with you in the lake. Or the library, behind one of the tall shelves. Without being caught."

"Oh... This sounds good", grinned Nico stupidly and nodded. "Okay. Can live with that."

"I love you, Nico", smiled Percy and snuggled back into the arms of his lover. "So much. Now let's sleep, lover boy. Good night, Grover! I promise we won't wake you with sex-noises."

"I will stay in doubt until morning", snorted Grover skeptically. "Night, you two."


"Y—You sure – oh fuck, oh fuck, do that again, damn it – that this is okay?", panted Luke softly.

"Beckendorf is out for dinner and a movie with his girl, he told me which movie they'd see, so... They won't be back before one in the morning", smirked Octavian wickedly. "Enough time for sex."

"I like the sound of that", growled Luke and kissed the other blonde harshly.

"Can we watch?", chorused Travis and Connor from the living room.

"Fuck you", grunted Octavian with a glare. "Seriously. Just fuck you."

With that, he closed his bedroom door loudly and pushed Luke onto his bed. That was a picture he could get used to. A flustered Luke, with his hair pointing up from all the running-through it that Octavian had done, and his clothes crumbled, laying sprawled on his bed, the legs drawn up. Hot. Just incredibly hot. Sitting down between his lover's legs, he pushed the shirt up some. Damn hot.


"P—Piper? Uh... I don't... can we cancel this?"

"You said everything I wanted", smirked Piper wickedly, laying on Annabeth's bed.

"But this is just... humiliating! Piper!", whined Annabeth displeased as she slowly entered.

"Fuck", muttered Piper and licked her lips. "This is hot. That's what it is. Now come here and do your job. I'm a very dirty girl, I need a pretty French maid right now."

Annabeth's cheeks were burning with embarrassment as she tried to pull the way too short French maid dress down some more, while at the same time trying to pull it up more because she felt as though her boobs were about to fall out. She even hat a little hat on her head.

"Where can I clean, Miss?", asked Annabeth in her best imitation of a French accent.

"Wow", whispered Piper in awe, staring at her like a child at the Christmas tree. "I love you."


"Why am I wearing a French maid dress, Hazel?!", exclaimed Leo as he woke up from his nap.

"Piper and I bought them together!", exclaimed Hazel with a broad grin. "Now come play!"

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