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Title: Welcome to Olympus High – Of Jocks and Cheerleaders

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; complete AU

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, crossdressing, masturbating, toys, explicit intercourse, anal, oral, past child abuse, bullying, high school drama, human AU, threesome, shoujo-ai, hetero

Main Pairing: Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: Luke/Percy, Octavian/Percy, Ethan/Alabaster, Jake/Will, Thalia/Bianca, Piper/Annabeth, Lou/Miranda, Nico/Drew (one-sided), Frank/Hazel → Frank/Hazel/Leo, Charles/Silena, Jason/Reyna, Chris/Clarisse, Grover/Juniper, Malcolm/Katie, Shane/Lacy, Michael/Calypso, Chiron/Lupa, Ares/Aphrodite, Zeus/Hera, Hades/Persephone, Paul/Sally, Gleeson/Mellie, Frederick/Juliet, William/Elisabeth, Poseidon/Amphitrite (mentioned), Poseidon/Sally (past)

Percy's Gang (the outsider): Perseus Jackson, Grover Underwood, Annabeth Chase, Malcolm Cage, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Octavian Simmons, Juniper Nightshade, Katie Gardner

Cheerleading Squat: Silena Beauregard, Drew Tanaka, Nancy Bobofit, Khione Krystal, Piper McLean, Nyssa Black, Lacy Hunnigan, Hazel di Angelo, Mitchell Logan

Football Team: Nico di Angelo, Charles Beckendorf, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Frank Zhang, Jake Mason, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Chris Rodriguez

Hockey Team: Luke Castellan, Ethan Nakamura, Alabaster C. Torrington, Sherman Potter, Mark Meyer, Clovis Daver, Butch Knightley, Shane McNabb, Christopher Clark, Harley Davis

Garden Club: Lou Ellen, Katie Gardner, Miranda Gardner, Calypso Nightshade, Juniper Nightshade, Grover Underwood, Castor Liber, Pollux Liber, Dakota Elle

Martial Arts Club: Clarisse la Rue, Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Hylla Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Kinzie Cohen

Archery Club: Zoe Nightshade, Phoebe Burge, Thalia Grace, Bianca di Angelo, Lee Fletcher, Michael Yew, Will Solace, Austin Barton, Kayla Hein

Percy's Family: Tyson Blofis, Ella Blofis, Sally Blofis, Paul Blofis, Mrs. O'Leary, Poseidon Jackson

Bianca, Nico and Hazel's Family: Hades di Angelo, Persephone di Angelo, Thanatos di Angelo

Thalia and Jason's Family: Zeus Grace, Hera Grace, Hercules Grace

Piper's Family: Tristan McLean, Mellie Hedge, Gleeson Hedge

Annabeth's Family: Frederick Chase, Juliet Chase, Bobby Chase, Matthew Chase

Rachel's Family: William Dare, Elizabeth Dare

Staff at Olympus High: Principal Chiron Brunner, Lupa Brunner (counselor), Doctor Howard Claymore (librarian), Mister Ares (coach), Miss Aphrodite (coach cheerleaders), Mister Hermes (history teacher), Mister Dionysus (drama teacher), Miss Athena (English teacher), Miss Demeter (biology teacher, garden club), Mister Apollo (nurse), Miss Artemis (PE teacher, archery club), Missus Nemesis (math teacher), Missus Iris (arts teacher), Mister Hephaestus (crafts teacher), Miss Hecate (chemistry teacher), Mister Hypnos (music teacher)

Animals on Olympus High: Blackjack, Arion, Scipio, Tempest, Aurum, Argentum

Summary: Percy Jackson had always been a loner and outsider. Though this time, in this school, everything promises to be the slightest bit different. Because he has friends. They are still outsiders, but together that doesn't sound half bad. The only problem is that handsome jock and so-called Ghost King of the school. Or more so, the social gap between them... Which needs to be changed.

Welcome to Olympus High

Of Jocks and Cheerleaders

25. Lesson: Individual Happy Endings

"D—Do I look good? Oh, I should have dressed in the cyan blue shirt, not the marine blue. Or maybe the sky blue one? Nico, I look horrible. You should have told me earlier!"

Nico just rolled his eyes with the smallest smile, interlacing his fingers with Percy. "You're beautiful. You look stunning and amazing and the shade of blue you're wearing is complimenting your eyes in the best of ways. Will you calm down now, please?"

"You know, one may think you should be jealous", chuckled Thanatos amused. "I mean, that boy is going crazy over impressing the president with his clothes. He's even worse than dad."

Both Hades and Percy huffed and glared at the dark-skinned boy. Hades, Persephone, Thanatos, Nico, Percy, Leo, Hazel, Frank, Thalia and Bianca were just on their way into the fanciest . Leo and Percy were wearing nearly identical suits, Percy with a blue dress-shirt and Leo with a red dress-shirt. Hazel was wearing a black and dark purple dress that floated around her beautifully, with golden embroidery. Frank's dress-shirt was in a matching dark-purple to Hazel's dress. Bianca's dress was very similar in style, but it was purely black, with silver embroidery. Thalia's was a dark blue, nearly black like the night sky, but with silver embroidery that matched her girlfriend's. Nico, Thanatos and Hades looked like three versions of the same, matching tuxes completely in black. And Persephone's dress had differently green-shaded high-lights, with golden embroidery.

"I'm nervous, okay? I'm just a kid from the bad end of town and here are more people whose faces had been on magazines, in the newspapers and on TV than I could picture!", hissed Percy.

Nico chuckled softly, knowing exactly that that was not what this was about. But he knew that Percy's relations to the host of this ball were nothing to ever be discussed again. Percy took a deep breath, nearly breaking Nico's fingers as the two of them followed Hades and Persephone to their table. Seeing as Hades was on very good terms with Poseidon Jackson and had pushed the reelected president's candidacy quite a lot, they were sitting at very close. Close enough that Hades could just turn some to engage in a conversation with Poseidon right away. Though once Poseidon's eyes swept over the others on the table while laughing over something Hades had said, he suddenly froze. The smile on his face died just for a second as he locked eyes with Percy.

Hades noticed his friend's reaction, smiling slightly. "Yeah, that one is new. My little boy here finally settled down for a proper relationship. I never thought that would happen."

Laughing slightly, he clapped Nico on the shoulder, who coughed slightly under the force. "Yes, I did. Though it took such a clever, mesmerizing, kind beauty like Percy to tie me down."

Percy blushed under the praise, knowing that Nico was just saying that because he wanted Poseidon to know on just what an amazing son he was missing out. Even though Percy had told him not to. Still brightly pink, Percy stared up at his dad nervously, biting his lip hard.

"Hey now, if you bite any harder, you'll bleed", whispered Nico, running his thumb over the plump, delicious lips of his lover, leaning in to kiss Percy's temple. "Calm down, mio bello."

"Yeah, you're right", nodded Percy and took a deep breath before slowly standing up. "If you'd excuse me, I think I need a little bit of fresh air..."

"Be back before the salad comes!", exclaimed Leo. "Don't miss the amazing food!"

Percy chuckled softly to himself as he went through the large glass-doors into the garden. It was already dark outside, stars on the sky. Even the air was slightly chilly. But it was beautiful. Shivering slightly, he rubbed his arms. He started just the slightest bit as someone put a jacket on his shoulders. Turning some, he was even more startled to see Thanatos smiling at him.

"I think Nico and me are more similar than I previously assumed", chuckled Thanatos, resting one hand on Percy's lower back and steering him away from prying ears. "You're his son. That's why I felt that odd attraction to you when Nico first introduced us. Oh, don't look so scandalized. You're beautiful. Got the same eyes and also some other features just like my little pearl of the sea."

"Triton. Yes", nodded Percy numbly. "Nico mentioned that before. I—Is it that obvious...?"

"Well, if he's looking as though he has a stroke and you blush and stammer like a little maiden", snorted Thanatos and rolled his eyes. "But no. It's just... seeing you up close next to each othre and both of you behaving so suspiciously. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. Though one day, I'd love to hear an explanation. For now, you need to calm down before you gain too much attention, because I suspect that you are a well-kept secret and we should probably keep it that way. Now, to take your mind off this, how about a dance? It'll give you something else to concentrate on."

"Yes. Yes, please", nodded Percy hastily, taking the offered hand as they started to sway to the soft music coming from inside. "A—And thank you... For distracting me."

"You're part of the family now", chuckled Thanatos with mirth dancing in his eyes. "Nico cares an awful lot about you. I've never seen him that invested with anyone. You look lovely, by the way."

Nico glared just a little jealously as he watched his big brother and his boyfriend dance. "I have to use the bathroom, if you'd excuse me. And yes, Leo, I'll be back before the salad."

While taking his time refreshing himself and glaring at the mirror, he nearly missed how the bathroom door opened and four men with sunglasses entered, ushering everyone out. Poseidon Jackson followed, laughing slightly to himself while others left.

"No, no, he can stay", smirked Poseidon as one sunglasses approached Nico.

The sunglasses glared at the president before leaving, most likely to wait outside the door. "Sir?"

"So, you're that boy. The one dating my Percy", grunted Poseidon lowly, clapping Nico's shoulder with force and also gripping it that way. "He told me about you. I didn't quite make the connection that you're Hades' Nico. I hope that you are going to be good for my boy."

"I'll be there for him", stated Nico, saving the Unlike you for his mind's ear.

"Well, we should probably return before the salad is served", grunted Poseidon stiffly, hearing the unsaid part of the teen's reply. "Tell him... Tell him that I'm proud of him. That I love him."

Nico nodded slowly as the president led him out of the bathroom again and back to their table. Percy was already sitting too, laughing at something Hazel and Bianca told them. Turning some, Percy gave Nico the most brilliant smile in the history of smiles. Grabbing Nico's biceps (and making that pleasurable high-pitched sound he always did when feeling up Nico's muscles), Percy pulled his boyfriend down into a short kiss before snuggling up to the Italian.

"What did I do to deserve that?", whispered Nico with a broad smirk.

"Being amazing. And having an amazing family", smiled Percy, perking Nico's lips once more.

"Dude! Stop paying attention to Nico! You need to pay attention to that salad!", demanded Leo.

"Sometimes it feels as though he loves food more than us", grunted Frank with a pout.

Hazel smiled sweetly, resting one hand on Frank's hand and the other on Leo's thigh. "He's going to make it up to us tonight. I still have his prom-dress at home, after all."

"Say, what about you two?", questioned Persephone curiously, leaning in some. "I mean, it was wonderful having you over for the week, Percy. But I'm pretty sure your family wants you back."

Percy nodded timidly. "Yes. I... Thanks for having me so long."

"You know...", started Hades thoughtful, staring into his glass of red wine. "I do have an apartment in New York, for longer stays with my more frequent clients there..."

"Yes!", exclaimed Leo, first of everyone, earning him some questioning glares. "What? That was totally an invitation for us to stay over in New York and annoy Percy over the summer. Right?"

"It was actually only an offer for Nico", deadpanned Hades.

"But they need a chaperone!", chimed Hazel with a broad grin. "And we'd totally volunteer!"


Not too many days later had Thalia and Bianca spring cleaning a beautiful, small villa in Venice, with the help of Charles, Silena, Chris and Clarisse. Since it was the last summer before real life would start for Charles, Silena and Clarisse, they had decided to tag along and annoy their friends.

"So... You two are really spending a whole year here?", asked Clarisse intrigued, looking around.

She was carrying a table over to a window together with Beckendorf. Silena and Bianca were sweeping the room, dusting it after the year of not having been used. While Thalia and Chris were still carrying large boxes with the girls' belongings into the house.

"Yes. It's our family tradition. Dad wants us to never forget our roots and even though we do speak Italian when with each other, it's just... so different, actually living in the land of our origins and speaking with other natives. It's to connect our culture and make new experiences", replied Bianca.

"Neat", nodded Clarisse stunned. "And you got your own beach."

"Percy is going to love that once he'll be over to visit Nico next year", smiled Silena excitedly.

"We going to play beach volleyball when we finish this up?", asked Chris, looking at Charles.

"Totally, man", agreed the big guy. "If only to get the girls into bikinis."

The boys high-fived while the girls just shook their heads affectionately.


On another continent, about a week later were Piper, Annabeth, Malcolm, Katie, Juniper and Rachel sitting together in a café in San Francisco, eating ice cream and drinking iced chocolate while laughing at the tourists. Rachel, Annabeth and Malcolm had their noses deep in the same book while Piper was conversing with Katie and Juniper about their plans for the next school year.

"Okay, so why are you reading? Now, of all times", groaned Piper after a while.

"We're having our book club via skype now", shrugged Annabeth. "And Octavian promised he'd have time for us tonight. I haven't spoken to him since summer started."

"Yeah", pouted Rachel with a glare. "He is so preoccupied with Luke's ass, it's not funny anymore."

"It's young love", smiled Katie amused. "Let them enjoy it while it lasts. Besides, they were where... On Hawaii? I wouldn't feel too inclined to spending my time in front of a laptop to skype with people I've basically lived with for the last year either."

"She got a point", agreed Piper with a thoughtful frown. "If I'd have a beach and Annabeth in a bikini, you would not see any note from me until we'd leave that island."

The blonde girl flushed slightly, shoving her girlfriend and stealing some of Annabeth's ice cream.

"They'll be returning home somewhere around... now-ish", hummed Malcolm. "No need to miss them anymore then. I'm pretty sure he'll call, as long as Luke doesn't distract him too much."

"I just know that I miss Grover", sighed Juniper with a miserable look on her face.

Within seconds, all her friends were fawning over her and hugging her.


Grover was equally miserable over in New York. He was laying sprawled all over the couch in the di Angelo apartment, playing cards with Leo, Hazel and Reyna. Frank and Jason were on kitchen duty, cooking dinner for the friends. Truth be told, Grover was actually pretty glad that their friends had decided to stay in New York for the summer, because as much as he loved Percy, the guy alone was not a good distraction from his miserable, Juniper-less existence. The apartment was gorgeous, a little pompous with all the modern art and all the top-notch style stuff, but it had three bedrooms (since sometimes, Hades brought his family too to spend the weekend and then the girls got to share a room and the boys got to share a room too), an office, a spacious kitchen and a large living room with an amazing view. So Hazel and Nico had asked if Jason and Reyna wanted to tag along too.

"Will Nico come back for dinner?", asked Jason as he poked his head out of the kitchen.

"Sally invited him over to eat with the Blofises", replied Grover and shook his head.

"Dinner with the in-laws", snorted Reyna with a small grin. "So, what's on our plan next?"

"Central park! And I need to see the empire state building up close! Like, closer! And I need New York pizza! Tomorrow we'll eat pizza, no self-burned food from Jason!", chattered Leo off.

"Octavian, Malcolm and Annabeth demand for us to show you guys some museums too", stated Grover with a slight grin. "You guys need some culture too, not just fun and junk food."

"If you have to feed us culture, how about the broadway?", suggested Reyna, with a wildly nodding Hazel hanging off her shoulder and giving Grover the puppy-eyes. "But speaking of Octavian... Have you heard from him lately? I mean, Piper and Annabeth, they call like on a daily base..."

"I never thought I'd see the day that I would be asking this, but yes, how are Luke and Octavian doing?", asked Jason as he returned to the kitchen. "They're still new to this whole real relationship stuff, so... Are they trying long distance or did they just break up after the end of school year?"

"I don't know", shrugged Hazel curiously. "But they did make a sweet couple..."

"Still do", corrected Grover amused. "They're actually moving in together."

"W—What?", stuttered Leo wide-eyed. "How? Where? What?"


"Why did people stare at us like that?", whispered Luke worried as they passed Big Ben.

"Because we're tanned. This is England, they don't know tan", grinned Octavian teasingly.

"And how in the world did you convince me to move here?", asked Luke in a slightly whiny voice, interlacing his fingers with Octavian's. "The people around here talk weird and it's always misty and it's so fucking far away from—from everything! This isn't even the right continent!"

"There is no 'right' continent", snorted Octavian and rolled his eyes. "This is my home, my aunt is living here. And if I'm not mistaken, you were practically half-way here once I offered because you wanted to put as many miles between yourself and your family."

"Fuck you", muttered Luke and bit Octavian's earlobe. "Fucking England..."

"You're only saying this because you haven't been apart from Ethan for that long", smirked Octavian as they finally reached their small apartment. "You're used to having your little fanboys running after you like lost puppies, Peter Pan. You're used to having your team around and right now, you're in a completely new place, with new people and school's over so you have to figure out what to do with your life. At least your attitude leads up to amazingly hot sex."

"Which you will not be having for the next week, or else I'll kick your balls."

Luke froze in the doorway and stared at the amused Japanese (with the slightly bored looking, freckled brunette on his lap), sitting on the couch in their living room. Luke and Octavian had moved there after graduation, though what with renovations and all, they had taken a week off to go to Hawaii. They had only returned a couple of hours ago and the last thing Luke had expected would be to see his best friends sitting in their new apartment, waiting for them.

"What the fuck, man?", stuttered Luke as he practically collapsed between the other two jocks.

Ethan and Alabaster embraced him from either side, laughing a little at his stunned face. Octavian smiled kindly at his boyfriend. Sure, they had a great time in Hawaii with even greater sex. But there had also been those thoughts, he could see them in Luke's eyes. Mainly so doubt. It had been a big decision for Luke, to leave everything and everyone he knew behind. But Octavian was well aware that it was for Luke's best, because he knew about the jock's highly delusional and mentally sick mother. She had tied Luke down all his life and it was just time for him to have his own life, without feeling guilty or responsible for her. Still, Luke worried that his life was going to take a one-eighty now and that he'd lose contact to all of his friends. It was most likely that Luke would never see most of his teammates again, but Octavian wanted to make sure that his lover was alright and that at least those he cared most would stay with him for at least a little longer.

"I invited them over. It's just for the week, but I figured that especially at the beginning, it may help you settling down here to have someone else you're familiar with", shrugged Octavian with a grin.

The grin got smashed by a violent meeting of lips and teeth as Luke pulled him in for a harsh, demanding kiss. Smirking into the kiss, Octavian wrapped his arms possessively around Luke.

"You're fucking amazing", muttered Luke against the taller boy's lips.

"Yes, yes, enough making out. I want to see some crown jewels", interrupted Alabaster annoyed.

"And I thought we wanted a tour around London before we have British sex?", questioned Ethan.

"Not your crown jewels, you idiot!", hissed Alabaster and flushed embarrassed.

"As long as we're back before six. I promised I'd call Rach and the others", frowned Octavian.

"Uhu. I promised Percy I'd call him around that time too. Also, gotta harass di Angelo."

"I'm in for that", agreed Ethan with a smirk. "And while you two are busy playing gossip girls, I'll show Basty my grown jewels and he will be utterly delighted."

"His fake British accent is rubbish", huffed Octavian offended, groping Luke's ass.

"Yeah, I prefer your original too", whispered Luke with a grin and licked Octavian's ear-shell.


Nico di Angelo was not looking forward to being harassed by Castellan later on. He would have never thought that at any given point in time, he would actually engage in any form of private contact with Luke outside of school. But the very reason that had changed sat currently curled together on his lap, smiling up at him adoringly as though Nico meant the world to him.

"I'm still feeling awkward being that intimate with you while your parents are present", whispered Nico pointedly, twirling a strand of dark hair from his lover. "This is... embarrassing."

Percy, Sally and Paul laughed at that. Sally was sitting with the teen couple on the couch, one of the twins tugged under each of her arms, while Paul looked fondly over at his family from the armchair, absentmindedly patting Mrs. O'Leary on his lap. Now that they had finished dinner, the family had gathered in the living room for movie night. While enjoying Nico's hair-patting, Percy whispered along the lyrics to Part Of Your World, resting his cheek against his lover's firm chest.

"We're just cuddling. You can be so old-fashioned sometimes, Nick", grinned Percy softly.

"Yeah, well, this serious relationship stuff is still kind of new to me", muttered Nico a bit flushed.

"Oh, he is so adorable", smiled Sally and leaned over to pat Nico's arm.

"Percy?", asked Ella and leaned over tugging on her brother's sleeve. "When will you marry Nico?"

"W—What?", stuttered Percy doe-eyed and blushed brightly, startling some.

"I told you you have to marry him!", exclaimed Ella, pointing at her pretty, pink tiara.

"I told you not to buy her the tiara", hissed Percy into Nico's ear, hitting his upper arm.

"Why? I like bribing my future sister-in-law", grinned Nico, ruffling Ella's hair. "She'll be the flower-girl on our wedding, after all, so I need to be on her good side."

"Yey! I'll be the flower girl on big brother's wedding!", cheered Ella excitedly.

Nico (and the others) noticed the sad and slightly pouting Tyson, so Nico shifted some to look the small boy in the eyes. "Do you want to be our ring bearer, Ty? That's something very important."

Tyson's face lit up at that like a Christmas tree and he nodded so vigorously, Sally feared his head would fall off. Her eyes softened as she looked at her three beloved children – Tyson, bright-eyed and proud that he would be handed so much responsibility, Ella, proudly showing off her tiara once again, and Percy, staring at Nico as though he had hung the moon and the stars just for him. Which was what he had done, for Sally at least, because was making her baby boy happy.

/omake – twenty years later\

Percy craned his neck enough to look over at the backseat of the car. He smiled slightly at his two oldest children. Bianca Maria was texting, most likely with her best friend Cally, twirling one of her dark, long curls around a finger. But her one year younger brother just sat there, looking miserable.

"Hades Poseidon di Angelo, what did I tell you about that attitude of yours?", grunted Nico from the driver seat with one cocked eyebrow. "Drop it. Olympus High is a great place. Your mother and I went there too. And it's not like you're going to be alone there. You have your sister."

Bianca looked up from her phone to give her little brother an encouraging smile. Nico just loved his daughter a little more at that. She was a blessing when it came to dealing with her shy baby brother.

"Look, I didn't want to go there either when my mom and dad signed me up here", smiled Percy kindly. "But believe me when I tell you that this school changed my life. I mean, I went from the outside loner that I used to be all my life to a well-liked cheerleader in only one year. And all the amazing things that followed after that. I was captain of the cheerleaders for the following two years in a row. Prom queen in my junior year, at the side of your handsome father, and prom king in my senior year. Your aunt Annie made a beautiful queen. I really need to show you our yearbooks."

"Yeah, when we get home for break", muttered his son with a glare that invoke guilt.

"Donny", whispered Percy softly. "You know me and dad, we love you. And we'd never do anything that would be bad for you. This is the best school we know and we want you to make something great out of your life. And for that, this school is the best start. Bia, help me."

"Look, pipsqueak", sighed Bia and sat up some, putting her phone aside to look at her little brother. "It is kinda amazing. I mean, Coach Rodriguez is amazing, she's teaching us all the martial arts stuff. Well, not so much yours, I guess, but you could maybe go into cheerleading like mom? Or, well, there are horses and a swimming pool. The people are great too. So stop pouting."

As if on cue did they arrive at the school. So many cars were parked in the parking lot, with parents and children running around, tearful good byes. It reminded Percy in a startling way of his very first day here. Which was part of the reason why Percy and Nico had decided to enroll their little boy here too. Donny was so shy and had been bullied a lot in junior high, so Percy wanted him in a safe environment and he knew for him, that place had been Olympus High.

Aside from all the unpacking parents and their children, there was also a line of teachers in front of the school, four of them the local sport coaches. Luke, who had started as hockey coach to make sure the team would never scoop that low as to bully, Charles and Silena, the happily married coaches of the football team and cheerleaders, and Clarisse. Seeing as his oldest child was already excitedly running up to the coaches, Percy took Donny at the hand and followed. He knew that Bianca had kind of a hero worshiping going on for Clarisse, but he was glad that his daughter was enjoying it so much. Bianca right away started chatting with one of the two kids standing with Clarisse – the Rodriguez-twins, Cally and Sander. Percy knew that the girl had been Bianca's roommate in their first year last year and since then, they had been attached by the hip.

"That the other brat?", asked Clarisse with a critical look at Donny. "Looks like a panda baby."

"Don't be mean to my boy", chided Percy, caressing Donny's curls. "But he sure isn't cut for your martial arts stuff. Don't worry Donny, you have plenty of time to chose a club you'd like."

Though much to Percy's amusement, it didn't look as though the boy was even listening to him. No, Donny was too busy staring at Sander in total awe and with a faint blush, hiding behind Percy.

"Donny, stop staring at Cally's brother like a weirdo", grunted Bia and rolled her eyes. "Sander, that's my totally adorable yet shy baby brother Donny. Don, Sander, captain of the football team."

That was when his husband finally joined them again, followed by a blonde in a suit, who immediately greeted Percy with a hug before turning toward Donny. "I'm sorry, your man distracted me. So you're Bia's brother? Hello, I'm principal Octavian Castellan. Welcome to Olympus High."

~*~ The End ~*~

Author's note: Thank you all for reading this story and even more so for the sweet reviews! I've been thinking about how to properly end it and I figured I'd bring it full-circle. Nicercy's kids attending Olympus High. Funny thing is, this played right into a request I've had for Sander/Donny in a high school AU, so there's that oneshot sequel about them up - it's called "Olympus High: Next Generation".

There is also the promised new high school AU coming, but not today. Sorry. I just have too many open stories to post a new multi-chapter one in good conscience. So stay patient and wait until I've at least finished some new chapters up for those. You may keep your eyes open for "The Prince of Atlantis High" and to make the wait a little less bitter, you get a little teaser from it;

Nico gritted his teeth and glared at her spitefully. He hated Annabeth Chase with a passion. The head of the student council could change things, but if anything, she made sure that things stayed the same, that every decision the council made was still first approved by Luke and Thalia. His nearly black eyes wandered from Annabeth to the boy she was clinging to and without his consent, his eyes softened a bit. It was an impossible thing to hate Percy Jackson, regardless of how much he tried it. But Percy hadn't done anything different from Nico, he had joined a sports team, made friends. And unlike Nico, Percy never had a reason to doubt Luke or this school in general. In a perverse way, Nico hoped Percy would never get a reason to doubt. Because the honest innocence in those quite amazing, bright eyes should never shatter. Nico mused that Percy was what he could have become, if he had stuck with the masses and not abandoned them for Ethan's sake. All the pressure, all those people hanging off his every word, adoring and worshiping him. Nico shuddered. He didn't even want to imagine a life like that. That was not his style. But it suited Percy well.