Final Moments

The reapings were today, but President Snow decided this will be the LAST EVER Hunger Games so i'm just hoping its not me. A weak little District 9 kid like myself. We hardly ever win. I guess you could call us a "Forgotten District". 1,2,4 and 12 are the more known and district twelve is because of their victors. Katniss and Peeta Mellark stopped the hunger games for a while but when they passed away 6 years ago, Well President Snow's grandaughter came and re-started the hunger games...yippy!...

"Tahliyah!" My mother shouted from downstairs "It's time to get ready for the reapings!" I sighed and walked downstairs. I was wearing a light purple dress and black pumps. We walked to the village centre and I made my way towards the 16 year olds section. "Welcome , Welcome , Welcome!" Exclaimed our hyper excuse for an escort as she walked on stage. "Now lets get to it!, As usual Ladies First!"

She popped her hand into the glass ball and felt around for what seemed like hours and then pulled out a slip she opened it and spoke into the microphone, I froze as she said the name in her frilly captiol accent

"Tahliyah Opalist"