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"Tahliyah...what,what do you mean" He stuttered. Honestly he's a sniffling little coward, why did I ever think I loved him?. "Wow, your so thick Felix" I said slightly irritated " I mean" I said very slowly "I am winning, you are not, so get out of my room and take that hopeless piece of plastic with you!" I snapped. "OMIGOSH!" Lavinia shouted "RU-UDE!" She attempted to hit me and I kicked her legs out from underneath her and sat on top of her with a knife to her throat

(I may have forgot to mention I always keep a knife on me)

She stared at me wide-eyed "Now, I think we have an understanding that I dont like you and you should NEVER try to slap me. Do you understand?" I said calmly. She tried to spit at me but I just slapped her hard in the face and pushed the knife deeper. "I SAID Do-You-UnderStand?" I repeated myself slowly. " Yes" She said through gritted teeth. Then I smiled and got up as if nothing had even happened "Well thats good!" I said with a cheesy smile plastered on my face. Felix stood there still stunned at what I did to his barbie doll. Then suddenly my face went cold and angry. "Now get out of my room." I spat at them and they left. Gemstone then came in and said it was time to board our train. As we were boarding Felix attempted to make conversation 4 different times. I cut him off everytime saying "I don't want to talk to you. Go talk to your bimbo barbie" He seemed really hurt when I said that but what was I supposed to say "oh yeah its ok you cheated I hope your happy with her" Ehhhhhh, NO. When we got on the train I went straight to my room. Gemstone knocked on my door and informed me that dinner would be ready in 1 hour. I said ok and decided to change into what magically seemed to be in my capitol wardrobe. I choose a black and silver stripy dress with white heels. I did my make-up perfectly not missing out on any little detail. I was gonna show Felix what he was missing. Gemstone helped me with this. I had pale pink lipstick, a heavy coat of mascara and gray eyeshadow. I curled my hair and Gemstone gave me black highlights which looked really cool against my blonde hair. I found some black netting and wrapped it around the skirt of the dress. I walked into the dining room with 3 minutes to spare. Felix stared at me open mouthed. " Take a picture why don't you, It'll last longer." I said coldly to him. His eyes widened "Tahliyah look," He began, "No" I said "you made a decision clearly you like her, we are split you are together good for you" I finnished my dinner then confined myself to my room. Felix opened the door and I threw my lamp at him. Gemstone screamed from the lounge, "THAT IS PORCELAIN!" She complained/shouted. "Sorry Gemstone, but he came into my room even though he knows im mad." Gemstones face softened, "Alright, I think its high time you youngsters met your mentor!" She said and lead us into the lounge where a stony faced woman sat. She smiled at us warmly when we came in and noticed my cold glares at dismissed it and spoke " Hi! Im Bealia your mentor!" She said happily. I decided I like her. We discussed tactics for a while and then we decided to sleep, we would arrive in the capitol tomorrow morning. As I walked the hallways Felix cornered me. He pinned me to the wall. "Felix. If you want to keep all of your fingers I suggest you let me go." I said calmly. "No Tahliyah! You'll listen to me!" and thats when I slapped him. His eyes widened in shock and he grabbed me and kissed me. He pinned me to the wall and wouldn't let me go. I took my knife out from the netting in which I had hid it under. I slashed his arm not deep enough to be fatal, but deep enough to draw blood. He hissed in pain and I stalked into my room. I sighed and thought to myself "This is gonna be a looooooooooong few weeks"