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Pairings: Hidan/ Itachi.

An: this is going to be on the sweet side and a two-shot.



There was supposed to be something to repulse him. There was supposed to be something, anything wrong with the guy. Anything bad would do... anything slightly off would be great. But there wasn't.

No matter how he tried to tell himself that, fuck, no one is perfect and fuck damn it Itachi is just a snobbish smug pretty faced androgynous spoiled arrogant doll-face... it wasn't working.

No, it wasn't working at all because every night, every devil-damned night Hidan was fantasising about the same smug weasel Itachi who accidentally, absolutely accidentally had become his best friend of sorts.

And yes, it was accidental friendship, it wasn't because Hidan chased Itachi and wouldn't leave him alone... not at all. Okay so maybe he did chase Itachi around the school and annoyed the pretty faced devil till that one had no chance but to give up and accept Hidan's presence, when it came to Hidan, when he wanted something badly enough, he would resort to clinging to it like glue and not letting go no matter how hard you tried to pry him away. You could kickback or blackmail him all you wanted but he would never move until you'd either given up or died from exhaustion and Itachi apparently chose to stay alive.

It wasn't all smooth either.

Hidan had a hunch… okay it wasn't so much a hunch. He was dead sure that most of the time Itachi is absolutely and ultimately annoyed by him. But he didn't pay attention, it wasn't like Itachi was all giggles and fun. Oh no, not even close. Hidan had never met someone who would be even a little like Itachi. The seventeen year old doll-face was a real ice queen. Frosted devil-damned Alaska.

Hidan had spent hours upon hours whining and nudging just to get Itachi participating in any kind of activity which resembled some kind of fun. He had to double his whining to get Itachi move the pretty ass and go to a simple movie. He had to whine triple as much to get Itachi in his room to have a drink on Friday night. Sometimes the whining wasn't enough and he had to use force. Flat out drag the doll-face out of the chair where Itachi was studying like a prissy he was and drag him down the street to his house.

That never went smooth either, because Itachi usually kicked and squirmed until the pale face was red and Itachi was breathing fire and spitting insults at him. That was okay, Hidan in a twisted way liked when Itachi became like that. He liked the anger caused blush and he liked the sparks in the blackish eyes and he even liked the way Itachi's neat black eyebrows knitted together angrily, and he simply adored when Itachi seeing that shouting and kicking wasn't working resolved to pouting. Now that was a sight to die for. But maybe it had to do something with the fact that Hidan saw Itachi more like a god and not a living breathing human being.

He couldn't be helped.

Itachi really was divine. No, he was long since beyond help. It was enough to see Itachi's long black hair shining in the sun to make him want to nuzzle his face in them. It was enough to see Itachi's pouty lips to give the tiniest of smile and he wanted to glue his own lips to them. It was enough to see Itachi's eyes to make him want to spill his feelings to the other. It was enough to stand beside the guy and smell the scent of cinnamon and chocolate and he was getting all kind of perverse ideas. Indeed, it was enough to be in the same room with Itachi, the little lean and…dainty body, the pale almost ghost-like skin, the perfect face features that could belong to true aristocrats, the ridiculously long black eyelashes that could charm anyone and… and yes, Hidan knew he couldn't be helped because even Itachi's pale long fingers aroused him and made him want to take Itachi's hands in his own and entwine fingers like from some twisted love movie… only they were both guys.

When it came to Hidan he didn't care about the fact that he was head over heels into a guy. He knew he was gay, he was open-minded, thank you. But when it came to Itachi he had no clue. Most of the times he thought Itachi is…asexual. Had to be, because he knew the smug weasel for nearly a year and not once he saw Itachi returning the lecherous smiles coming from beautiful woman or overly nice men. Not once he saw Itachi with a girl. The hell, he hadn't even witnessed a single conversation at school where Itachi would show any kind of interest in either sex. And one thing Hidan knew for sure a guy at the age of seventeen... meaning a normal guy with interest in any sex is going mental because of the hormones telling them to fuck anything that moves and has a pulse… he really did know it because he himself was now eighteen and it hadn't changed much except that his sexuality could be called 'Itachi'. He really wasn't interested in anyone else…

Actually, the only things Itachi showed interest into was... well, study and... him.

To put it shortly Hidan had no clue and even though they were best friends... they spent all their time together and the fuckers at their school rumored about them being a married couple for being together all the time and arguing, Hidan still felt like Itachi is keeping him away. Ah, how he wanted to get under Itachi's beautiful skin... or more like... get in Itachi's overly tight jeans. Yeah, he'd like that. And, no he didn't feel bad about his intentions simply because he really, really and truly had feelings for the smug beauty, he wasn't a fool big enough to deny it to himself.

The worst in this all for Hidan was that his other friends... they fucking knew! Oh yes the fuckers knew! Not because he told them, he wouldn't, he would rather die than listen to the them joke about him being a sappy ass-chaser, those fuckers a.k.a his friends had noticed and that was worse than if he would have told them. That meant everyone could see.

He had denied, he had shouted and swore and almost beat a certain blonde up (he was stopped by a certain stitched guy) but it didn't help, it was a fact, his friends knew he has a major crush on Itachi. The only good side of that was that none of his friends had the nerve to actually enlighten Itachi.

Must be a ray of sun in every thunderstorm.


Hidan groaned and banged his head against his locker when he saw a bright little blonde approach him with a thousand watt smile plastered on the tanned face, the blue eyes were sparkling madly and just seeing that he was ready to pull his platinum colored hair out in misery.

"Hey Hidan, un! It's Friday! Party at my place! Coming, un? You can bring your doll too!" the blonde chirped and he hissed a sharp 'shhh' frantically looking around to make sure Itachi is not stalking close by.

"Don't fucking call him that and he's not my doll you blonde prick!" he barked out groaning inwardly, he had to admit that Itachi really did look inhumanly beautiful for a guy and woman too by the way and it wasn't really a secret the whole school shared the nickname given for the beauty but Hidan knew better… Itachi was seething and fuming whenever he heard it and it usually ended with Hidan dragging a kicking Itachi away from the poor fool who had said it as a fucking compliment. Good thing Itachi still hadn't heard people murmuring and whispering about Hidan being Itachi's…ahem…tamer… yeah that's exactly how the stupid students liked to joke about them. He couldn't even imagine the kicking Itachi would produce if he ever heard that.

Yes, so the students were bad jokers and stupid overall but honestly, Hidan liked the term, he wouldn't at all mind to tame Itachi for real not just drag Itachi away from unnecessary fights but... you know... something involved with bed...or a wall would do too... something with pushing and something with slender legs spreading for him, if not he would spread them for himself. Whatever works, really.

But if he was honest if anyone was the tamer it would be Itachi, Itachi was the only one able to pull him away from crushing some bones when someone stupid enough decided to insult Itachi.

"Okay okay un... how should I call him then, the wild kitty?"

Hidan banged his head on his locker again, that comment only gave him a picture in his head with Itachi and some cute kitty ears perched on top of the head and probably a nice black tail swinging back and forth in excitement, he was doomed!

"Call him Itachi, Dei!" he whined out finally opening the locker and taking out his stupid math book.

"Yeah, yeah, so you're coming, un?"

"Yeah I'll be there..."

"Gonna bring your doll too, un?"

"I think I told you not to call him that!" he hissed out losing his patience too fast for his own liking but the blonde of course was smirking at him knowingly.

"Everyone calls him doll... you have to admit he is beautiful even if that word is not meant to be used for men, un."

Who would deny it anyway, Hidan snorted. "He hates that stupid nickname and you as his friend should respect that!"

"Wow dude, un! Respect? That word rolled out of your mouth... you must seriously love the guy, un... anyway, be at my house at seven, bring the doll!" with that said the too lively blonde turned to leave but Hidan gritting his teeth grabbed Deidara's upper arm and pulled the deceitfully angel-like looking creature close to his face.

"Listen Dei, remember the night when you came to me all in tears crying about how Sasori will never love you back, do you remember a single fucking time I made fun of you?" he struck hard and low, he realized it when he saw the blonde gulp and go incredibly red in the face, but it was annoying when he had to listen to that crap about his unfulfilled love towards Itachi every day. "Why the fuck it so excites you to nag me about Itachi, it almost feels like you don't like him?" he finished releasing the madly blushing tomato.

"I'll see you at seven, un." was all the blonde said before running off, Hidan scowled, he hoped Deidara didn't run off to Sasori to complain about him being a brutish fucktard, happened before. Deidara was a happy motherfucker, for him it worked out. He was lucky enough to fall for a guy who secretly was gay too…so when the blonde confessed, Sasori all but pounced the blonde, seemingly trying to eat Deidara's face right off, in front of everyone too… looked kind of funny but still Hidan was happy for them.

He shivered when he felt a delicate hand on his back traveling up and reaching his neck where it squeezed slightly before pulling away, he smiled before he even turned around. "Hey Itachi, what's your next period?" he asked looking the doll-face up and down as if to make sure everything was fine.

"Umm, Literature."

"Oh well it's not like it matters, you're the top student, no problem for you!" he said mockingly as if being the top student was a bad thing, he always mocked Itachi and called him a nerd, secretly he was admiring Itachi because Itachi was pure genius. And he was sure that Itachi knew that he doesn't mean the insults seriously anyway because the weasel only smirked and nudged his shoulder lightly.

"I saw you with Deidara... you looked angry."

Ah, damn it.

"Umm he's throwing a party tonight, we're invited."

"You looked angry..." Itachi repeated blankly. It never worked with Itachi, no matter how he tried to lead the genius mind somewhere else.

"Forget it, he just pissed me off, you know it's nothing new..." he said scratching his cheek hoping Itachi won't notice the nervous action.


Hidan liked that 'hn'… and Itachi seemingly loved it. The weasel was using 'hn' more than any other words.

"So gonna come for the party?"

Please say yes, please say yes!


So fucking typical. Sometimes Hidan felt like Itachi enjoyed when he forced, because honestly the weasel surely knew that Hidan will make him come anyway (no pun intended, right?).

"Itachi." he said warningly. "Yes you will, geniuses need some relaxation too!"

The black eyes pierced into his violet ones, he could see a spark of amusement in them. "Really Hidan, I don't think a house full of screaming teenagers is relaxing and Deidara is the loudest of them so yea... I'm not going."

Hidan smirked opening the door for his history lesson. "Yeah sure, we'll see." he said and then smiled when Itachi pretended not to hear his comment and kept walking for the Literature.

"Hey Itachi, don't stay to flirt with your teacher afterwards or I'll leave without you!" he called chuckling.

It was funny to see Itachi spun around with the usually pale cheeks pinkish and the black eyes wide. "Shut up! I stay and chat with Kakashi because he's a great teacher and he knows stuff!"

Hidan laughed brightly. "Stuff Itachi? Really? I know some stuff too!"

He laughed and proceeded into the class when Itachi simply walked off, he could see Itachi's ears turning red too.


He was grimacing and scowling waiting at his car for fifteen minutes already. He was almost sure Itachi is making him wait on purpose. Okay so he knew it wasn't so but he still hated waiting.

When Itachi finally showed up half running and trying to carry all of the books without dropping them Hidan's anger just... disappeared. That was another feat Itachi possessed, Hidan simply couldn't be angry at the doll-face. That however didn't mean he couldn't be annoyed and secretly jealous.

"What the fuck Itachi? Did you do that on purpose or are you really crushing on the guy?" Itachi came closer and then he noticed.

"Fuck Itachi seriously you're flushed!" he blurted out when Itachi was next to him, he couldn't believe it, there really was a cherry blush on Itachi's face, he felt something rage in his chest. What if he was jealous for a reason? He had the mad urge to grab Itachi and sniff the guy or something to make sure Itachi is still pure...for him!

Instead he grabbed Itachi's upper arm and inspected Itachi's face, beautiful as usual only the black eyes refused to meet his. There was a sinking feeling in his gut... or was it heart?

"Don't be stupid Hidan. He's my teacher and he's like...what... a century older than me! Besides, whatever makes you think I would crush for a guy?" with that said Itachi broke free from his grasp and got in the car and was it really a smirk on Itachi's face?

He got in the car with his jaw hurting from gritting his teeth like a maniac. "So why are you melting your face off?"

"Kakashi apparently thought my parents are too prissy to have given me 'the talk' and the guy must have thought that seventeen is the right age to give me the talk."

There Hidan threw his head back and barked out a laughter.

"Are you fucking serious? Oh my god! I'm telling you, Kakashi has hots for you, you were probably too dumb to see how he tried to get in your pants during the talk!"

Itachi snorted loudly and Hidan felt the black eyes on him as he started the engine and pulled the car out of the parking lot.

"Do tell why you and everyone else thinks that I am naïve? Because seriously Hidan, I'm not." the simple sentence coming from Itachi made him swallow hard and watch the road with blank eyes. Indeed why did he think Itachi is naïve, he was fooled by Itachi's sweet appearance and the others too. If anything he was being naïve, but then again maybe he did think it for a reason. After all he knew Itachi and he knew that Itachi hasn't been seeing anyone, though it didn't mean Itachi is naïve, hmr, go figure.

"Not saying you're naïve, I'm saying that Kakashi might be a perverted teacher who wants to get in your pants, is all!" he blabbed out trying to hide the fact that this didn't really amuse him even if there was a smirk on his face.

"Now that you mention it he did go through the basics of gay sex."

The way Itachi said it... quietly... nonchalantly... it made Hidan choke and he had the thought to pull over and ask Itachi everything the man had said or done while watching Itachi's face closely for emotion, decided not to. He would definitely make a fool of himself somehow.

"That proves my point! He wants to fuck you!" he groaned out stopping at the red light and catching an eyeful of Itachi's tomato red cheeks.

"Nope, he also told me he has a boyfriend... so the only thing you were right about was him being gay and maybe about him being pervert too because he didn't feel shy to share some spicy details from his and his boyfriends bedroom life."

"Strike me down!" Hidan felt like having a heart attack. First of all this conversation was dangerous with him being a flaming gay in a closet. Second... Itachi surely didn't realize how hot he was. Surely Itachi didn't realize that a homosexual guy would want to get in Itachi's pants regardless single or taken.

"You know Itachi, it sounds to me that he might want you in his bedroom with his boyfriend, sure you didn't think about that in that way!"

"You're overreacting! I think Kakashi simply sees me as something like a... uhm, friend? It seemed to me he was simply happy to boast to someone about his boyfriend and how hot they were together, you know people sometimes have this mad urge to boast about their lovers. Who knows maybe someday I'll go to him and boast about mine. Maybe then he'll understand how awkward it is to listen how many times his boyfriend makes him cum!"

To say that Hidan was shocked was to say nothing at all, now he had red cheeks and he could barely see where he was driving to. He wasn't even sure why Itachi's words made him sweat and imagine how many times he would make Itachi come and why the hell it made him imagine how Itachi would go to Kakashi and boast about him!

And most importantly... Itachi appeared was not asexual!

"First time I hear you talk about wanting a lover or sex." He said with a smirk and heard Itachi snort, he wondered where this conversation will lead them.

And then the impossible happened... Itachi admitted something everyone else knew already, including Hidan of course.

"With the way I am it would be impossible to find someone for myself. I either scare everyone away or they take me for something I'm not!"

And that was pure truth. Hidan knew it.

People thought Itachi is the sweetest thing around and they were wrong. And about the scaring away part... well, sure Itachi was arrogant Smug conceited beyond belief and a complete asshole sometimes, but really Hidan was sure that's why he liked Itachi in the first place.

"You forgot about the part where you're too smug to let anyone get to you!" he commented with a naughty smirk pulling the car into the driveway to Itachi's family house.

"You want to come in for supper?"

Typical. Of course Itachi ignored his remark.

"No, Itachi, I'm picking you up at quarter to seven. Get your smug ass ready till then or I will drag you to the party. Who knows maybe we can find someone that's not scared of your smugness!" he said and grinned when the shocked Itachi just gawked and failed to object that he won't go for the party. That was his intention anyway, he reached over the seat and closed the car door, driving off.


And he of course was right. When he pulled the car at Itachi's house at quarter to seven there was no sign of the long haired beauty waiting for him.

Sighing he stopped the engine and got out of the car marching for the huge house.

He knocked on the door and waited patiently begging to no-god that it wouldn't be Itachi's father opening the door. He really didn't like the old man. Always so stuck up and demanding when it came to Itachi.

The door opened revealing a smaller version of Itachi with shorter hair and shorter eyelashes. Itachi's younger brother Sasuke, Hidan though one day would be a pure cock tease just like the older brother. Just give it some time...

"Hey squirt, your brother around?" he asked the twelve year old with a grin and buried his large hand in Sasuke's raven colored hair affectionately, he really did like the little kid. He chuckled when Sasuke pouted at him for the 'squirt'.

He leaned down when the boy tugged on his sleeve. "Itachi is sulking in his room because father threw a tantrum about Itachi wasting his time with me rather than studies."

Hidan snorted wildly, that's why he hated the old fart. But Sasuke didn't let go of his sleeve so he stayed awkwardly leaned down to listen to what else Sasuke has to say.

"Then after supper I went for Itachi's room to say him that father is an old fool and to say Itachi not to listen to him but I think something was wrong with my brother!"

Hidan crouched down watching the small perfect pale face, those innocent big black eyes could actually kill he was sure.

"Why, what happened?"

Sasuke leaned closer, eyes wide. "I went into Itachi's room but when I didn't see Itachi anywhere I heard the shower running so I walked to the bathroom but I didn't open the door because I heard…noises."

Hidan really tried his best to keep his face straight! He really did, but he smirked nonetheless.

"Noises Sasuke, what kind?" he asked promising himself to get another expensive present for the kid at Christmas if he would be provided with something naughty on Itachi. Last year he had bought Sasuke a huge black teddy bear and Itachi once revealed that the boy actually takes the ugly thing under arm at night.

"I don't know! He didn't sound in pain... he sounded... weird, gasping and doing a lot of 'uhhn!'!"

Hidan's face was twitching and he felt heat rush through his body, he chuckled and brushed Sasuke's hair again.

"Right squirt, I'll go and see your brother but don't mention this to anyone okay? Not even your brother. And don't worry there's nothing wrong with your brother! Some day you'll understand!"

Sasuke nodded and then a smile was plastered on the little face as the kid rushed to the living room to play videogames probably.

He was still chuckling as he walked up the stairs to Itachi's room.

When he opened the door and waltzed inside Itachi was laying on the bed in sweat pants and black vest with eyes closed and a healthy smile on the plump lips. Though as soon as the door banged Itachi flinched and sat up looking alarmed and ready to kill.

"Hidan! You ass, you heard about knocking?"

He chuckled seeing Itachi's hair still wet. It really wasn't his fault that Sasuke's words made him imagine wet flushed Itachi humping his fist and moaning.

His violet eyes slid over Itachi's sitting form and he simply couldn't resist.

"Had a nice shower?" It took him everything he had not to chuckle and keep his face straight.

The doll-face stood up and looked at him suspiciously as if wondering did he hide in his bathroom till now.

"Yes? Thank you?" Itachi choked out and he turned to the pc to hide his amused grin.

"Itachi... get dressed! We're late and I'm itchin' to get drunk." he said seriously sitting down on at the computer desk still trying to chase away naked wet Itachi from his brain. The hell, too bad he wasn't here earlier he wouldn't mind to help Itachi out in the shower, he could of nicely press the lean body against the shower wall and even though the smug beauty would struggle he would kick the slender legs apart and then there would be a loud noise of his palm connecting with Itachi ass and then poor Sasuke would have heard his brother scream instead of moan when he would stick his finger in the lovely-

"I'm not going!"

"Yes you fucking are. Get dressed or I'll be dressing you up, the choicy is yours!"

"Hidan I don't-"

"Shut up and get dressed!"

"Don't tell me what to-"

"Shut up and get fucking dressed!"


"Zip it!"

Itachi resumed to growling and huffing, snorting wildly while pulling clothes out of the closet and pulling them on.

"Fine I'll go, just don't you dare to get so drunk as you did last time I'm not capable of carrying you."

"Yeah okay."


When they arrived at Deidara's house being hour late the blonde ray of sun all but jumped on Hidan successfully dragging him to the kitchen. Being the man Hidan was he grabbed Itachi's arm and dragged the weasel along. In the kitchen the blonde satanic angel poured them drinks and literally forced them down Hidan's throat and Itachi's too, even though Itachi was struggling madly when the blonde wrapped the arms around Itachi and pinned the black haired beauty on the wall forcing the pink lips open.

Hidan didn't step in and didn't save Itachi simply because he did want for his friend to loosen up a bit. Besides... it was a pretty good show though he was sure that Deidara is already drunk. He didn't like the way the blue eyes sparkled when Deidara's hand slid over Itachi's chest, didn't like it one bit.

He pressed his back against the fridge sipping his drink and chuckling when pissed off Sasori opened the door and marched inside watching the scene with dark eyes, poor blonde hadn't noticed the angry boyfriend.

He choked and spluttered his whiskey on his chin when Sasori gave him a wink and then smacked the blondes little bum hard. Both Itachi and Deidara jumped the only difference was the unmanly yelp the blond emitted clutching his ass and spinning around in a lightning speed.

"S-Sasori, un?"

Itachi looked relieved when the blonde's attention was instantly one hundred percent with the redhead.

"I was just trying to get Itachi a bit more relaxed, un!"

Sasori snorted. "By feeling him up?"


An hour later when he was sitting on the couch with half drunken Itachi by his side and a full whiskey glass in his hand, chatting with an annoyed Kisame who was sitting on his other side The blonde drunken furry jumped on his lap straddling him, smiling brightly and snatching his glass taking a sip.

The blonde sin on his lap wriggled and he didn't mean to but there was no helping but to put his hands firmly on the narrow hips and steady the blonde. Didn't matter that he was purely head over heels into the black haired beauty sitting next to him, when a blonde creature is shamelessly rubbing against his groin he has to do something to get it off without hurting anyone's feelings.

"Dei, the fuck! Stop rubbing on me and go to Sasori!" he barked getting a bit...scared. What the blonde was trying to do reveal his sexuality or something? It's not like he could deny the fact that Deidara was hot and when a hot Deidara is rubbing against you and you're a flaming gay you're bound to get hard!

"I juust want a huuug! Unn!" the blonde moaned out dropping against his chest and nuzzling in his neck.

He swallowed with some difficulty. Where the hell was Sasori when you needed him?

Itachi beside him moved and stood up he realized the black haired beauty is kind of drunk if the flaming cheeks were anything to go by. The guarded expression made him nervous but the next actions left him boneless and breathless.

Itachi stood behind the blonde and wrapped the arms around the lithe chest pulling the blonde backwards and off of him.

Deidara however gave him a huge grin and spun around in Itachi's arms wrapping arms around Itachi's shoulders pulling the raven close.

"Oh Itachi wants a hug too? Unn!" the blonde chirped squeezing the breath out of Itachi even though the weasel tried to get away.

It was funny really, the way Itachi acted was kind of unexplainable the way Itachi's cheeks grew redder with each moment.

And then both drunken beauties fell to the floor in a heap with the blonde on top of Itachi with the tanned face in Itachi's pale neck giggling away. It wasn't surprising, the way Itachi giggled was surprising though. Yep, Itachi was wasted, he was sure. Instantly he put his whiskey away, at the rare times Itachi chose to let go and relax by getting drunk he kept back, one of them had to be reasonable to get the other home.

Something stirred in his jeans, no denying the sight before him was nice. Itachi's sprawled out on the floor with blush and the usual ponytail messed up. The only thing he maybe disliked was the way Itachi's delicate hand laid on the blondes back, that he didn't like. Come to think of it he didn't like the blonde straddling the weasel. Nope, not one bit... okay maybe one bit but that was the perverted side of him that had thought of threesomes, but all and all he was simply jealous right now.

He turned to Kisame. "Where's Sasori?" he asked quietly making sure the giggling males didn't hear him.

"He's in the blondes bedroom, what you're gonna make this ugly?"

Hidan smirked, no way he would made this ugly, no matter what his friend thought about his sometimes rough nature he was genuinely happy for the blonde and the redhead.

Another thing he didn't like was the way Kisame was watching Itachi right now, with sparkling eyes. He stood up standing for a while to get his coordination back and then crouched down narrowing his eyes at Itachi's black ones, he did like the way Itachi bit his lower lip seeing that and looked away sheepishly. He picked the blonde up bridal style hearing a gasp from the sin in his arms and Itachi from the floor.

"Sorry Itachi!" he said with a grin looking right in the black eyes of his best friend. "...but Deidara is taken you know." he finished marching for the blonde's room.

When he got there without dropping Deidara he opened the door with his foot and found Sasori sitting on the edge of the bed groaning with his head in his hands.

Since Deidara was either sleeping now or unconscious he put the blonde on the bed while being watched by two muddy brown eyes. He turned to Sasori and sat next to the guy.

Something was wrong, he could feel it.

"You okay man?" he asked a bit nervously.

Sasori's eyes slid over Deidara's sleeping form just to turn away to face the wall.

"He keeps saying that he loves me. But he's always all over other guys...you, Itachi, Pein...even Kisame."

Hidan sighed, the hell he knew Sasori is the last to talk about emotions.

"It's just the way he is Sasori and he doesn't mean anything by it anyway... he's not serious with the other guys! I know it for sure dude. Deidara came to me when you were still in the closet, you know he's been crushing on you for ages man… more than two years and even when you two weren't together he never had anyone else, and you know he's hot he could of have anyone! I've known Deidara for nearly all my life Sasori, if he says he loves you he really means it and you should feel damn proud of it!"

"Are you serious Hidan, he never said he felt for me for that long!" Sasori's eyes sparkled and a small tiny smile appeared as the redhead stood up.

Hidan got it from the way Sasori looked at the sleeping blonde and licked the lips, he understood that he should leave right now.

"Yeah I'm off! You should lock the door for what you have in mind right now dude." he said while leaving the room.


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