Chapter 1: The Beginning

This is a story about seven friends. This story takes place just after one year after the "Royal Wedding" Incident. Nothing bad has happened since then. We begin the story with Twilight Sparkle, A lavender unicorn and a baby dragon, seven years old named Spike. One day they are hanging out in their home: The Library. Spike was holding is stomach, about to belch. Twilight knew that Princess Celestia is sending a message to them. Twilight was right and out came a letter from Spike's mouth. On the letter it said "To Twilight and friends". Spike was confused to see this letter, but Twilight was quite excited. They opened the letter and the letter said this on it: "Congratulations! You have won a cruise on the fabulous Parade Cruise Liner for you and six friends! This cruise will go all across all of Equestria! Enjoy several attractions on the Parade Cruise Liner like music, food, entertainment, it even has it's own fashon show! Pack your bags and have fun!" Our story now begins here...

"I can't believe this!" Spike says out loud. "This is the first time I have ever been on a cruise before!"

"This is new for all of us, Spike." Twilight points out.

"How did you win, anyways?" Spike questions.

"Princess Celestia signed me up for a contest for a cruise for seven on the wide open seas." Twilight explains "Since I could bring six friends, I am going to bring you and the rest of my friends. Now where could they be?"

"Hey, Twi. I'm all ready!" A blue Pegasus with a rainbow mane, Rainbow Dash says. "I can relax my wings now"

"Let's Party! Woo!" All of a sudden a pink pony named Pinkie Pie comes out of nowhere. "Were going to have such a super awesome spectacular fun filled day on a cruise! Woohoo!"

"Well, I myself am going to enjoy the fashion show on the cruise. We will see if people have good taste in fashion." Rarity, a white unicorn with a curly purple mane walks elegantly through the door.

"It's a shame that no animals are allowed, but I will still have fun." Fluttershy pops her tan head out of the corner of the door.

"Yehaw! This is going to be one hack of a vacation!" AppleJack, a yellow pony declares.

"So, when do we get going?" Spike eagerly asks.

"We should get going in about…" Twilight goes to look at her clock to check the time. "Oh! We should get going now!" Twilight says.

Thirty minutes later…

"Whoa! This ship looks big!" Spike says in awe.

"It actually does look pretty big." Twilight says in agreement.

"Well, what are waiting for? Let's get on!" Rainbow Dash says.

Everyone then cheers at once, "Yea!"


"They fell into the trap like fools! They will never win!" A creepy and skinny, but familiar voice from afar says.

"Are you sure this will work?" A female and punkish, but once again familiar voice asks.

The first voice responds: "Trust me on this. I will get what I want and you will get what you want. We have them set in our trap. All we have to do now is go in and destroy them once and for all!" Both of the voices start laughing off in the distance.

What will happen next? Who are those two? Will Twilight and her friends have fun, or will it be something they would not expect? Tune in next time for these questions answered.