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Title: Just love.

"I know you felt it too! Don't deny the chemistry between us!" Zig shouted at Maya as Eli and I sat at a table near by the younger students. Eli looked at me and said,

"Do you remember when we were like that?" I smiled and thought back to the day Eli was working on his car in the school parking lot and I was yelling at him to admit his feelings for me. I smiled at the thought again and then felt that pain in my chest I felt that day when he said he was only leading me on.

"Yeah." Was all I replied to him as I looked away. He felt my sudden change of demeanor and gently rubbed my shoulder. I don't know why that day bothers me still, I had made way more mistakes since then, but being tromped on by the one I instantly loved hurt me more than anything.

"Clare? Please talk to me." Eli said as I nibbled on my large cookie I bought from the snack bar in the café. I just looked down at my cookie with glossy eyes and thought of something to say to him to make it seem like I don't feel lousy and idiotic for feeling like this.

"Sure, I am just fine." Eli picked my chin up and saw that glossy look and he frowned. He looked back over to the young couple again and then back to me. He smiled slightly and got up from his seat and walked over to them. I saw him whisper to them slightly and pointed back and forth between them. He stayed over there for a minute before my eyes nearly popped out of head. There stood Maya and Zig; in a loving embrace. He kissed her with passion and she had tears flowing down her cheeks as she smiled into the kiss both of them desired.

Eli walked away from them and back to me while my eyes stayed glued onto the young couple. I didn't even realize Eli sat back next to me until he leaned close to me and whispered in my ear,

"No couple should ever go through the motions of pain to get the best part of it all; love."

And so it began, the new couple stood in front of the whole room of all grades and smiled into each other's loving eyes. Not a care in the world; just love.

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