Chapter 46: Randall

"So where's your mate Randy?"

"She'll be here Alana!" I snapped.

"She didn't run off with her boyfriend."

I rolled my eyes. "What do you want Alana?"

"I want you to tell the truth about her. She's not even your true mate is she? She is still just a pathetic human."

We were having a pack meeting, and the entire pack was gathering. Just what I needed I thought. Now the chief would really be wondering where Sorrell was.

"Hey handsome, looking for me." I knew the soft voice and the peachy scent anywhere. I threw my arms around her. I owe you!

She smiled. "Big time!" She looked around. "So what are we doing."

"This is our first tribal meeting." I explained. "Kind of a meet and greet of sorts." Why did you come back, Sorrell? Did you hear what I said? Did you realize you were making a mistake?

She placed her hand on my cheek and smiled again. "I doesn't matter Randy. All that matters is that we're here and we are in this together."

When you say we...?

Suddenly there was a commotion coming up the pathway to the bonfire area where where were at. Kenyon was trying to make his way up the path but the same tall gut and two others were trying to block his path. I went up to him and tried to help fight them off.

"What is going on here?" Asked the Chief.

"Chief, tell them to let go of my brother."


Just then Kenyon was pushed forward.

"Ken!" Sorrell went for him but I held her.

"It's okay, he'll be fine." I assured. "I'll handle this."

I walked up to Kenyon, but the warriors blocked me. "Kenyon, what are you doing here?"

"I came here for Sorrell, Randy and I'm not leaving without her."

"Ken, stop being an idiot and go home! We'll talk there."

Kenyon looked over at Sorrell, who looked concerned. "Ken, I think you should listen to Randy."

Go home Kenyon, Please!

I walked back up to Sorrell to console her.

"I'm issuing a challenge Randall! I am challenging you for alpha."

I looked up at Sorrell. The color drained from her face. I looked back at Kenyon, eyes full of rage. I knew that he couldn't recant an alpha challenge. I had to fight him to the death.

"Kenyon, don't do this!"