I wake up by Squid's hospital bed.

"Morning."ZigZag says walking in the room with some breakfast.

"Morning."I mumble through my teeth.

"How is he?"He asks setting the food down.

"Still in a coma."I say.

"Zig, what if he doesn't wake up? What if he dies?"I ask.

ZigZag looks away from the food and gives me a hug.

"I know it's tough but something good will come from it."He whispers.

"No it won't."I say pulling away.

"This is kinda weird."I point out.

"What?"ZigZag asks confused.

"You tried to rape me a couple months ago and now we're eating together with my coma-fied boyfriend."I say.

"Yeah. Sorry 'bout that."He says.

"S'okay."I say.

"Where are the boys?"I ask while eating a muffin.

"Cafeteria. I'm the nice one."He says.

"'Course you are."I say with my mouth full of food.

"Stop talking like that! You'll choke."He says.

"Whatever."I say with even more food in my mouth.

"Squid's lucky you know."ZigZag says.

"What do you mean?"I ask chewing my food.

"He's lucky to have a girl like you."ZigZag tells me.

"Thanks. I'm lucky to have him too."I say looking at Squid.

"I'm gonna go see the guys. Will you stay with him?"I ask.

"Sure."ZigZag says as I stand.

"Thanks."I say walking out of the room.

I get on the elevator and go down into the cafeteria. I walk in and the boys faces light up.

"Look who it is!"X-Ray says as he and the other boys clap.

I laugh as Armpit is forced to put his arms down.

"Still stinky I see."I say sitting by Magnet.

"Yep. Didn't wanna change so soon. Besides, it'll take me at least 8 months for this stench to wash off."Armpit says.

"Ever tried soap?"I laugh grabbing a bottle of water.

"Soap?"Armpit asks making us laugh.

But laughing only make the hole in my heart hurt more.

"I've been thinking..."I trail off.

"'Bout what?"Zero asks.

"Squid's birthday. I had already decided to try and track down his father and now that this has happened, I wanna do it even more."I say.

"Will you guys help me?"I ask.

"If it'll help you, sure."X-Ray says.

"Thank you."I say.

I start going back to the elevator before ZigZag walks in.

"Fill him in boys."I tell them before getting on the elevator and going back to Squid's floor.

I go to his room and sit by his bed. I run my fingers through his hair and sigh.

"I love you."I whisper kissing his forehead.

"Don't forget me..."I whisper against his forehead.

I get up and leave the room.

"Good morning, miss Mays."Dr. Kanes says.

"Good morning."I say before going back to the cafeteria.

"We filled Zig in."Magnet says as I sit at their table.

"Will you help?"I ask looking at ZigZag.

"If the boys are in, I'm in."He says.

"Thank you."I say giving him a small hug.

"So, what do we do first?"X-Ray asks while drinking some water.

"I want to see if I can ask Squid's mom but I'm not sure where she is nor if she'll stay sober enough to talk."I say.

"Well, we can try."Twitch says.

"Yeah. How can we find her?"X-Ray asks.

"Let me see if she has her phone with her."I say pulling my cell phone out and dialing her number.

After 3 rings, she picks up.

"Hello?"She asks in a drunken voice.

"Alicia? It's Angel! Where are you?"I ask over the loud music in the background.

"Out."She says.

"Gotta go! My martiner is here."She says before she hangs up.

"Wait!"I say but I'm too late.

"Anybody know what a 'martiner' is?"I ask putting my phone in my pocket.

"I do! It's when a bartender mixes a martini with a beer!"ZigZag says.

"And how would you know this?"I ask.

"Just heard it somewhere."He says.

"Mhmm."I say making the boys laugh.

"Anyways, I just looked it up and only three bars around here sell 'martiners'."Stanley says.

"Ok, we'll split up."I say.

"You with me, X-Ray with Armpit and Stanley, and Twitch with Magnet and Zero."ZigZag says.

"Actually, I'll stay here just in case anything happens with Squid."Zero says.

"Thanks. Let's go."I say.

We split up and ZigZag and I go to the bar called 'The Lonely Bar'.

How original!

We go in and I immediately spot Squid's mom.

"Alicia!"I call.

She turns and offers a drunken smile.

"My, who are you?"She asks while eyeing ZigZag up and down.

"Stop having eyesex and look at me!"I say aggravated.

She looks at me and frowns.

"We need to ask you something. Do you remember Squid's fathers name?"I ask.

"No. Why the hell would I care to remember?"She asks before walking away.

"She just dissed me!"I say with my eyes wide.

"Let's get back and see if anything has happened with Squid."ZigZag says pulling me out of the bar.

So far, this is NOT going well...