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Stacy groaned and continued to stare at the ceiling. It was only the beginning of July, yet New Jersey and most of the Northeastern states were caught in a sweltering heat wave. She felt sweat trickle down the side of her face, and she was just too hot to move. She was lying on the bed, and the comforter felt sticky underneath her no matter how she shifted.

In the kitchen, House, just as sticky and sweaty, downed a glass of water in a few gulps. Stacy strained to hear him, knowing his unusual way of savouring the coldness in the drink. She heard him shuffle lazily around the kitchen, but then a fly near her ear caught her attention and she swatted it away. She looked down the hall, but then rolled her head back to lie on the mattress, her body sprawling all over the bed in a vain attempt to keep cool in the humidity.

After a few minutes, her annoyance at the temperature forced her to get up and drag herself to the kitchen, where she leaned against the door frame. House hadn't yet seen her and continued bustling around the kitchen, on edge and irritated. Stacy watched him, a smile playing on her lips. Just as he downed another glass of cold, soothing water, he noticed her.

"Let's go swimming," Stacy said. House seemed keen, and then put on a mock disappointed face.

"Too bad I have work at the hospital," he said, trying to brush by her. Stacy caught his arm and turned him around.

"No, you don't. Today's your day off."

"I need clinic hours."

Stacy felt slightly annoyed, but pressed on. "You just want to keep cool. And since you're too stubborn to bother buying air conditioning or even a fan, you actually want to go to the hospital."

House blinked. "That or… I just don't want to go swimming. Excuse my desire to not want to cool myself off in little children's urine."

She smirked. "I'll call Cuddy and tell her you're keen for those extra clinic hours. Oh, and while I'm at it, I'll make sure she knows just how much you love working during the summer. Maybe she'll take some of your vacation time off. And then you can spend all summer waiting on patients, your absolute favourite thing to do."

House grunted, giving in. "Fine. But no one said I'll have to enjoy it." With a triumphant smile, Stacy turned and headed for the door, still dragging House by the arm.

"And I'm not going to any public pools!"

"I'm driving." Stacy said, crossing her arms. She stood by the driver side front door to her car.

House cocked his head. "Yeah, I don't think so." He tried to push by her, but Stacy held her ground.

"I'm twice your size, Stacy. Are you seriously thinking this is a fight you'll win?" He whispered into her ear, their faces inches away. Stacy went on her tippy toes and planted a kiss on his lips, which at first took him by surprise, but then he relaxed and kissed her back.

"Trust me," she breathed as they broke away, and Stacy leaned her head on his cheek briefly before pulling away. House studied her in silence for a few moments.


A little ways out of town, Stacy pulled onto a dirt road. House stared at the window, his curiosity growing as he watched the breeze ruffle the tree's leaves. He wondered vaguely where she could possibly be taking them, but he didn't linger too much on the thought; he trusted her.

The road twisted and turned, snaking its way deeper into the forest and away from civilisation. The car ride was fairly quiet, and House leaned forward to turn on the radio.

Because baby, I'm just a scared and lonely rider
But I got to find out how it feels
I want to know if love is wild
Girl, I want to know if love is real

Satisfied with the Bruce Springsteen song, he sat back and studied Stacy. She was intensely concentrated when she drove, her mouth set in a fine, determined line. Her eyes studied the road in front of her with confidence and her gaze never drifted. House turned his attention back to outside.

I'll love you with all the madness in my soul
Someday girl I don't know when we're going to get to that place
Where we really want to go and we'll walk in the sun
But until then tramps like us, baby we were born to run

Eventually the car came to some old rusty gates, and Stacy pulled over the car and parked it just beyond. She got out and House did as well, peering over at her, his eyebrows raised in a silent question.

"Well, it's not a public pool." Stacy said, meeting his eye and tossing him a towel.

"I'm actually quite terrified of what it is."

"You'll just have to wait and see." She said, leading the way. House had no choice but to follow her. They came to a rise, and then House found himself looking into an abandoned quarry. It was filled with water, making a nice natural water hole. Stacy was putting her towel near the side, and carefully tested the water with her foot. House made his way over. She looked up, tilting her head and waiting for a reaction. He came close to her and opened his mouth in a sarcastic comment but before he had the chance to say anything, he quickly grabbed Stacy and fell sideways into the quarry with her.

She shrieked and then the water hit them both, sending a refreshing cold sensation over their skin. House lingered underwater, waiting a moment before surfacing. Stacy had a shocked expression on her face, her mouth open as she cleared her hair from her face. To him, it was priceless.

She saw his grin, and despite her annoyance, the corners of her mouth couldn't resist turning up into a smile.

"You're such a jerk," she said, splashing him. House ducked and swam sideways, trying his best to avoid her onslaught. Stacy pursued, chasing him around and hunting him down. When Stacy thought she had him cornered, House slipped under the water's surface. She lunged but he was already deep, too deep to see. She turned, treading water, and scanned the water for any sign of life. After a few minutes, he still hadn't appeared, and she fought down her worry. He was probably just messing with her.

Meanwhile, House, underwater, grabbed Stacy's ankles and pulled her down. She yelped but her head went under anyways. She drifted slowly down, until she was face to face with House. They lingered underwater for a few moments; both searching each other's eyes. The water was silent around them, and everything seemed to fade away until it was just them. House reached out and pulled her close, leaning his forehead on hers. Love and peace seemed to be around them for a moment, but eventually they needed to breathe.

House broke the surface first. He sucked in the sweet air, and looked around in the afternoon light just as Stacy appeared beside him. He grabbed her and twirled her around, holding her close as their foreheads touched, and then letting her drift away, their foreheads still touching as they both treaded water.

"Don't scare me like that!" She scolded, but ended up giggling. He didn't answer, his face serious, his blue eyes searching hers. Stacy leaned in first, and their lips met. A slow, long, drawn-out kiss followed. But they weren't done there. Need and longing started tugging at them both, and a series of rapid, urgent, violent kisses unfolded.

Stacy stopped to breathe, and her legs ached from treading water. She slowly made her way to the quarry's edge, pulling herself out. House followed her, sitting next to her in the late afternoon sun, his legs making circles in the water. Stacy sighed in content, resting her head on his shoulder.

"I love you." She whispered. It took a second, but eventually House spoke too.

"I love you, too."

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