"Funions" and "Mr. Pibb."

Ever wonder WHY Sam ran away or what he was thinking while he was gone. How the memories from "Dark side of the moon" weren't exactly good.


Another town another school. Another time he felt so very lonely. Dean was old enough now to go with his dad on hunts leaving eleven year old Sam alone yet again. This had become a regular occurance ever since he'd hit nine and he didn't know why he'd hoped it would be different as he got older, But once, just once he'd like to spend a Holiday with his family.

A cute little girl a whole three months younger than him had been flirting nonstop since he'd started school and he couldn't help but blush when she just came right out and asked him if he wanted to come to her house for Thanksgiving. Well he didn't have any other plans as he was certain his father and Dean wouldn't return for another week or so meaning none of their once traditional bucket of extra crispy, which no Thanksgiving meal for him. So he gladly agreed.

He dressed up and like any other eleven year old boy he didn't like wearing his Sunday best because the clothes were, itchy not to mention starting to get a little small on his growing frame.

Nervously he knocked on the front door of the home to the address the girl had given him. It was the nicest home he'd ever been this close to and he started to get even more nervous as he thought this might be some sort of elaborate prank to humiliate him. Now he was sweaty and his palms got clammy as he knocked again.


He started to turn away when the door swung open and the voice of a man came from behind him saying sternly "You must be Sam."

"Yes sir." Sam said trying not to stammer.

Something else a eleven year old boy doesn't usually like to do: Meet a girl's dad.

Once Sam was seated at the table the girl's father started grilling him about how old he was, where he lived, what his grades were like, what his father did for a living, what his plans were for his future, and so on until Sam ran out of lies and halftruths to tell and had to excuse himself to leave for home before he even got a chance at dessert.

Three days later Dean and his father came home to find him all to ready to move somewhere else for a change... And all to willing to just forget trying to celebrate any other holidays.


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