"Funions" and "Mr. Pibb"

A/N: My author's note under this one talks about why I left out Bones the dog from "Flagstaff" but it kind of becomes a rant so you can skip it if you want...

I just didn't feel like deleting it because it was cathartic to type it all out and might be cathartic for some of you who feel the same way I do about the Supernatural Series to read it.

A/N: Yes I know I left out "Bones" the dog from Sam's time in Flagstaff. But I did it on purpose this time to show how altered the things from "Dark side of the moon" really were. And it's not like Zacharaih didn't prove he had the power to do something like that. Let me count the ways: ... 1: Seasons 2, 3 & 4 I'm pretty sure Zachariah, Ruby, Azazel and Lillith had been working together behind the scenes for sometime (It's pretty convienent how Dean stayed in Hell just long enough to break the first Seal also pretty convienent how old Yellow Eyes lived just long enough to put doubts in Dean's head about whether Sam came back from the dead all Sam and nothing but Sam, also pretty convienent that it wasn't till after Sam was (almost) infected with Croatoan in Season 2 that Sam started having "anger" issues (I think that, that was the beginning of the bloodlust thing to be honest... Just a thought) Anyway Zach, Ruby and other demon baddies working together and I'm pretty sure Zachariah's the one responsible for the altered voice mail message Sam recieved (Oh yeah let's not forget Cas was the one who let Sam out of the panic room in the first place and who's orders he was following when he did so). , 2: Also in Season 4 Zachariah made Dean totally forget Sam (Just think if he could do that on Earth what he could do in Heaven). , 3: The mommy issues he gave the boys in Heaven alone clearly proves Zachariah could tamper with their Heaven.

So with that in mind Sam was dead a whole five minutes more than Dean... Plenty of time for Zach to mess with Sam's Heaven and make it a borderline Hell. Why would Zach do it? You ask? Let's see here: To make Sam think he doesn't deserve anything really good or any kind of real reward.. altering relatively bad memories to where they seem kinda good, almost good enough for Sam to try to justify them for being his Heaven (a fake civil Thanksgiving with a little girl's family when in real life all dads are gonna be a little stern to the boy his little girl brings home, a fake dog planted into a memory of one of the loneliest times in Sam's life just to make it more justifiable to be an image of Heaven for both Sam and Dean and it makes me wonder what would have been different about the night Sam left for Stanford that would have made it remotely bareable enough for Sam to try to justify it) Plus Dean said he went to Flagstaff to get Sam and Dean would have remembered Sam having a dog so I find it suspicious that Dean didn't seem to remember Sam having a dog. Maybe because the dog never existed?)... AND... To drive a wedge between Sam and Dean of course (and it's also pretty convienent how Castiel took The Amulet RIGHT after Dean was hurt by Sam's choice of Ruby over him (Even though it's clear (to me at least) that Sam was played by BOTH sides (And what mortal man can fight that? Even Dean let himself get played into distrusting, fearing and misjudging Sam.) then giving it back and calling it WORTHLESS... RIGHT after Dean is hurt by what he thinks is Sam's Heaven. (Sometimes I still wonder about Castiel... Is he really a good guy like he claims? Or is he like everybody else and trying to manipulate the brothers into hating each other? (It seems kinda funny to me that EVERY time Sam and Dean start to get close start to be brothers again... something happens that splits them apart and almost everytime Castiel is closely involved. Oh wait... He's actually involved every time something happens that splits them apart 1: Azazel's pouring blood in Sam's mouth: PLANNED, 2: Mary Winchester dying: PLANNED, 3: John going all vengeful and becoming a hunter: PLANNED, 4: Sam leaving his family for Stanford: PLANNED, 5: Dean going to get Sam to help find their dad: PLANNED 6: Sam losing his fiance the same way he lost his mother: PLANNED, 6: Their dad selling his soul to save Dean's life (By the way a Crossroad's demon had to be a part of that deal. Ever wonder who that was? (I'm thinking it was Crowley) PLANNED, 7: John telling Dean if he couldn't save Sam he'd have to kill him: PLANNED, 8: Dean eventually spilling that secret to Sam making Sam have doubts about himself: PLANNED, 9: Sam dying and Dean selling his soul and Lillith just so happening to be the one to hold Dean's contract: ALL PLANNED, 10: Yellow Eyes telling Dean what he brought back might not be all Sam (I think Sam was in Heaven when Dean brought him back and the way Ash tells them in "Dark side of the moon." both Sam and Dean had been there more times than he could count and Sam had died 3 or 4 times before then not to mention near death experiences with all the times he'd been choked (Some people skip the whole light at the end of the tunnel and see Heaven (or Hell) automatically if they so much as get knocked unconscious and since Sam is a sensitive psychic... He'd probably just pass through the veil reletively easily in all the times he was choked out or hit over the head hard enough to knock him unconscious, no muss no fuss.) PLANNED,11: Their dad just "convienently" showing up to help gank Azazel and only embracing just Dean and merely looking Sam's direction and giving a nod with no words exchanged: both vague and PLANNED, 12: Ruby just convienently showing up to "help" and all the times Dean wanted to and could have killed her and didn't along with how he pegged her motives dead on in the last episode of Season 3 and still didn't kill her: PLANNED. and so on and so on. The one common thread let's see. Meg worked for Azazel, Azazel worked for Lucifer (I'm pretty sure Azazel wasn't just a demon but had once been an angel and there's lots of real research that supports the idea meaning Sammy doesn't just have demon blood in him but angel blood as well (Which would make a lot of sense. The mojo of a very powerful demon along with the grace of a very powerful angel would make for a very strong vessel) Lillith worked for Lucifer. Crowley and Ruby both worked for Lillith (If you don't remember where it talks about Crowley being Lillith's right hand man and rumored lover it's in Season 5 Episode 9) and Lillith worked for Lucifer all of them had hands in manipulating all three Winchesters throughout the series, then throw angels in the mix Zachariah is clearly working with Lillith and Ruby to help set Lucifer free and Castiel works for Zachariah and Anna implied that Castiel always was a good little soldier (she never said which side Cas was on or who's orders he's ALWAYS going to follow) who would do ANYTHING under orders and who's to say that Cas isn't still that good little soldier as The Colt disapeared and Castiel was the last one closest to it. Meg (Who not only worked for Lucifer may still work for Lucifer) but is the same demon who kidnapped John in Season 1 and is also the same demon who's responsible for Ellen's and Jo's deaths) and Cas seem to have a thing (Even more so now (Sorry if you haven't seen Season 7) (Yet Dean almost immediately forgives ALL of Castiel's mistakes and even tells Cas he's like a brother when he was so hard on Sam (His REAL brother) for all of his mistakes (which makes Dean kind of a hypocrite if you ask me because he's never truely satisfied with Sam and he seems to be always trying to "fix" Sam (make Sam into the perfect brother) or replace him with someone else, examples are: the siren from Season 5, the kid that "swaps bodies" with Sam (also Season 5 and Dean took WAY to long figuring it out because he prefered that kid over Sam) Season 4 Dean was made to forget Sam entirely which is really bad because Sam at least remembered Dean so that had to have hurt poor Sam (I think Cas is still trying to put wedges in between Sam and Dean and I think that some of the things that Cas has done that seemed helpful at the time are gonna come back and bite Sam and Dean in the rears) (I'm thinking the angels need Sam to become willingly corrupt so there's no fight left in him when Lucifer takes him as a vessel again and Sam won't do that if he has hope of repairing his relationship with Dean so both demons and angels (Cas included... Sorry Cas fans... I LOVE Castiel and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Misha but I wonder about the character's motives sometimes and while I don't think he's an all out bad guy I just don't trust that he's entirely good either and to me anything that comes between family (Even when it's supposed to be for a good cause or with good intentions) it can't be entirely good...but) Both demons and angels are trying to rip the fabric of Sam and Dean's bond so that Sam has nothing left to keep him good. And the only way they're gonna make that happen without killing Dean is to make the brothers grow apart and make them eventually stop caring about each other.) (PLUS ... SUPERNATURAL is Sam and Dean's story not Castiel's story and it annoys me when a clearly manipulative character can't be seen for what they are (It was that way for me with Ruby in Seasons 3 and 4 I was actually rooting for her to be a good guy, for her to really be on Sam and Dean's side I'll never make the mistake of puting faith in a side character ever again and I DEFINITELY WILL NOT BE TRUSTING "Meg" ANY TIME SOON either (there's times I've even doubted Bobby's loyalty to Sam and Dean (I guess I'm just that synical now) and while there's side characters I'd like to see come back Gabriel, Adam, Missouri, Ellen, Jo, Ash and a few others like Sarah Blake (Season 1 "Provinance" for those who don't know she's the girl who helped run the auction house that sold the creepy painting , she's also one of the only girls that Sam dates that Dean actually not only approves of but insist that Sam should marry her) so long as they don't interfere with Sam and Dean's bond because I just can't get fully behind any character that gets between Sam and Dean so... I have no idea what to think of Castiel I just know SUPERNATURAL is not his story and Sam and Dean's bond of brotherhood (really when one looks at the soulmate aspect of things it's a bond MORE than brotherhood (I'm thinking since Dean raised Sam Dean is kind of the only real father AND mother Sam ever really knew and I believe when a good loving parent see their child for the first time they see nothing less than their soulmate) (Makes me think about the "fabric" of love between mother and child talked about in a movie called "The Forgotten" with Julian Moore and a bond like that is something irreplaceable) shouldn't be broken for anything and as I said earlier I think it's a bit suspicious (and also convenient) how just when Sam and Dean start to get close as brothers something happens that forms a wedge between them and pulls them apart .. EVERY TIME! It never fails to break my heart ..

A/N: So sorry I started that off talking about why I left out the dog and ended up going on a rant about how Sam and Dean have been manipulated by both angels and demons... Supernatural just kind of does that to me.

So without further ado... on with the story...

"Leaving the nest."

It was two weeks after graduation that Sam dropped the bombshell that he had not only applied for college but had been accepted while also recieving a full ride scholarship .

Most parents would have been proud but not John Winchester. No John called Sam selfish, ungrateful, and insubordinant in a tone so menacing almost anyone would have been intimidated but not Sam Winchester. Instead of being intimidated Sam rounded on his father, went nose to nose with him and yelled "If not wanting to stick around till your obsession finally gets one if not all of us killed makes me ungrateful and insubordinant, then fine I'm ungrateful and insubordinant! But not wanting to stick around to watch what's left of my family be killed doesn't make me selfish and wanting something consistent and safe doesn't make me wrong!"

Now John shoved Sam back and started to yell "You're a spoiled, selfish, ungrateful brat that doesn't give a damn about his family! You want to go? Fine! Then take your crap and get out!"

Dean looked shocked at their father's words but all he could do was stand there silently and watch as Sam started packing his belongings.

Sam kept his back turned to his brother and father so that they couldn't see the tears that were welling up in his eyes or the hurt expression that felt permanantly etched on his face and as he put his hand on the door knob all he could think was how much he wished Dean would try to say something to change either his mind or their father's but then their father growled "If you walk out that door, don't ever come back." and now Sam wished that Dean would just come with him and then maybe their father would see how his obsession had cost him both of his children, then maybe John Winchester might chose to change his ways, might decide that keeping what's left of his family is more important than his quest for vengence.. But as Sam boarded the bus headed for California he had a sinking feeling that he was the one that had lost his family...

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