Sorry to say but this is not an update. School has just started and the first week has end. My time will be all for you guys but until then, this is all you get. I have, over the last two years, been working on a few dozen stories, mostly just the first few chapters because I like to write down my ideas before I lose them. I have decided to upload these stories onto because I realize that if I don't know them I might never or I could lose all of them or lose my flash drive holding them all.

I will now be giving you a list of the stories below and their summaries. I will say now that for over half, I have not come up with names for them so I will be coming up with names now. If they suck then I am all for new ones and if anyone wants to adopt them they can but be warned, I will still be continuing on with those stories but probably not for a while cuz I still want to work on the ones I have already published on so yeah.

The stories will be up in the next few days because, though I have access to a computer to type, I do not have internet access. My computer has viruses that don't let me get on the internet. And no, the viruses are in fact not from porn you dirty minded people. The only time I can get on the computer is at school.

Now onto the stories: (Also, some of these are one shots that I am still not finished with so will not be published or I'm still not done with the first chapter)

P.s. I have made new stories since I wrote this author's note and I don't remember which one those were so I might miss some when adding them to this list.


Story of a Lone Hollow-OneShots-Will have one chapter that is a crossover with Justice League. Ichigo kicks Shiro out of his head and into the real world. This goes through Shiro's life from College, to his struggle to be human, to his job at yet another group of idiots with hero complexes. (P.s. This also will also have a whole story connected to it at some point. I've already finished the first few chapters of the actual multi-chaptered stories but have yet clear a whole bunch of plot wholes that will be filled with the one-shots. The main story will be a full crossover with the justice league. I won't be posting the story for some time. Maybe around one-shot chapter 20.)

Death's Wish and Life's Discovery-Ichigo has died and his separate parts are sent to the Soul Society. Takes place through Shiro's(Hollow Ichigo) perspective but still third person. Shows mostly Shiro's journey through the districts in an attempt to find what he can't remember since before he died. Shiro without memories.

Lost in Memory-Ulquiorra has died and is reborn in the soul society and he slowly begins to regain memories since before he was an Arroncar but the thing is, these memories are from the Soul Society and a certain black haired Shinigami captain.

Remember the Sorrow-Another Ulquiorra died after the final battle and is sent to his old world from before he died by Kami or whoever and has to save the Elemental Nations from Akatsuki and mad Uchiha.

DC Comics

Falling in Love With the Wrong People-This was meant to be a one shot but now multichaptered. Flash and Cold run across each other at a bank robbery or whatever and they end up fucking. Now, Cold can't stop thinking about

The Grey Speedster-Wally is a thief and has run ins with the Rogues.

Becoming Undone-Deathstroke wants a new apprentice and sets his eyes on the new Robin of the Teen Titans, Tim Drake. But now, with Red Hood setting his sights on a new location, will Deathstroke find his apprentice in the wayward bird, or stick with the side kick?

FTX-MMJTOTHMT-Five Times the X-Men Meet Jason Todd and the One Time He Met Them.


Make You Feel 2-As you have probably guessed, this is the continuation of Make You Feel. This one is sort of weird. Dexter gets pregnant(A common thing in fanfiction society of my story). Not knowing what to do, Dexter decides to keep the baby but is having a hard time telling anyone who the father is. How will people react when they discover Sergeant Doakes, one known to hate the 'freaks' guts is really the father and just how will Doakes feel about learning that the mother of his child if a 'fucking psychopath'? And will Deb be able to keep from beating the shit out of the guy who defiled her little brother?

Harry Potter

The Places We Travel-Salazar dies and a thousand years later he and the rest of the founders and their children are reincarnated. Now, they must face both the evil of their past and the evil of the present.

Hate and Love of a Spy-FemSeverus. Severus goes to Dumbledore before Voldemort could kill the Potters. She and Lily renew their friendship. I'm not really sure where this story is going so this is all I have.

Heart of an Assassin-To protect his family from the threat of their own allies, Harry goes to Voldemort and agrees to be both spy and apprentice in order to spare those closest to him. Harry is not the bhl. His older brother, Nick, is. This is not really a Harry is overlooked and neglected story. It is more of a Harry is protective and wants all those he cares for to live.


Living as a Human-Inuyasha uses the shikon jewel to become human and that is as far as I really know is going on in the story but still good for the first three chapters I've written so far.

Marvel Comics

Gods of Different Feathers-Loki is banished from Asgard and his powers stripped from him. He has only enough power to change his shape into that of his new identity, Sally Jackson. Now, nearly twenty years later, she has to protect her son from yet another set of Gods.

Finding Home-Loki actually dies at the end of Thor 2 and is reborn as a 10 year old in paris(basically the plot of Journey into mystery) but steals away to America and meets

Runaways and Their Magical Adventures-Loki leaves from the Young Avengers after a fight and comes across the Runaways. He decides to join them but things from his past won't leave him alone.


Kings and their Kingdoms-After Merlin saves Arthur using magic, he is banished from Camelot and is found by a group of Wizards and is brought to their hidden kingdom

Warlocks Path to Becoming a Pirate-Merlin is immortal and runs across the reincarnation of the people from his past.


Ninja's Blade-Kakashi is on a mission in the Land of Iron and comes across a village on the edge of the country. What happens when he finds out his dead father stolen the mother he barely knew from this village.

Peter Pan

Innocence of Childhood-Peter decides to return to England with Wendy and her brothers. Years later, the lost boys and a certain pirate come to retrieve him in order to save Neverland. The only problem is, Peter doesn't remember his time as a child and a certain Pirate is making it awfully hard to even want to remember. Slash between PeterXHook

Phantom of the Opera

Art and Its Artists-After Satine's death, Christine moves away and gets a job at Opera Popularus(I think I spelled this wrong).

Power Rangers

Journey from Evil-Trent runs away in order protect his friends from his evil side. He runs across several other teams along the way.

Magic and Mystery-Xover between Mystic Force and RPG. Vengex is going on nearly twenty years strong but now magic is beginning to seep into the protected Mystic Forest. Chip is sent to investigate and runs across the Power Ranger's RPG. There are a lot of changes made to the story. I will try and list them as I go along.

Magic Relations-Trent Fernandez gets a job at the Mystic Force's school as it's new art teacher. The only thing is, the two girls of the team know this man…as their estranged dad that they are meeting for the first time. Long story short, their mom and dad never got married-mom got custody of kids and now dad(Trent) wants to be a part of their lives.

Rise of the Guardians

Cold Crave-Harry Potter dies and is retrieved by Father Time. Harry doesn't remember anything and agrees to become Jack Frost. Don't really know where this story is going.

Gods' Snow-Percy, at fifteen, is sent to the past in order to stop him from turning 16 in the present. Fearing the powers that be, Chrono does not kill him. But now, several hundred years in the past, Jackson Overland dies on the day of his sixteenth birthday in a twist of fate, drowning at the bottom of a frozen lake. That very same night, Jack Frost is born. The carefree, forever 16 year old spirit, spends his 300 and some years alone with nothing but the Northern Winds at his side and near all other spirits of both the same and different pantheons against him. Can he cope with the Greeks after him for verying reasons and his fellow Guardians against him for that very same reason?

Star Trek

Aliens and Wizards-Some years in the future, Draco and his wife are divorced. Draco has nothing left after his parents disowned him for marrying a muggleborn and becoming both a healer in the wizarding world and a doctor in the muggle world(Same as his wife-er, ex-wife(stupid muggleborns))

Star Wars

Bounty-After being rejected by his Master and almost forced to return to the Agri-corps, Obi-Wan is now a bounty hunter under the guidance of Jango Fett.

Lost Girl-Takes place 20 years after Order 66. The empire has fallen and the Jedi are back. This is Ahsoka's return to the temple. I don't really like this story cuz their's no real action. I'm trying to add some in but so far it's just really boring.

Dark Of the Force-Obi-Wan runs away after he is blamed for a murder he didn't comitte. He is taken in by the Sith after dark words take roots in his mind. Believing all Jedi blame him, he retreats to the dark side.

What May Come-People from the past are mixing with the future and the people of the future are so confused. Anakin discovers trespassers in the temple and turns out one is his Master as a kid, the other is who his Master was to be originally, another is a dark Jedi, and several other kids that shouldn't be here.

The Price of Family-Obi-Wan is brought to the temple by his mother wishing to free her son from the life of a prince of a war torn world. Several years later, he and his Master travel to this world at the request of the royal family to stop a certain dark Jedi.

Story of a Forgotten Padawan-Order 66 has been issued and Ahsoka has no other chose but to escape. With the help of once thought enemies, Ahsoka must learn to live a life on the run and find peace in the Force that she now desperately hides from to stay alive.

Sweeny Todd

Bleeding Heart-Judge Turpin discovers just who Sweeny Todd is and uses his daughter against the barber for his own twisted sense of revenge.


Dark Heart-Takes place after episode 'Black'. Daniel is taken over by Lotor. Feeling that all those he once considered friends and allies have turned against him and not knowing what to do, he slowly falls to darkness. His friends are desperate to get him back but they aren't so sure Daniel wants them back.

Story of a Green Lion-This is more of a story of connected one shots and it give us a view of a different way Voltron and its piolets came together. Pidge is a hacker and digital thief, one of the universes most wanted. Tells the tale of his joining the Galactic Alliance and Voltron and regaining ties. It also tells of a strange new beginning to Voltron, magic, and secret Balto prophecies.


Wizards of Professional Wrestling-Bad News Barrett is Harry Potter. While scrolling through Muggle TV, Ron discovers a strange new show called WWE Smackdown! and sees Harry, the boy who disappeared from the wizarding world at 17. Now, the gang and their kids are back together to watch just what it is that Harry, or Wade Barrett, does for a living.

Lost and Found-Bray is a depressed man and as time goes on, John Cena begins to realize this. Tension within the Wyatt family heat up and the feud between the Wyatts and Cena slowly lean towards Cena and the two muscle of the family as Bray is pushed further and further into his mind. Will John turn his back on his one-time enemy or will he not only fix the hard of the Wyatt patriarch but also his own.

Kingdom Come-CenaXBarrette cuz I love this pairing. John is the leader of Raw, a prosperous land and he the citizen's beloved king. But now, Wade Barrette, recluse leader of Nexus rears his head against the kingdom of Raw all to prove that the perfect king isn't so perfect.


Dark Does Not Equal Evil- Why the JLA does not mess with Bakura and his host. Dr. Strange is in this but I really like him and decided to put him in the Justice league. He is also Ryou's dad…so there's that.

Rain and Revenge- This is about Bakura attempting to kill Seto's little brother to get revenge on Yugi (Yugi and Mokuba are dating just so you know), getting caught, and becoming owned by Seto. Literally.

Shadows and Magic-Ryou is brought to England by his father in order to protect him from Dark Wizards. Ryou discovers his father's long kept secret of being a wizard. With Bakura's help he tries not to help these wizards and instead, to escape something he wants no part in. Learning that his father has lied to him only increases the amount in which he wishes to return to England. With a new found apprentice in a bushy haired girl, they are dragged into a plot of saving yet another hidden war of Dark and Light magic.

The Future is Problematic-After being discovered by Malik that Ryou still has Bakura as a Yami, they are sent to the Shadow Realm where a strange spirit sends them 15 years into the future and to Duel Academy to save and protect her sister from the evil clutches of a cult planning on ruling a long forgotten part of the Shadow realm.

To Love and hate- Why Bakura hates the Pharaoh and Seto. He is no longer an enemy and the Yami's are all separated from their hosts. This is slash between BakuraXSeto and past PharaohXSeto. Not yet to be posted because I have not yet decided on how it should end. I am almost finished though but the ending really really reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy escapes me and I can't think of a good way to do it.