Summer Party

The Fourth of July got me to thinking about a party for our team. Games and good food will be present as well as a little Nallen & Densi.

Disclaimer: To my eternal sadness I do not own or profit from NCIS Los Angeles or any of its fine characters.

Callen walked out the door dressed in a pair of dark blue board shorts and a white t-shirt with a twelve pack of beer in his hand. Opening the cooler in the back of his truck he shoved the bottles down in the ice before tossing the empty box in the garbage can. Climbing into the driver's seat and starting the truck he slid his dark shades over his eyes and started to back out of the driveway pausing to answer his phone.

"Yes, Sam I'm on my way, of course I'm bringing beer. I should be there in about 20 minutes or so, what are you bringing? Yea I know Hetty said not to bring anything but I know your wife and Ronnie won't go anywhere without taking food." Pulling into the minimart he pulled into a park. "Great I love her potato salad; I'll see you guys at Hetty's."

Getting out of the truck he smiled at a woman as he walked past not noticing the way her eyes lingered on him as he went into the store. Heading towards the cool box Callen grabbed another twelve pack of beer and a couple six packs of the wine coolers that Sam's wife usually drank. After paying for his items and putting them in the cooler he was ready to go.

Driving down the road Callen thought back to when Hetty, his tiny but intimidating boss issued her invitation to her house for a team party. Her dark eyes had stared directly into to his letting him know there was no excuse he could make that would get him out of going. It was another of those team bonding exercises she loved to involve him in dressed up with burgers, swimming and beer (lots of beer if he had his way).

Arriving at her beach house; one of many homes Hetty owned, he grabbed the cooler out of the truck and headed through the side gate to the pool area where everyone was gathered.

"Mr. Callen I told you there was no need to bring anything." Once again the small woman had sneaked up behind him. "I presume you have brought an additional supply of your favorite beverage?"

"Good morning to you as well Hetty, yes I did bring beer as I've heard that it is impolite to attend a social gathering without contributing something." Giving her a smile as he sat down the cooler he opened the box and took out a bottle offering one to her as well. "Since my cooking skills are limited I chose to go the easier drinks route."

"Humph, Mr. Callen your knowledge of social details never ceases to amaze me, now come join your colleagues please."

Walking towards the group of partygoers Callen make a quick assessment of who was there and who was doing what before taking a seat on a comfortable looking lounge chair beside Hetty.

Sam in a black pair of shorts was sharing a double lounger with his wife Ronnie; a tall elegant woman whose red and white striped bikini showed off her caramel colored skin to advantage. They seemed to be in their own private world as they held hands and chatted in quiet voices. Looking around for his partner's kids, he finally turned to Hetty.

"Where are Sam's kids? I don't see them anywhere."

Glancing over at the ex-seal and his lovely wife "Mr. Hanna's parents took the kids for the weekend, affording him and his wife some much needed alone time. I offered to let him skip this gathering but both he and Mrs. Hanna wanted to attend."

"Good for Sam and Ronnie but I am a little disappointed not to see the kids, it's been awhile since I spent any time with them."

"I'm sure they will be equally disappointed to miss their Uncle G, perhaps you should schedule some time with them in the near future." She enjoyed seeing her favorite agent playing with his partner's kids; there was a relaxed attitude about him when he was "Uncle G" that she rarely saw any other time. Someday he would make a great father if he could just find the right woman. Knowing better than to voice that thought she followed his gaze over to where other members of the team had finally noticed the late arrival.

"Hey Callen you finally got here." Kensi came over to perch on the end of his chair, leaning over to give him a kiss on the cheek. "We're getting ready to play water volleyball, ok?"

"Sure Kens, just let me relax for a few minutes and I'll be ready. Are the teams picked yet?" He took a drink of his beer. "You going to be able to play in that excuse for a swimsuit you're wearing?"

His eyes traveled from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet, admiring the way the skimpy, purple flowered bikini showed off her body to perfection. Even though he thought of her as a sister Callen could see how beautiful Kensi was.

Taking a closer look at the pattern on her bikini "Are those little ferns on your suit? I wonder what Deeks thanks of that?"

Blushing she moved away from him and back towards the shaggy, blonde detective who was wearing a pair of swim trunks patterned with huge bright yellow and green flowers. "I don't know what you're talking about G; those little green things are just leaves, not ferns. I would never wear anything with ferns on it. Do not tell Deeks that you think I have ferns on my suit."

"He'll never hear it from me Kensi, but he might see them all by his self. He's not as dumb as you think he is." Callen gave her a smirk as she walked away. "Hey, Eric how's it going with you today?"

Getting up to shake the computer tech's hand, he noticed a shy looking blonde holding his hand.

"Callen this is my friend Jennifer, Jennifer this is Callen one of the guys I work for." The girl looked up straight into his blue eyes; losing her thoughts for a moment before reaching out to shake his hand.

"Nice to meet you Jennifer; it's always good to meet one of Eric's friends." She was a pretty girl wearing a black one piece suit with a sheer cover-up. Trying to put her at ease he gave her a smile that caused her cheeks to turn pink and her hand to squeeze Eric's a little harder before they walked away to join Deeks and Kensi by the pool.

As Callen headed over towards Sam and Ronnie he diverted to greet Mike Renko who had just walked thru the gate accompanied by a beautiful red head.

"Renko, I haven't seen you for months, welcome back buddy." He gave the dark haired agent a one armed hug before turning to his companion. "Welcome to the party, too bad you got stuck with Renko as your escort."

Striking a pose with her hand on one hip she looked him up and down. "Oh honey you must be the one Mike was warning me about. I can see why he did that now, the girls must follow your around like bees after honey."

"Well I am much sweeter than he'll ever be. " He gave her a big smile, his blue eyes shining at her. "You could just dump him now and spend the rest of the day with me. I can guarantee you'll have a much better time with me."

"Callen you are such as ass, shut up and get away from my woman. Go find one of you own or do you need some help with that?"

"As tempting as that sounds, I believe I'll stay with the one that brought me." Winking at Callen she snaked her arm around Renko's waist. "I already know what to expect from this one."

As Mike and his girl went over to greet Hetty, Callen looked around having not seen the one person he had been looking forward to seeing. Catching a flash of blue out of the corner of his eye, he saw her talking to Eric and Jennifer. She was wearing a bright blue tie-dye sundress, her pretty hair covered by a straw hat a big smile on her face.

Turning around her eyes met his causing his blue eyes to light up and his heart to skip a beat.