Chapter 6

"I swear I saw steam come off the water when he kissed her. If those two don't get their act together soon I say we lock them in a closet and don't let them out until the deed is done."

Kensi was so busy sputtering about Callen and Nell she never noticed where Deeks was guiding her until her nose was tickled by something leafy and green.

"What the heck Deeks, where are we? I thought we were going to get a beer, all that volleyball made me thirsty." Pausing to take in her surroundings; all the leafy green plants some lacy and delicate looking while others looked like they came from the dinosaur age the pretty brunette got an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Why Fern baby I just wanted to try and match the type of ferns on your suit with one of Hetty's prized plants." Marty grinned at her obvious wish to be anywhere else but there with him having this conversation. "If we can't figure it out I'm sure Hetty would be very willing to identify it for us."

"I've already told you those green things on my bikini aren't ferns they're just leaves. Why on earth would I willingly buy a swimsuit with ferns on it?" Looking up at her shaggy blonde partner's smug expression Kensi tried to divert the conversation. "Aren't you hungry? I can smell the steaks cooking from here; let's go before Sam and Mike grab the best ones."

"Uh Uh Sugarbear, stop trying to change the subject believe me I have studied bikini's for years and I know that's a fern on your suit. Now you being the superb agent that you are I also know there was no way you mistook that for a leaf. So care to explain why you've decorated yourself with tiny little fronds of green deliousiness?"

"Deeks, do you really think I would put something on my body just to capture your attention?" She paused to send him a little smirk. "It's not like you don't stare at my body all the time anyway."

Grabbing her wrist so she couldn't walk away, Marty gave her an uncustomary serious look. "Yeah Kensi I do think you would wear something like this just to drive me crazy. Let me ask you something Kens, don't you ever get tired of this game we play?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, I'm not a teenager playing games I'm a grown woman." She wouldn't meet his eyes, not believing he was trying to have this conversation in a place where anyone could walk by.

Letting go of her Marty stepped back and turned away from her. "Fine Kensi, have it your way. We're just partners nothing more, why don't you go join the others. I'll be there in a few minutes."

She watched him walk a few steps away the hurt and confusion evident in his voice. "Come on Deeks, don't start this now. It's the wrong time and certainly the wrong place for this conversation. You have to know how much I trust you that I think you're the best partner I ever had."

"The best partner you ever had? Wow that's quite the compliment, what more could a guy want from you? Oh I know how about some honesty; that's what I want and I don't care where we're at. I want to know that I'm not the only one whose blood sizzles when we near each other, that I'm not the only one that dreams about us every night, about what we could be. But no we aren't allowed to have that conversation are we? All you want to do is keep on with the teasing & the hurt looks you send me whenever I so much as look at another woman."

Kensi had never seen this side of Deeks, anger radiated off his body in waves, his usually fun filled blue eyes were stormy and unhappy. Finally he came to the end of his rant and just stood there waiting for her response. A response she didn't have; everything he said was true but she couldn't admit that to him. How could she explain how scared she was of letting him in and then him taking off? How she was scared that the day would come when he grew tired of waiting for her and turned towards someone else that could give him the love he deserved. So she just stood there and looked at him.

"Nothing, you've got nothing to say? Ok if you won't talk to me how about if we try it without words?" Deeks grabbed her shoulders and pulled her to his body letting his arms circle around to hold her tight. He lowered his face towards hers letting his lips softly touch hers before continuing to kiss along her jawline up to her ear dropping back to catch her glossy red mouth in a searing kiss.

Her mind ceased its thoughts at the first touch of his lips, her arms snaking around his waist to pull him closer. When he captured her lips for the second kiss one of her hands drifted up his back to run thru his shaggy blonde hair as she returned his kiss with all the passion she had been keeping locked away for months.

As he felt her response Marty let one of his hands drop down to cup her butt bringing her in as close to his body as possible. He couldn't believe he was finally getting the response from Kensi that he had desired for so long. As she felt his lips curl into a smile, Kensi pulled away to look up at him.

"What are you smiling about? I thought you wanted to talk without words?" She smiled to take the sting out of her words.

"I can speak to you all night long without saying a word if you want." He dropped a quick kiss on her mouth. "But first, will you tell me how many bikinis you had to look at to find one with ferns on it?"

"You can't quit while you're ahead can you? I already told you its leaves not ferns, ok? Give me a break Deeks." She pulled away from him as she heard talking coming closer to them. "Quiet! Someone's coming."

Deciding that he had already won one battle tonight he let her go. "Ok Fern baby you just keep believing that, I know you were sending me a message. Trust me that tiny little bit of a swimsuit got your message across loud and clear. Oh crap is that Hetty?"

"Mr. Deeks if you as much as damage one frond on my ferns I will take my garden shears to you. Now you and Miss Blye settle whatever disagreement you are having and come join us for dinner."

"Ok Hetty we'll be right there." Turning to face Kensi he reached up to stroke her cheek. "Let's go grab some grub before Sam eats it all Sugarbear."

"Find Marty and thanks." Seeing the question in his eyes she continued. "I mean thanks for putting up with me and hanging in there. I'll deny it if you ever tell anybody I said it but you are a very special person Marty Deeks and I'm glad to have you in my life."

Kensi leaned over and gave him a quick kiss before running to catch up with Hetty leaving a smiling Deeks to whisper after her. "Don't worry babe, I'm planning on being in your life forever."