Summary: What if Jack had a daughter? How would she change the Losties lives? Jack's past is totally different and the island will never be the same.

Jack Shephard sat in seat 23A next to his eighteen-year-old daughter, Cassie, on Oceanic Flight 815. They were heading back to LA X after a vacation in Australia that Jack had given his daughter for her senior year. Jack looked out the window pensively as Cassie read Gone With the Wind for the fifteenth time.

The flight attendant, Cindy Chandler, comes by and asks them how their drinks are.

"It's not a very strong drink," was Jack's lukewarm response. Cindy hands him two more of the sample bottles of vodka.

"Mine is fine, thanks," Cassie nodded with a smile, sipping her cup of coffee.

Cassie had dark hair like her father and an angelic face with blue eyes like her mother. She was somewhat surprised when her father got the tickets. They never spend time together. He was very proud of her though, she knew that much. She was going to become a spinal surgeon just like her father and he was happy about her decision. Cassie wore a thin white tee, jean shorts, a silver locket with her deceased mothers photo inside and a pair of Ariat walking boots her father got her the Christmas before when they were in the Adirondacks. She texted furiously to her friend Caroline about plans before going to college, brunch at the country club was Cassie's idea.

"Are you nervous?" her father asked.

"About what?"

"Going to college," he responded, "It's a big move ya know?"

"Yeah, I know. But no, I'm not nervous. I'm more excited than nervous."

Jack smiled at his daughter, "That's good, I'm glad."

The plane shook with light turbulence and Cassie clutched onto the arm of the chair with her right and quickly grasped her father's hand with her left. She wasn't nervous about college, but she was nervous on planes.

"Don't worry," a voice next to her said in a calm voice, "my absent husband says planes wantto stay in the air."

Cassie opened her closed eyes and saw a woman with a welcoming face smiling kindly at her.

"Your husband sounds like a smart man," Jack said.

"I'll tell him that when he comes back from the bathroom."

Suddenly the plane started to shake more violently before making a sharp, uncontrolled decent. Some of the passengers fell out and some even hit the cabin roof. To Cassie's horror an oxygen mask fell in front of her. Jack and Cassie secured the masks on their faces before closing their eyes and waiting for it to end.


Cassie's eyes shot open, revealing her beautiful sky blue irises. She looked up at the island trees above her she tried to get up, but a shooting pain shot through her spine. Cassie looked down and saw that a huge rock dug into her right leg. She couldn't feel that leg. A metallic taste dripped into her mouth and her hand quickly went to her head. A huge gash was in her forehead. She screamed for help, but she couldn't hear her own voice. Her ears felt like they were stuffed with cotton. Cassie looked down at her legs with tears streaming down her face. She used to play volleyball, softball, field hockey and she used to dance ballet.

It was never going to be the same.

Different thoughts rushed through Cassie's mind. Like if there were any survivors and if there were, was her dad one of them? How'd she get out of this deep into the jungle? Should she get the rock out of her leg? Is she going to die out here?


Jack ran haphazardly through the bamboo jungle, screaming for Cassie along the way, but of course there was no reply. I lost my daughter; I lost my daughter,were the only four words that ran through his mind. He burst out of the jungle only to find a pristine beach damaged by the burning mid-section of the plane. People screamed and cried for lost ones just like Jack was doing a few minutes earlier. He looked around for Cassie, but did not see her. Jack, being a doctor started helping people. He pulled a passenger with a crushed leg out from one of the planes detached landing wings with the help of three other men. Jack then helped an eight-month pregnant woman away from the wreckage with the help of a rather large man. This is just what Jack does, he's a doctor. Jack then caught somebody performing CPR wrong.

After the rush, Jack wandered toward the fuselage and peered in, not knowing what he would find, perhaps his daughter. Boone, the person performing CPR wrong, came to Jack with a bunch of pens in his hands, "I didn't know which one would work best."

Without looking at them he said, "They are all good…have you seen a girl with dark brown hair in a white T-shirt and shorts around here?"

Boone shook his head solemnly, "No, I haven't…sorry." He walked away to his sister, Shannon.

Nighttime fell upon the losties and no one has seen Cassie. Sawyer smoked a cigarette grimly while looking at the wreckage, the pregnant woman, Claire, stared off into the ocean, the large man, Hurley, gathered meals from the galley and the lady sitting next to the ocean, Rose, tearfully kissed her wedding ring. Jack was tending to an unconscious Edward Mars and in the night, they all heard the mechanical sounding noises from the jungle in fear. After hearing the noises Jack worried that whatever was out there had gotten Cassie. He promised that in the morning, he would go out and look for her.

Day 2

Sawyer was never one to hang out around big groups that he didn't care for. As Jack, Kate and Charlie went out searching for the cockpit and the little gizmo inside, Sawyer went searching for lost luggage. As he trekked through the jungle picking up random junk as he went along. Sawyer was about to leave before he heard someone cry out, "Help!"

Sawyer turned around quickly and called out, "Hello?"

"Help!" there he heard it again.

He walked further into the jungle as a downpour started to rain on him, "Where are ya?" he called out.

"Over here," it sounded like a girl, Sawyer knew that much. His boots sloshed around in the mud as he walked further and further in. He suddenly tripped on something. Sawyer looked down only to realize it was a person's leg. It was a girl. Sawyer didn't know her, but he didn't care. She was unconscious and Sawyer saw that a tree limb had fallen from the storm and hit her in the head. She had damp and dirty Cherry Coke curls. Pale skin and wore a white T-shirt. A sharp rock pierced her right leg. She was beautiful; no doubt about it, but Sawyer didn't know what to do. Sawyer kneeled and pushed some hair out of her face, "Hey," he murmured, "Wake up now, don't be dead on me." Sawyer pressed his head lightly against her chest and could hear a slow heartbeat. Right when he thought it was about to stop it gave off another soft beat. Her eyes fluttered open and aloud Sawyer said, "So you'rethe Docs daughter," remembering the doctor asking if he's seen his daughter, giving the description.

"Please," she choked out, "Help me." Her big blue eyes, the color of heaven,Sawyer thought, pleaded with him.

"But your leg-," Cassie cut him off.

"I can't feel it."

Sawyer's eyes went wide as hers started to close. She kept on murmuring, "Please help me…"

He's never saved someone's life before, but it's always a good time to start. Sawyer slowly got the rock out of her leg; since she didn't wake up from unconsciousness he believed that she really couldn't feel her legs. He scooped her thin and small body into his arms, her legs flailing around helplessly while her head was burrowed into his chest. As he got out of the jungle, the rain started to cease.

Shannon, who was bathing in her newly found bathing suit, jumped up and said rather loudly, "Oh my god he found her!"

Boone looked up and his eyes widened at the sight of the girl's bloody body. He ran over to Sawyer and soon a bunch of others were following, crowding around him. "What happened man?" Boone asked.

"I don't know, I found her like this. She said she can't feel her legs. Now back off Beach Boy and give the girl some space."

Claire came over slowly too, rubbing her stomach, "Is she gonna be alright?" her Australian accent thick.

The Korean couple, Jin and Sun, was bickering in the distance. Jin was telling Sun that she shouldn't get herself involved, but Sun finally won, walking past him telling him that she needed to help with what she knew in the medical field.

Sawyer brought Cassie to the tent he built himself and set her down gently and then came outside to tell the others to back off and away from his tent. Sun rushed up to him and he put his hands up, "Slow down there, Tokyo Rose, no one is going in to see her until Doc is back from his little adventure."

Sun looked taken aback, but pointed to herself and after a moment of thinking slowly said, "I…help..."

Sayid came up to Sawyer, "Just let her in, she may not speak the language, but she may be able to help."

"And who the hell are you, boy?" Sawyer spat.

Then Michael came up with a worried expression on his face, Walt and Vincent close behind him, "Walt found these in the jungle," he said holding up a pair of handcuffs.

Sawyer glared at Sayid accusingly, "So that's what happened? You blew up the plane, terrorist!"

Sayid pushed Sawyer in the chest, "Don't everaccuse me of being a terrorist, ibn al-kalb!"

They got into a fight and that's when Jack, Kate and Charlie got back from the trek, "Hey, break it up!" Jack yelled putting an arm in front of Sayid as does Michael, "What's going on?"

"Gen-u-ine I-raqi here took down the plane. The boy found handcuffs in the jungle," Sawyer hissed.

"I am an Iraqi not a terrorist," Sayid said, sticking up for himself.

"The guy sitting next to the damn Arab didn't survive the crash…" Sawyer kept on going, "And buddy was pulled out of the line shortly before he boarded the plane."

"Guys, forget about you!" Boone interjected, turning over to Jack, "Sawyer found your daughter…"

Jack's mouth fell open, "What? Where is she? Is she okay?"

"She's in here, Doc," Sawyer said lifting his tent entrance.

Jack rushed in and Sawyer followed, making sure no one else came in, "I found her in the jungle. A huge rock was in her right leg, which I got out. She said she couldn't feel the leg with the gash in it…"

"Get me bandages, antiseptic and water. Please hurry," Jack said. Sawyer did as he was told and Kate brought some other medical supplies from the tent that held Edward Mars.

Jack took off his backpack and got out the needle and thread package from the other day. With the alcohol, he cleaned the bloody needle off and set it down. He thanked Sawyer and Kate and then started cleaning her wound. Cassie's eyes fluttered open at the sound of her father's voice and murmured, "Daddy?" like she did when she was a child.

"I'm right here sweetie," Jack said taking her hand. He couldn't stop the tear that fell down his face.

"I can't feel it…"

"I know, but everything's going to be alright. Okay?" Jack tried to reassure his daughter.

Cassie looked down and saw her dad take out a needle. She watched as her father stitched up the wound that she was unable to feel. Every time he stuck the needle in her flesh she kept on hoping that she would feel something, but she felt nothing. Cassie clutched the sand as he stitched her head wound and bandaged it lightly.

Sawyer and Kate stayed and watched. Cassie sat up on her elbows, feeling better in the head, but obviously not in the legs. She looked at Sawyer with her big blue eyes, "What's your name?"

"Sawyer," he said dryly.

She smiled at him, "Well thank you Mr. Sawyer for bringing me back here. I could've died out there if you hadn't have come."

The corners of Sawyer's lips twitched up a bit and he nodded, "No problemo."

Kate looked over at Sawyer curiously, "What were you doing out there anyway?"

He shook his head, "Nothing. Does it matter?" and with that he walked out of the tent.

After talking to Sayid about the transceiver getting reception, Kate went to the tent where Jack and Cassie were working on Edward Mars's shrapnel injuries. Jack and Kate had helped Cassie hop along the beach to the other tent since Cassie didn't want to annoy Sawyer. Kate smiled when Cassie said Sawyer seemed like an 'irritable person,' and then adding, 'but with good intentions.'

Cassie sat on her left leg with her right hanging limply over it, conversing silently with her father about Edward's wounds and helping him with the injury. Kate didn't know why, but it made her heart warm up when she saw the father and daughter working together on Mars.

"How is he doing? Can you do anything?"

"We can pull out the shrapnel," Cassie said, looking up hopefully at her dad.

"Cassie, I'm not sure. Yesterday-," Cassie cut her father off.

"I don't know what was going on yesterday with him dad, but this is today…it needs to come out. Sawyer pulled the rock out of me and I'm fine. I mean I can't feel my leg, but I'm alive. If we leave him like this he can be dead within a day or so. We need to take the shrapnel out, somehow stop the bleeding and if we had any antibiotics…he may be fine."

Jack looked up at his daughter and he nodded taking in his Cassie's words.

Kate walked closer to the two and said, "I'm going on a hike with Sayid."

"Sorry?" Jack got up from his spot and pulled Kate to the side.

Cassie looked at Jack and Kate curiously as they talked in hushed voices about the hike. She ignored them, but was still curious. She'll ask him later and with some luck perhaps he'll give Cassie an honest answer.

A guy walked past the tent and Cassie got his attention, "Hey, um…what's your name?" she asked, looking up at him, blocking the sun from her eyes with her hand.

"Boone," he said, "and you're Cassie, right?" she nodded, "Can I help you?"

"Can you search around and find some antibiotics? I know it may seem rude to look around the deceased luggage, but this man needs them…any medical supplies you can find would be great," she said with a hopeful smile.

He nodded, "Of course, is there anything else?"

Cassie shook her head, "No, just that. Thanks. Are you going on the hike?"

Boone sat down next to her as they started conversation, "What hike?"

"Sayid and Kate are trying to find a signal for the transceiver."

Boone looked at a girl bathing in the sun and shrugged, "I'm not sure. I might stay with my sister, Shannon…" there was a moment of silence and then Boone went on, "But I don't know why they're so eager to go back in there."

Cassie looked up from Mars at Boone, "Why not? Did something happen?"

"Last night out here on the beach we heard these strange noises coming from the jungle and the trees were moving and being pulled out of the ground. Something is out there…"

Cassie's eyes widened, "So I wasn't going crazy."

Boone leaned forward, "Did you see what it was?"

"When I was out there last night I did hear strange noises, but then I saw black smoke fly above me…I guess that's the crazy part."

He nodded and smiled, "Yeah, I guess so..." Boone got up and started to walk off, "I'll look for those antibiotics for ya."

"Thanks again," Cassie called out to him.


So much for the antibiotics,Cassie thought as she watched Kate, Sayid, Boone, Shannon and Sawyer walk off into jungle for the hike enviously. If it wasn't for her leg and Mars she would probably be going off with them. Cassie looked down at Mars and smirked, "I guess it's just you and me, buddy."

"Can I come in?"

Cassie jumped, surprised and turned around to see a bald headed older man lifting up the tent flaps, "Sure, come on in. Is there anything I can help you with?"

He shook his head, "No, I don't need help. My name is John Locke and you're Cassie. Am I correct?"

Cassie smiled, "Yes, you are correct."

"I understand that the crash paralyzed your right leg. I'm sorry…" Cassie looked at him curiously, wondering where he was getting at, "I feel as if it's my priority to tell you a story…but you have to promise not to tell anyone."

Cassie looked past John and at her father, who was talking to Hurley. She scowled at her father; he has probably kept many secrets from her. Before the crash, Jack barely talked to Cassie, so how would she know if he was keeping secrets or not? After her mother's death, he pushed away from Cassie, drowning in his job. She looked back at Locke and nodded, "I promise not to tell anyone." I have no one to tell it to,she wanted to add.

John gave her a weird but kind, closed lipped smile, "Before I came onto this island…I was paralyzed from the hips down. I couldn't feel my legs at all."

Cassie's head bolted up and she looked at John with wide eyes and he went on, "I'm not going to bore you with the story of how I became paralyzed, but I went to Australia to go on a walkabout."

"What's that, Mr. Locke?" Cassie asked, still amazed.

"A walkabout is a 'rite of passage' ritual taken by Australian Aborigines at thirteen years of age, where the youth will wander around in the wilderness for six months. There was a tour in Australia that I signed up for, but when I got there…they said I couldn't go. The man said that I was unqualified because of my condition and that I should've told them about it. They said that I just couldn'tgo. I told them that they couldn't tell me what I can and cannot do, but I still watched as the bus drove off without me…"

Cassie's wide eyes stared at him in disbelief. She wanted to hug the old man and say how sorry she was for him not being able to go on his walkabout, but all she could say was, "I'm so, so sorry Mr. Locke. They should've let you go. And you're right, no one can tell you what you can and cannot do."

John gave her another smile, "But that's the thing, Cassie. If I went on the walkabout I wouldn't have been on Oceanic Flight 815 and I wouldn't have gotten the feeling in my legs back. I believe that it was destiny," Cassie's eyes begged him to tell her more, "I believe that we are all here for a specific reason."

"What's my reason, Mr. Locke?" Cassie choked back some tears that were threatening to break past her eyes.

"That's for you to find out, Cassie…" and with that John Locke left the tent, leaving Cassie to wonder what her purpose was on the island.

After searching for some antibiotics Jack came back to the tent with surgery knives and some food for him and Cassie. He sat down next to his daughter and handed her one of the plane meals, "here."

Cassie took it, but then set it down and out of nowhere she hugged her father tightly. Jack was taken aback by Cassie's random embrace, but slowly he hugged her back, "what's this for?"

"It's just…I missed you," her voice was muffled from her head being burrowed into his shirt, but Jack understood her.

"I was only gone for a few minutes. Did something happen?" he asked obliviously.

"No, nothing happened. I'm just happy that we're talking. I missed you, I can't explain it any other way dad," Jack felt a tear drip through his thin shirt and soon realized he had a few tears himself.

Jack stroked Cassie's hair, "I missed you too, Cassie…"

Right then they both realized why they were on the island: to become closer.

After Jack and Cassie had their supper, Hurley came into the tent, "Hey I found some antibiotics. Or at least I think I did…" he sat down across from Jack and Cassie on the other side of Mars.

"Thanks, Hurley," Jack said. He looked at Cassie, "So let's get this thing out of him, shall we?"

Cassie nodded and took a surgery knife and held it up as her father burnt the edge with a lighter.

"So, he's really out?" asked Hurley.

"Yeah, he's out," Cassie said, "But he'll probably feel the pain, so…can you hold him down?"

Hurley nodded and held down Mars's shoulders, "I'm not so good around blood, Cass."

"It's going to be fine, just don't even look," Jack reassured Hurley.

Hurley was hesitant, but he then looked away. Cassie handed her father the knife and nodded for him to go on. Jack pressed the knife into Mars and quickly pulled out the shrapnel. Cassie took all of the towels and started pressing them against Mars's wound. Hurley made the mistake of opening his eyes, "Oh, God. Oh, God," he said repeatedly.

"Hurley just don't look and hand me over those bandages," Cassie commanded.

"Hurley, don't." Jack said as Hurley's eyes started to close and he fainted, "Damn it!" Jack hissed.

Cassie handed her father all the towels and crawled past Hurley and picked up the bandages. As Cassie and Jack started to stop the blood, Mars started to wake up, "Oh no," Cassie murmured. She didn't look as Mars's eyes started to open, just his wound. Suddenly he took her t-shirt and pulled her to him, "Where is she? Where is she?" Cassie's and Jack's eyes widened at his words, but still paid attention to the task at hand. Cassie grabbed Mars's hand and ripped it from her shirt. She went back to tending his wound with her father as Mars kept on muttering crazily, "Don't trust her. She's dangerous."

"Who is she?" Cassie asked, not looking up from the wound.

"Look in my jacket pocket…"

Jack nodded at his daughter, "I've got this."

Cassie took Mars's jacket and found a piece of paper. And on it was a mug shot of Kate, "Dad?"

Jack looked up, "What is it?"

She turned the paper over so her father could see it and she asked quietly, "What do you think she did?"

Day 3

The next day Hurley came inside the medical tent, only to find Jack and Cassie with dark circles under their eyes from no sleep, "Woah…"

Cassie rubbed her eyes drearily, "Is there anything you need, Hurley?"

"The hiking group came back. I just thought I should tell you, that's all."

Jack nodded and he walked out of the tent, leaving Cassie to tend to Mars.

After talking to Kate about Mars, Jack came back to the tent to find a worried Cassie. "She didn't tell me anything," Jack said.

"I wouldn't." Cassie said tiredly, "Dad, without more tools and stronger antibiotics…he won't make it through the night. The only place Hurley said he didn't look was the fuselage."

"I'll look there," Jack said, but Cassie shook her head.

"No, I'll go. Besides I can't just sit here all the time. I need to do something with my legs."

Jack was hesitant for a moment, about to say no, but he didn't want to discourage Cassie, "I'll help you to the fuselage, but be careful, alright?"

She nodded, "Always am."

Jack helped Cassie to the fuselage and when they got there she grabbed the side of the plane for support and hopped herself up, looking through the luggage. Then she heard some rustling behind her. Cassie at first thought it was her father, but turned around only to see Sawyer pick through the luggage himself, "Boo!" he said with a grin.

Cassie rolled her eyes and laughed, "What are you doing in here?"

"Same thing as you, Cherry. Looking for things that will make me happy," Sawyer said with a smile.

"What's in your bag?" Cassie asked curiously.

"Some drinks, Playboys, smokes-."

"What kind of smokes?" Cassie asked with wide eyes.

Sawyer grinned to himself, "So the Doc's daughter smokes? Shouldn't you be against those types of things? Ya know lung cancer and all."

"Let's just say my father doesn't know," Cassie said, starting to search through some more bags.

Sawyer chuckled to himself, "I like girls like you. Rebel. What kinds do you like, lollipop?"

Cassie ignored the nickname, put some of the found drugs into the pouch slung over her shoulder and came closer to Sawyer, "Did you find any cherry ones?"

"Ha, how did I know?" he laughed, "Yeah, I found some cherries. Want to share one, cupcake?"

Cassie smiled at him, "I have to get back to my dad with the meds, but maybe tonight, if you've got the time." She said with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, I've got nothing but time, sister. I'll be in my island hut waiting for you, Little Red."

She nodded, "Alright, meet you then."

When Cassie got back to the tent she saw the marshal grabbing Kate by the throat. As fast as she could Cassie pushed the marshal back as Kate gasped for air. The marshal then went into shock, shaking out of control. Cassie took some water out of her pouch and poured it into the marshal's mouth, "What did you do?" she asked Kate.

"I was just checking and he just started choking me," Kate said breathlessly.

"Is he alright?" asked Jack, coming in from the storm outside.

"He needs some more antibiotics and his fever is 104. He's also bleeding internally."

Jack shook his head at Kate with a disapproving look and started to go back outside, "He needs some more water."

Kate looked at Cassie for a moment and then followed Jack outside. After a few minutes, she heard her father yell, "I'm not a murderer!"

When Jack came back the marshal was screaming and they could hear murmuring outside the tent. "Everyone is wondering what's going on in here." He said.

"What were you and Kate talking about out there?"

"She suggested that we euthanize him, but I told her off."

Cassie looked down sadly and murmured, "Dad, I think that's what we have to do."

Jack looked up at his daughter with his mouth hung open, "What?"

"He's not getting better, Dad…"

Jack shook his head, "No, I'm saving this man, Cassie."

Cassie sighed and got off the ground. She wanted to be like her father, but she knew that Mars was going to die, no matter what they did. She hopped out of the tent only to find Sawyer with a gun in his hands. They just stood there for a while, looking at each other, having a silent conversation with their eyes. Jack walked past them over to Hurley and Cassie looked up to Sawyer again, "Where'd you get the gun?"

"Kate gave it to me…to put the man out of his misery," he said solemnly.

"You shouldn't have to do this Sawyer…" Cassie said.

"And why not, Red?" he asked.

"Because you weren't there. You don't know him. You can't help him…" Cassie put her hand out, "Please, give me the gun."

"Do you even know how to use it?" Sawyer asked.

"Yes," she said irritably, "I've used a hand gun before…"

"Have you ever killed someone?"

Cassie looked down at the ground and gave a slight nod. Sawyer set the gun in her hands and walked with her over to the tent. Kate was in there talking to the marshal. When she was done, she looked up and raised an eyebrow at Cassie and Sawyer, "You'regoing to do it?" she asked Cassie, looking at the gun in Cassie's hands. Cassie nodded and Kate looked at her with wide eyes, "Why?"

"My father is a very protective person, Kate. He wants to save everyone. He's going to be mad at me for killing him, but it's better than him being mad at you or Sawyer…"

Kate looked at Cassie with worried eyes, but then nodded, leaving the tent.

"Shoot him in the heart, Cass…" Sawyer said.

She shook her head, "In the head."

When Cassie heard her father yell outside, "What did you do?" she pulled the trigger. Blood splattered the tents side and the gun fell to the ground, which Sawyer picked up. Sawyer walked outside with the gun in hand, taking blame for killing the marshal.

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