Z is for Zealous

(Takes place out of high school)

Zealous. The definition of this word? Filled with eagerness and ardent pursuit of something. Andre was filled with zealousness. He had zeal for life.

He'd had bad years, that was for sure. His late teens and early twenties were plagued by wrong intentions, bad choices, and worse. And then his record label dropped him, and his world was crushed. He was a nobody. Not a rapper anymore, and not a singer either. What really sucked was he'd given everything to be part of their team. His friends, his family, even his original dream of being a singer-an actual singer, not a rapper. He'd changed who he was. But then the realization struck him as he sat in the moderately sized house he had switched his mansion for. He wasn't ruined, he had been given a second chance.

And that's when the zealousness took over. That was when he realized that he could now be anyone he wanted to be, do anything he wanted to do. So what did he do first? He picked up his cell phone and dialed his phone. He called a lot of people that night: Tori, Beck, Jade, Robbie, and Cat in particular. He touched base with each of them, and stayed on the phone nearly all night long. He laughed at their jokes and almost cried for their sorrows, and caught up with them once more.

And the next day? They inspired him and made him sing like he used to. He stayed up all night he reconnected with them and even reconnected with himself-who he really was. The boy he had been in high school, the one he had lost when given a little dose of fame. He said given, because he certainly hadn't earned it. Not the way he was, without talent and instead computers that enhanced his voice. It was cheating, and Andre hated cheaters...then he became one.

But that was all in the past, Andre decided as his friends' voices drifted into his ears like beautiful music he had nearly forgotten. As the sun rose in the early morning, Andre finally got off the phone. He walked outside with a pen and pad of paper like he used to use back in high school, and started writing a brand new song entitled "Your Lost Friend."

He wrote it for all of them; for Cat, apologizing to her fragile heart for not being there for her after high school like he promised he would. For Tori, expressing how much he had missed her. For Jade, telling her how proud he was she'd followed her dreams and didn't change for anyone like he had. For Beck, saying how they had gone from brothers to strangers in only a few years. For Robbie, saying how he should have answered all those times when Robbie called him instead of sending him to voicemail and eventually changing his number.

And then, Andre sang. He walked everyday down the sunny crowded LA sidewalks, strumming his guitar and belting out vocals. Each day was fulfilling, just seeing the smiles he put on people's faces.

One day was different, though. It was a little rainy so not as many people were out, but Andre didn't mind. He was still singing as though the sun were shining when a man with a business suit and a briefcase passed by, and paused to hear him singing.

As though it were fate, he handed Andre a business card for his record company and told Andre to "call anytime. Please."

So Andre did. He called that night and they scheduled a meeting with him, and then he got signed. This was a smaller company, not as well known, but it didn't require Andre to change in any way. He started recording, and made quite the name for himself.

His first single?

Your Lost Friend.

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