Chapter One: The Boys Are Back In Town

Scott was still severely disappointed by what had happened last night. His one chance at becoming human again had been snatched away by Derek. Derek Fucking Hale. The newest Alpha had reigned supreme and forced everyone to leave after his announcement, eyes shining red. They were much more dominating than the icy blue that he used to have. Scott could still hear the deafening 'squish' of Derek killing his Uncle Peter, the previous Alpha.

Stirred out of his thoughts of last night he could only realize one thing. School had been dragging on today. He wasn't even sure why he even came, nor was he sure why the rest of them attended as well. Minus Lydia who was currently in the hospital, they had all pretty much bared witness to one of the most traumatizing things they'd probably (rather hopefully) ever see.

The teen's phone buzzed a few times in his pocket. He pulled it as discreetly out of his pocket as he could before hiding it in his lap. He looked down at the screen to see two new messages. There was one from Stiles and one from Allison. He ignored the one from Stiles, knowing his best friend would totally understand if he went to console his girlfriend first, after all her aunt had been killed last night. It was not that he didn't want to be there for Stiles too, but all that he could think about was how horrible it must have been for Allison, to be thrown into this mess in such a short period of time. It seemed like only yesterday she was suspicious of her family keeping secrets. Not to mention watching somebody being burned alive could take its toll on someone.

'Scott, big news. Can you meet me after school?'

He sent a quick reply, knowing that if he got caught he'd get detention and risk not seeing her even longer. Looking at the clock he couldn't wait until school was over. Sometimes he wished instead of being a werewolf, he could have been a Jedi.

Twenty agonizing minutes later he jumped up as the bell rang, grabbed his backpack and ran to meet with Allison. He could smell the anxiety rolling off of her as he rounded the corner to her locker. He heard the whispers and saw the looks of pity and judgment being sent Allisons' way.

"Hey dude did you get my tex-", Stiles practically ran up next to him out of breath, cheeks slightly red from running. He grabbed Scott's shoulder as a crutch to catch his breath.

"Not now Stiles, we'll talk later okay?" Scott pulled away from him and all but sprinted to Allison, who looked like she was holding back tears.

Her dark brown locks were being twirled nervously in her fingers as she tried to ignore all the gossip about her now deceased aunt. She was strong; she could ignore all of this. They had no idea what was going on, what was out there, or what she had been through. Scott stopped right in front of her and she managed a small smile. The tip of his shoes touched her own as she placed a small kiss on his cheek.

Scott grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the school, tugging her towards the lacrosse field and towards the bleachers. This seemed to be the safest place to speak alone with her. Keeping her hand intertwined with his, he gave the back of her hand a reassuring thumb caress. Even if he was failing two classes at least he knew how to comfort his own girlfriend.

"You said you had some big news?" He questioned gently, not wanting to sound too eager. He had to admit he was pretty curious.

"Yeah," she flexed her hand in his, "I was sitting in the living room, listening to my mother make funeral arrangements for….Kate, and I overheard another phone call being made by my father. He was asking someone to send someone to help get rid of the Alpha problem. Even though Peter is the one who killed all of those people, I think my father still sees Derek as a threat…"

"So, you mean like your Dad called for reinforcements to deal with Derek? Isn't there some sort of rule against killing innocent werewolves?" Scott seemed pretty surprised. He'd always thought of Allison's dad as a do-it-yourself kind of man, not to mention he thought Derek was pretty fucking terrifying but nothing worth trying to kill him for.

She gave a nod, "They'll be arriving tomorrow and staying at my place. I guess they're pretty big time hunters and always get the job done? My father was a little reluctant to agree to their help specifically but they're supposedly a good friends' sons. I have no idea what to expect Scott. What should we do?"

Allison looked at him with shining eyes. Scott sighed, pulled her to his side, wrapped his arm around her, and gave her a giant hug. She looked like she needed it. Using his newly released hand he touched the side of her face before brushing some hair behind her ear.

"I guess we go and warn Derek."

The sound of Metallica was what had shaken Dean Winchester out of his sleep. He flexed his hand before reaching over to the dingy hotel night stand to grasp the cellphone, bringing it to his ear with a low mumbled 'hullo'. He and Sam had just gotten to sleep after a rough night of fighting a clan of witches. Man was he really tired of those bodily fluid spitting hags. They were just wrong on so many levels.

"Dean, a family friend is calling in a favor." Bobby's business tone is what had Dean rubbing his eyes and shaking the bed across from his with a socked foot. He was slightly curious as to why Bobby would call so early but let it slide as he scratched the tip of his nose.

Sam yawned as he pushed the flower patterned covers off of himself and looked at his brothers face to gauge the importance of the shake n' wake-up call. Not seeing any immediate danger, he pushed his long brown hair out of his face and listened intently to the conversation at hand. Stretching seemed like a good idea at this point in time. His body was definitely sore from taking a table to the chest.

"Alright Bobby, what's the case?" The oldest brother got up and started rooting through his duffel bag for some clean clothes, cellphone propped to his ear with a shoulder. He may of passed out as soon as they got back last night, but hell if he was going to smell like hag vomit all day. Just imagining sitting in the Impala all day, letting the smell simmer was enough to make him gag.

"Well apparently there's been a string of murders up in northern California. Some of them seem pretty gruesome. Looks to be a werewolf problem. They're having some trouble capturing the Alpha and wanted a few extra hands to help. You think you boys can handle that?" Bobby did always have a way with making him feel relatively childish.

With a sarcastic "Yes Mom, send the location" Dean hung up the phone and grabbed his clothes, heading towards the bathroom for a quick shower. Did he mention that he felt gross still? Sam threw on his jacket and rapped on the door to the bathroom as he heard water run.

"What are we up against?"

There was a muffled reply, "Werewolf in California. Nothing we can't handle. You grabbin' some grub before we head out?"

Sam rolled his eyes, already knowing that Dean wanted him to bring him something back. His long legs carried him swiftly to the door as he went to the closest gas station to grab some food. The walk only took him about five minutes since it was just around the corner. Figuring a greasy meat and cheese croissant would do for Dean and a medium fruit tray for himself he walked towards the counter. He smiled forcibly at the indifferent cashier, who looked just as tired as he did, and looked at the tiny give-a-penny-take-a-penny clock which read 7:53am. They hadn't gotten back until about 3 that morning. He gave a sigh, a small thank you, grabbed the bag and headed back towards the small motel.

Dean came out of the bathroom, drying his hair with a pristine white towel as Sam pushed the door open with a squeak. Setting the bag down he pulled out the fruit tray and wolfed down what he could before he made his way to the shower.

Letting the towel drape itself over his shoulders, Dean made his way over to the bag that Sam had brought in. The oldest brother cracked a small grin as he un-wrapped the scrumptious sandwich. A small beep resonated around the room as Dean walked over, mouth full of breakfast. Picking up the phone, Dean squinted his eyes in concentration. Reading the screen he couldn't help but mutter, 'Where the hell is Beacon Hills?'


A thumbs up to all who read this story! I've been dying to do a crossover fanfic, but I've never done one before so bear with me? As far as time goes for this I'm going to just place it after season 1 of TeenWolf and before the end of season 5 for Supernatural.

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