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Scott slipped his phone back into his pocket. They were so screwed right now. He jogged up onto the porch of the Hale house and listened in. He couldn't hear another heartbeat…which meant Derek wasn't home. He put his hands up to his face and tried to rub some of the anxiety out, but it just didn't work. He tilted his head back, looking at the beginnings of the evening sky and sighed. If I were Derek Hale, where would I be if I wasn't creeping in my broken-down house… Well maybe, just maybe if he yelled Derek might hear him.

"Derek!" Scott tried his best not to sound exasperated, "It's really freaking important that you come out here and talk to me! I know you're around here somewhere!" He walked down the steps and started making his way around the house. Then the smallest sound of something opening, that old, rusted scraping noise made its way to his ears. Of course he would be in his sex dungeon. It makes complete sense. The teen wolf rolled his eyes as he made his way to the gate that he'd passed through to rescue Derek just the previous night. The second Scott was at the underground gate, he saw a pair of red eyes staring out at him. Just as they had been there, the red was gone and Derek's face was closer on the opposite side of the entrance.


The tone that Derek gave wasn't really that of a question. More like the tone of an annoyed older brother. The alpha opened the door and stepped out, placing a rather medieval looking lock on the door. Slipping the key in his pocket, he looked expectantly at Scott.

"Right! Well, Allison's dad apparently sees you as a threat," at this Derek almost wants to roll his eyes, "and he's asked two hunters to come help him "take care" of you! They'll be staying with her, I guess and not to mention the freaking FBI is here! Stiles threw me a text. I just thought that you should know." Scott ran a hand through his hair; he hadn't actually had a plan of what to do after he told Derek.

"The FBI isn't anything to be worried about, I or we collectively as a group have not done anything to point a finger in our own direction. As for the hunters, I'll keep an eye out. Stay away from Allison's place until this all blows over." With that Derek abruptly turned around and made his way to his house.

"A "thanks Scott!" would be appreciated! I didn't even have to warn him." He furrowed his eyebrows, looking again to the now night sky and furrowed his eyebrows. Sometimes he wonders why he even bothers. He rolled his shoulders a bit and took off in his beta form towards the Stilinski household. He should probably see if Stiles learned anything more about the FBI visit, that and he can steal his best buds cell phone and call Allison. He smiled at the thought of hearing his girlfriend's voice, which seemed to make time pass faster because the next thing he knew he was staring at the jeep parked in Stiles driveway.

Scott knew that his friend locked the door so with a jump and a front flip he landed on the roof adjacent to the other teen's room. Peeking in he saw Stiles sitting at his desk, scrolling through whatever was on his laptop. Pushing up the window Scott jumped in silently and tapped on Stiles shoulder.

"Ohhh, my god!" Stiles jumped in his seat and spun around to look at whoever touched him. Scott gave a chuckle as his friend punched him in the leg, "Are you kidding me? Can't you use the door? Man I've got to learn to lock my damn window…" He spun back around, trying to slow his heart down a little bit.

"So, what are you looking at?" Scott kneeled down next to Stiles and peered at the screen. Stiles looked over at him and just let his mouth run.

"Since I've already finished my homework, I decided to take it upon myself to see if I couldn't try and find some sort of background to the FBI agents that came by today. Dude, they drove a nice, black, Chevy Impala! Not to mention the one agent shares a last name with the lead singer of Metallica! There's no way there can be that many people with the same last name right? That and they said they specialized in wild animal attacks? I'm not sure if the FBI has a division like that!"

Scott looked at him with wide eyes and tried to follow everything.

"Wait, they really had a Chevy Impala? What year?"

"Definitely a classic, probably a 67' or 68'" Stiles said excitedly, "WAIT, that's not the point though! I'm saying here that something doesn't seem right…"

"Just because you haven't heard of it Stiles, doesn't mean it doesn't exist." He stood up and flopped onto his friends' bed.

"Well, I'm all for the conspiracy theories here Scott, but I'm completely serious. I've got this gut feeling…" Stiles twisted around and just wished Scott would actually listen to him for once. Just once really listen and actually hear him.

"Maybe it's all the curly fries you eat." Scott shrugged, "Did anything out of the ordinary happen while they were there? No crossbows or guns right?" He felt himself calming down from his worries earlier. Maybe the feds really were just here because they thought it was an animal attack.

Stiles sighed and turned back around to continue searching the internet for any sort of opening.

There was an almost comfortable silence that filled the room.

"Hey Stiles, can I use your phone?"

And there it went.

With another sigh, Stiles haphazardly tossed his phone towards the bed, knowing Scott would catch it with his Super Wolf powers.

"Thanks dude!"


After Scott had kissed her goodbye, Allison went to her car and drove herself to the hospital. She sent a quick text to her parents that she was visiting Lydia. Signing the guest book she made her way back to the room where Lydia was. Stopping herself in the doorway she couldn't help but to stare at her lifeless friend. They'd checked her wounds the previous night, but she was healing at a human rate so there was no worry about her being a werewolf.

Biting her lip, she made her way forward and sat in the seat next to her best friend's body. Taking Lydia's hand into her own, she gave a small smile.

"Hey Lydia, its Allison…I just wanted to let you know that I can't wait for you to wake up and feel better. I miss you at school….I even miss how you sometimes just boss me around and make me go places. When you're feeling up to, let's…just go to the mall or something. I'll see if I can't get some money from my dad and treat you to ice cream…" Allison's head leaned onto the bed, "I could really use my best friend right now…"

Lydia gave no response, not that Allison had expected anything. She spent the next couple of hours just sitting next to her best friend, rattling off anything that pops into her head. Who else was she supposed to talk to…Lydia was pretty much her only lady friend. Scott's mom came in a put a comforting hand on the young girls shoulder.

"Don't worry Allison, all her vitals are strong, we just need to wait a little longer. How about you just go home and get some rest okay?"

Allison tilted her head up and smiled. Scotts' mom was so nice to her even though she'd gotten Scott in trouble because of her birthday skip.

"Thank you for taking care of her," her dark curls bounced as she stood up and made her way out of the hospital and to her car. The drive home was short and she pulled into the garage just as the night sky came out to play. Pulling her backpack onto her shoulder she made her way into the house to find her mother in the kitchen making dinner.

"Hey dear, we're having spaghetti for dinner. Why don't you go upstairs and try to get some homework done while it's finishing? Also, your father should be back soon. You left his space in the garage open right?"

"Yes ma'am…and I think I can manage that." Allison gave her mother a small smile and made her way to her bedroom. Just as she was about to start into some history homework her phone started buzzing. Looking at the caller id she squint her eyes in confusion.

"Stiles?" She answered the phone in a confused tone. It was odd that he'd call without Scott being with her.

"Well it's nice to hear from you too." Scott's voice gave the impression of a smile.

Now it made sense.


Chris Argent was a smart man. He was also very wary about letting two strange hunters into his house without even meeting them, but he did know John…and he definitely trusted Bobby Singer. He had once been on a hunt for an omega, back when he was slightly rooky-ish, and had his ass saved by the older hunter. He's always been grateful since. So he arranged for himself to meet the two Winchester boys before he brought them home for dinner, the gas station would do.

He watched as the sleek car pulled into the parking spot next to his. He got out of his car, chin held high, letting it be known that he'd be in charge of this hunt. Though, he was rather surprised as two men got out of the car. He definitely pictured them both a bit younger….and shorter. The tallest was the first to greet him, with a nod and an extended hand.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Sam and this is my brother Dean." He pointed at the driver who had just rallied his way up to his side.

"Charmed." Dean said as he waved his hand. "So I hear you've got a furry problem?"

Chris looked on skeptically and shook Sam's hand.

"I guess you could say that."

"Well, we'll need to know everything that's happened up until now. Do you know who it is?" Dean said.

Sam shot a look Dean's way, "What he means is, it'd be a lot easier to help you get this over with if you would possibly share the information."

They didn't seem like hunters. At all. Then again they didn't really seem like bad guys either. Chris liked to think that his judgments were usually pretty spot on, but he'd rather not talk about werewolves out in the public ear.

"Sure thing, but I want it to be known, that I'm the leader in this rendezvous and you'll do best to listen to just about everything I say. We follow a code here. Now let's go get you guys settled in at my place, but no funny business because I will not hesitate to shoot you in the kneecaps and call it a hunting accident."

Dean raised his eyebrows in relative surprise; the old man had some balls.

Sam nodded, it only made sense that they'd follow the man who lived here and knew what the hell was going on in the first place.

"Great. Now I'll lead, but we're going to park your car about two blocks away from my house and then I'll give you guys a ride back to mine." Chris climbed into the driver's seat. His town, his rules.

"Don't worry Dean, your car seems like it'll be fine here." Sam looked over at his brother as they climbed into the Impala.

"Yeah, you say that now, until some hoodlum tries to take her for a joy ride." Dean frowned and followed Chris.

The drive was about fifteen minutes before Dean had to park and climb into the passenger seat of Chris' Tahoe as Sam struggled to fit in the back. Dean had to chuckle at the fact that his brother had to sit bitch and could barely fit his legs in the car. It was like trying to fit a giraffe into one of those safari jeeps. Sam glared at his brother and from there the car ride was silent.